20 Things you cannot stand about your Roommate


“Argh!!! I wanna screw my roommate!”

Have you ever felt this way throughout your stay in hall? Good news, you are not alone! Shown below are 20 real life scenarios taking place in Singapore universities that causes roommates to want to strangle one another.

1. Alarm clock rings for a good 10 minutes, waking up everyone in the entire block except him. Is he deaf?

woke up annoyed


2. He only washes his clothes if he runs out of things to wear. Sometimes he even retrieves the dirty clothes from his pail and wears it again! He justifies by saying that ‘recycling’ helps to save the earth.

3. He leaves the clothes inside the washing machine, waiting for someone to put it back into his darned pail. That person happens to always be you.

4. She never buys daily necessities such as detergent, shampoo, or tooth paste on her own. She always says “I just borrow a little bit ya!” After she finishes it, then she starts to act blur.

5. His table is always full of unfinished food, beverage cans and plastic bags. And he only washes the plates when he needs to use it. He has no dustbin! All his rubbish is under his table…

messy tables
photo: flicker Jason Rosenberg


6. He never puts on earpieces when playing games or watching movie at the loudest possible volume… And why does he keep laughing to the screen!? Annoying!

7. After your intensive slimming workout, you go back to the room to find her eating supper. OMG, McSpicy, French Fries and McNuggets.  She innocently asks “Do you want to eat? Oya, you are slimming down! Poor girl…”  The smell of the food makes you suffer even more.

I want food now


8.The whole world revolves around him. If he wants to sleep, he turns off the common light without informing. Yet, when you are turning in, he turns on the light to play DOTA!

9. He asks his friends over for a supper or party. They bring their beers, order their pizzas but take your chair, finish your snacks & mess up your area … Then they wait for the cleaner to clean for them… Guess what!? You are the cleaner la!

AfterParty cleanup photo messwinder

10. You have mid terms tomorrow but you can’t bear to interrupt her exciting narration of the chronicles of her classroom life zooming down to the tiniest possible details. You nod at her readily but your soul has drifted elsewhere.

11. His OG comes over for heart-to-heart talk and you feel awkward. You ended up stranded outside the room, looking for a place to study. As a result, you are GG this semester.

12. She looks flustered thinking about him. You try to ask about her well being and console her, but ended up getting scolded “It is none of your business! Why so kaypo la!”

13. She loves to sing, especially when it comes to her favourite song. But sometimes, you can’t help wondering if you are in the pig slaughter farm…Nice voice… (Clapsss!)

make it Stop

14. He is super antisocial and only talks to and eat with himself, and his textbook.

15. He farts in the room and smiles at you.

16. Feel sorry that her boyfriend went overseas for student exchange. But does she have to do video conference with her boyboy at midnight talking nauseatingly? BUAY TAHAN…

17. Blowing hair early in the morning even before the roosters wake up. Argh!

18. You are a light sleeper and your roomie is a snorer. Welcome to Kai Kai & Jia Jia Family! You are going to be another Panda star in the university!

19.Thinking that she’s Michael Jordan, she throws rubbish from far but forms a mountain beside the dustbin.

20.She waits for you to clear it. Then she starts commanding you on where to sweep… After 10 minutes, she is still complaining “why you still sweeping? Can you make it faster? The air is so dusty!” (What the …)

Living with your roommate is definitely not easy since both you hail from different backgrounds, with different upbringing resulting in different habits and different personalities with many many more differences. Being different doesn’t mean any of you are wrong. You just have to accept and reconcile your differences.

Hahaha, it’s funny when you spot your room mate acting out any of the above. Could your room mate be laughing at you too?

We can often see the issue vividly in others but not ourselves. Your roommate may be committing mistake no.1 but you are could be causing problem #7 to him without realizing. Like all other relationships, your relationship with your room mate requires give-and-take and accepting the flaws of each other. Communicate with your roommate and strike an agreement with him or her on making hall life bearable and even enjoyable for both of you! I can guarantee that learning how to live with your room mate will go a long way when you eventually have your own family!  Ask your seniors and they will echo: This is one of the biggest (if not, the biggest) lessons you can take away from your university days.


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