Don’t Let Decision Paralysis Keep You from Wanting More out of Uni Life

Get Free Educational Consultation on University Courses in Australia

Would you rather pick a “safe” but less ideal path…

… or would you rather take a leap of faith into unknown territory… at the chance that it may be what you’re looking for?

Many Singaporeans want to study overseas. But even with the right resources, most don’t take the leap because:

  • Researching, applying and moving is too troublesome
  • There are too many choices that it’s difficult to even narrow down a top 3
  • They would pick the “safe” choice (studying in Singapore) than a hasty one
  • Fear that they will regret their decision

But what if we could rid of these obstacles and help you:

  • Organise your priorities and narrow them down into three university/course/city options
  • Fill up all your university, visa, rental applications
  • Connect you to fellow Singaporean students and alumni
  • Pick a course that YOU WANT, not just what you can get in

Whether it’s to fit you to your dream course/uni/city or to help you find certainty in staying in Singapore, working with us can bring you that peace of mind…

… so that in a few years, you won’t regret not even trying.

Speak with one of our educational consultants. It’s free.

Get Full Clarity on One of the Biggest 
Decisions of Your Life

No exaggeration - this choice could very well affect the next decade of your life (not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars in school fees, rent, living costs).

You don’t want to make a hasty choice based on gut feeling, hearsay or the urge to quickly get past this anxiety-filled period.

Get an expert opinion PLUS connections to your school, region and course of choice, including:

  • Course rigour
  • School culture
  • Post-grad Employment opportunities
  • City and suburb lifestyle
  • Estimate costs

Unbiased, Expert Opinions from 
a Third Party

The truth is, Australian universities WANT you to study with them. They’re FIGHTING for your attention with benefits tailored to international students. That includes events, student accommodations, support services, pathway programs, clubs, scholarships and more.

Because we’re not affiliated to just one uni, we can help you sift through the noise to find which uni/city’s characteristics best fit your priorities.

i.e. room to play and travel, affordability, culture, post-grad work opportunities etc.

Save Time, Hassle and Anxiety from 
Decision Paralysis

We’re taking away the…

  • Hassle of admin work
  • Anxiety of choice paralysis
  • Fear of the unknown

… so you can look forward to an exciting, enriching and life-changing journey.

More importantly, our consultants can help you steer clear from potential pitfalls like missing application deadlines, orientation dates, or falling prey to rental scams.

We Help You Pick the course that YOU WANT,
Not Just What You Can Get In.


Industry Experience


every year


in scholarships claimed

Australia Universities

Here are our top picks for you if you
  1. 1
    Want independent living without falling headfirst into a completely unfamiliar environment
  2. 2
    Want to connect with a community of Singaporeans in Australia
  3. 3
    Want an accredited and well-regarded University Degree with a variety of job prospects in Singapore, Australia and globally.

Group of Eight

University of Adelaide (UOA)

Monash University

University of Sydney

University of Western Australia (UWA)

Tuition fee/yr


A$35K – A$48K

A$43.5K- A$53.5K



Up to (A$71K) 50% scholarship

Up to A$30K - 100% scholarship

Up to A$40K

Up to A$48K

Course Rigour

Adelaide’s innovation & technology precinct

Global immersion.

Open learning environment

One-on-one support, study skills workshops (STUDY Smarter)






Cost of Living





Employment Opportunities

1st in Australia with employer satisfaction in collaborative skills

Monash Talent program can help you secure the job

1st in Australia and 4th in the world for graduate employability

Career mentorship and guidance


1st most liveable city in Australia

Strong alumni connection

Works with leading business, government, and community organisations

5 stars teaching quality, student demand & student: teacher ratio

Other Popular Universities

RMIT Melbourne

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Tuition fee/yr





Up to A$20K scholarship

Up to 25% - 100% Scholarship

Up to 25% - A$30K Scholarship

Course Rigour

All the courses co-designed with industry

real-life case studies are key to our practice-based approach

Work integrated learning





Cost of Living




Employment Opportunities

#1 graduate employment rate
in Australia

Virtual work experience. Get experience with top companies before you graduate

Ranked 1st in Queensland for employer-student connections


Strong alumni connection

Member of the Australian Technology Network (ATN)

Australia’s first business school with triple international accreditation

Our step-by-step Process

Meet our Study Trust Education Consultants

We matchmake more than 800 students with their dream uni and course every year


Although I have been studying for a while (I think more than 1 year), the counsellor will continue to follow up my situation in Australia and help me to solve all the visa problems encountered when I am abroad. Very professional counsellor who will never left you behind once you engage their service even it is FREEEE!!!!

Koh Jia Yi 

Study abroad in Australia


I really recommend Link Ink Edu. The counsellors is very friendly and nice. I personally experienced their one-to-one college counselling service. They are professional enough to help me figure out the direction of my further studies. During the consultation, the counsellors use a lot of layman terms and patient enough to help me figure out the most suitable universities and faculties according to my interests and qualifications results. These make me feel they are trustable. You will never regret to have their help in your study abroad journey!

Hew Wei Wen

Study abroad in UK


I am truly appreciate the helping hand given by Jeremy, the counsellor of Link Ink Edu who helped me to secure the full scholarship to study in SIM. He guided me how to prepare the scholarship interview questions and did a lot of research along with deep analysis to ace my interview. Thousands of thanks to him!

Wong Shu Min

Study in SIM

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What’s different between consulting you and contacting a school directly?

A school admin staff won’t be able to advise on more than one school or city.

Even in Singapore, studying the same business course in NTU, SMU or NUS is very different.

In Australia, you want to consider between

  • Which city best suits your lifestyle
  • Course rigour and whether it fits your study/learning style
  • Which school culture suits your personality

We provide impartial guidance on a course that truly matches the life you envision for yourself in the next four years.

That includes the city and suburb you want to live, the cultural and course rigour differences between universities etc.

Studying in Australia sounds nice, but I have no clue where to start.

You’re not alone in this. That’s why we’ve specially crafted a DISC test to assess which city and course best suits your personality.

It gives you starting point to narrowing down potential choices, or simply gives you certainty that staying in Singapore is the way to go after all.

Either way it’s free and non-obligatory. You get to walk away anytime with a better understanding of your choices.

Of all countries in the world, why Australia?

If you’re looking for an English-speaking country, your choices are pretty much narrowed down between UK and Australia.

Those who pick Australia are looking for:

  • some place closer to home (considering the stark difference in plane ticket costs) with
  • little to no time difference (East Australia is 3 hours ahead of Singapore while UK is a whole 8 hours behind)
  • a similar currency conversion and
  • enjoy the laid back, chill Australian culture

Is studying in Australia better then studying in a private university?

More often than not, employers find it harder to place an overseas university degree compared to a private university degree. That could be to your advantage should you opt for an Australian university degree.

Experiencing overseas life can also give you the independence, street smarts, and life experience that staying with family back in Singapore can’t.

However, staying in Singapore means you’ll be close to loved ones and can save on tuition and living expenses.

At the end of the day, the answer to this question is highly dependent on your individual priorities and goals.

Speak with one of our educational consultants to get more clarity on your choices. It’s free.

How much does studying aboard in Australia cost?

Undergraduate degrees range from AUD15k – AUD 45k a year, depending on your school and course of choice.

You should budget around AUD 20 000 a year in food and living expenses.

But with the right timing and application, almost all students from Singapore will be able to get some kind of scholarship.

When should I start preparing to apply to study in Australia?

Ideally, you should try to block out around 6 months of time to apply and prepare for your enrolment and move to Australia.

But if you decide to work with us, those deadlines are for us to worry about. There’s nothing to lose if you get in contact with an educational consultant early.

How can I apply for scholarships in Australia?

Most Singaporeans fresh out of JC or Poly should be eligible for some kind of scholarship. Details vary from school to school.

You should enquire with our educational consultants if you’re looking for specific details about each school’s scholarship application, eligibility and coverage.

You owe it to your future self to at least find out what your options are.

The most common issue we hear from students is that they have no idea where to start.

That’s why we highly encourage you to speak with one of our educational consultants – at NO COST or NO OBLIGATION.

We help to analyse your course, lifestyle and budget requirements for Australia study and give you a detailed breakdown of:

  1. 1
    Tuition fees and scholarship opportunities
  2. 2
    Whether your A level/ Poly results make you eligible for the course
  3. 3
    Course structure, school quality and degree recognition
  4. 4
    Post-graduate employment opportunities.

Best part about working with us? It’s free and non-obligatory.

If you decide at any point of working with us that this is not for you, you can always walk away with a better understanding of your options.