Support Local: 6 Ceramic Artists to Watch

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Don’t nice mugs and homeware make your day?

They certainly make mine! There’s just something different about holding a ceramic bowl in your hands and eating your favourite meals out of it. A ceramic piece’s solid weight and texture engage our senses, elevating the dining experience. They also serve as lovely decor for the home.

If you, like me, see the value of a hand-thrown bowl, dainty spoon or colourful vase, I’ve got you! Let me introduce you to a few local ceramic artists whose works you may just find tough to resist.

1. Troopsonprint

Appreciate a good pun or quirky-looking animals? Troopsonprint is the brand for you! Gabrielle offers a wide variety of lifestyle goods, ranging from stickers and postcards to shirts and, of course, ceramics! Her pottery is hand-built, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that will brighten your home.

I really like her “Are You Serious” animals, Little Pin series (her own character), florals and hidden animal cups! You can check out her Instagram account for past works. I own a few cups and plates, and I can say they’re some of the cutest dishwares I own!

2. Polkaros


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Polkaros’s playful and whimsical style will worm its way into your heart!

The brand’s works are influenced by Japanese traditional crafts and modern zakka (“miscellaneous goods” or functional items with a decorative element). Ros, the artist, often incorporates vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and playful motifs into her art and pieces.

Apart from Japanese elements, Ros’ works also draw inspiration from the French Pierrot, and her works often sport a cute red nose and angelic features. Spot her signature characters, Yuki and Pierrot, in her other products!

Ros has run ceramic workshops where you can learn to make your own cute pots or dishware if that’s what you’re keen on! Check out her website for workshop dates and availability.

3. Tiny Supply

Tiny Supply is the effort of two sisters, Celine and Carolyn. The brand sells handmade brooches, earrings, and of course, tableware! Their dapper-looking little animals are sure to charm: the more popular ones being the cat, fox and sloth. Their mugs and bowls sell out fast during launches!

In recent years, the duo have also gone on to explore more designs, resulting in pieces such as their story/scenery mugs and “tiny house atop a lake” dishes.

If you are in need of a gift or some accessories for yourself, check out the really adorable animal studs and brooches too!

4. Eastfield Ceramics

Like Tiny Supply, Eastfield Ceramics is also a two-woman duo. Singapore-based Sam and Megan create lovely homeware in lovely shapes and colourways, with the former taking care of the throwing and the latter handling the glazing. Fun fact: their brand name is derived from their surnames!

Many of Eastfield Ceramic’s pieces are inspired by and centred around food, which might explain why many of their wares are named after mouth-watering food and beverages! They place importance on both the visual and tactile aspects of each piece, and how it feels to use them β€” making every piece a delight to use.

5. Lithops Studio


Lithops Studio has a huge fan following, and it’s not hard to see why! She crafts delicate little woodland animals and other critters out of ceramic, sprinkling them with gold accents and whimsical poses. Her ceramic wares range from charming vases to incense holders, so there’s something for everyone.

She also sells necklaces that will brighten up anyone’s day.

If you like her work, here’s a warning: they sell out quickly! In recent shop updates, her pieces have been sold out within 5 minutes. Get ready with the fastest internet connection and PC you have. You snooze, you lose.

6. Eat and Sip

Eat and Sip is a Singapore-based store selling curated handmade tableware from all around the world. It showcases both local and international ceramic artists, and scrolling through their inventory is dangerous: you’ll find many pieces you’ll really want to add to cart and collect for your home.

We wanted to give a shoutout to No.3, the store’s flagship home brand!! It features works made by the co-founder, Liyuan, and her latest series features quirky pieces with asymmetrical forms and a whole lot of charm. The Whimsy Straight Mug, for example, may quickly become your go-to drinking vessel: its uniquely-shaped handle not only adds some fun, but also provides your fingers a solid grip.

We hope your eyes have had a visual treat viewing all the lovely pieces, and that you’ve had a good peek into what local potters or artists have to offer! Why not check more out when time allows? Who knows, you may just find that perfect piece to keep and treasure for years to come!Β 


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