5 Things to Do this Summer Before you Head for College

No need to wake up early, prepare for any exam or stay up late at night (but you still do the last one, right?) because it is summer time! What is even better, this is the last summer before the university gate will open to greet you and lead you to the unknown. This is one of those rare moments when you rightfully don’t have a care in the world, and you really deserve it after all the effort you put in back in the school year. But if you are bored of idleness, here are 5 suggestions for what you can do to spice this summer up and prepare for college.

1. Make new memories with your dear old friends and family

When you were still deep in studying for exams, have you and your friends ever fantasize about an amazing trip in the coming summer? Now exams are in the “distant” past, why not make it come true? Although there are a lot to plan and parents to persuade, it will definitely an unforgettable time. You can think back about it even years later, and hey, I bet you will become much more mature and experienced after that trip. Not to mention some funny anecdotes to tell your new friends in university!

love with friends

Are you spending more time with your family this summer? It is hard to say no now that you have more free time! And I bet all of us are enjoying it. But I am not saying this is always pleasant. My mother, for example, cannot hold a conversation for longer than 10 minutes without starting a nonstop sermon about how I should behave at university. If you are in this same boat, I sympathize with you. But we all know that stems from their love for us, right?

2. Craft your resumes and gather information about clubs and societies in your university

Once school starts, it will be very hectic so you might want to start now. College is the time to become more proactive and especially for NTU, where your CCA can decide whether or not you can stay in hall next year. To begin your research, click here for a list of all CCAs in NTU & NUS.

Your resume can take many formats but here are some rules that apply to all of them:
– Keep your descriptions short but memorable with relevant numbers.
– Support your statements with examples.
– Last but not least, proofread for typos.

You can find out a lot from the internet, but for an insider opinion, seniors will be a much greater help for you. If you do not know anyone yet, maybe it is time to take the initiative and befriend them. Find them on the clubs’ website, Facebook or Linkedin. But be careful so that you do not appear creepy or rude. Take a look at DS’s list of seniors’ blogs. They may have already written about what you are wondering!

3. Register for orientation activities

Don’t forget to make new friends as early as you can by browsing your university’s website for orientation activities that you are interested in. You can get to know people from the same department, have the same interest or just about anyone! But you should read carefully about the coming event, especially what you need to prepare for camps because they can last up to a week. Also, while some activities are meant for everybody, some are pretty selective. Even if you are rejected, cheer up because there are also lots of people like you.


4. Try something you have never done before

It is time to read the book or movie that you always want to but never have the time. Does anyone in your family knows something awesome that you do not? Ask them to teach you! You can also go online and learn a new language on Duolingo or take massive online open courses (MOOC) on Coursera. Keep in mind that there are many other websites like them so you can always experiment and find your best fit. Also, did you know that NUS and NTU is present on Coursera? The teachers can even be your future professors!

5. Learn more about your major

Overachievers cannot ignore this point! If you want to excel in your future classes, then you should definitely spend time reading up on your major. Studying at your own pace can pique your interest on the subject. If you can get a relevant job, then it would be even better! This will be your opportunity to gain amazing insights on your field that few of your future course mates have.

Bonus point: Learn to be independent

If you decide to stay in hall, there will be a lot to prepare for this summer, especially if it is your first time leaving home. Here are some suggestions for you:

– Keep your personal documents organized and try to remember the numbers. It will come in handy a lot of time.
– Prepare for your wardrobe and room intelligently. Befriend your roommate and plan your purchases together.
– Learn how to take care of yourself and keep yourself safe. No matter how old you are, there might be something that you do not know!

So luck to all of you incoming freshmen!

Don’t be overwhelmed by this great transition to university. Hope you enjoy being (kinda) a kid for the last time and prepare for the future at the same time. I hope that these suggestions will help you find your last summer before college memorable.



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