Everything you need to know about Studying in Singapore at university level :


A free webinar to provide a neutral view for making your decision


Singapore has earned the title of the "World's Greatest City" by CNN in 2015. It was also ranked as one of QS’s top three “Best Student Cities” in 2013. Would you like to find out more about studying in Singapore ?

          In this free webinar, you'll find out:

  • The expenses of studying Singapore, including school fees, costs of living and travels.
  • The employment opportunities in Singapore, featuring a case study of a foreign student
  • The culture, economy and language in Singapore
  •  The different universities in Singapore and how they are categorized
  • How to apply to university in Singapore
  • Have your questions answered

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    About the host

    Ted is the co-founder of DigitalSenior.sg , the top portal on tertiary studies in Singapore boasting 30,000 monthly visits. He has studied in 3 universities in Singapore and USA and has uncovered many insights about university life, which he now helps his juniors with.


    What people say about Digital Senior

    Ryan Tan

    Came across Digital Senior’s guide by chance. Thanks to the guide, I got the information I needed. Just felt an urge to say that Digital Senior is awesome!!! Thank you for publishing your honest and thorough reviews of almost all universities in Singapore. This has saved me so much time by allowing me to streamline the process of finding the best university suited to my needs. It is the best site that I have found for local Uni admissions. Keep up the good work!

    Le Hoang Anh

    Digital Senior has given me an invaluable glimpse into university life. As a freshman, I have massive respect for the seniors who have put in time and effort to create and maintain this great website. Fellow Uni students, please read Digital Senior to learn more from these seniors!


    Ong Shi Man

    You have no idea how helpful Digital Senior articles are to people like me. There really exists an audience who have no access to the advice and insights from seniors, parents and other connections. They miss out on opportunities even though their results theoretically should bring them success in a meritocratic society. Keep the info flow going and help people leverage and realize the full potential of their achievements.