Experience the THRILL of overseas studies with a PEACE OF MIND


More than 50% of students(in Singapore) interviewed had one offer, if not two, from the local universities, but still chose to go overseas. -Straits times

Why study overseas?


Imagine staying by yourself and travelling from city to city over the weekend on a roadtrip. The freedom will not allow help you grow as a person but also broaden your horizons. YOLO

Resume enhancement

As the world becomes globalized, employers look for indications of your international orientation in resumes. Sharpen your cultural sensitivity and enhance your resume


Bored of Singapore's education system ? Take on a different kind of learning overseas. Whether you are looking for a more liberal education or one that is truly hands-on, you can find that overseas

Where to study?

How can we help?

    • Shortlisting colleges
    • VISA, application and reference letters
    • SAT preparations
    • Essay ideation
    • Interview preparation
    • Scholarships & financial aid
    • others !

While exciting, studying overseas can go awry if not well planned. Get some local help.

    Enquire with us if you are

      • Clueless where to begin
      • Need some seniors' advice in choosing university and course
      • Want to gain a better understanding of yourself
      • Need help in getting into your ideal school