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Many only remember New Zealand for its breathtaking scenery, leaving unnoticed the country’s high quality of living and its role as an excellent education destination. The eight NZ Universities are ranked among the top 500 in the world. 2 Nobel prize winners graduated from NZ universities; Joseph Schooling’s dietitian (Dr Kirsty Fairbairn) teaches at University of Otago.

Known for its safe environment and high standard of support system, students who choose to study in New Zealand will enjoy a comfortable, welcoming experience that can be adrenaline-packed or refreshingly relaxing, depending on what you enjoy. New Zealand has an international reputation as the “adventure capital of the world”, and it will not disappoint with the myriad of thrilling activities available such as bungee jumping, sky-diving and white-water rafting.

Those who prefer a calmer lifestyle could enjoy the vibrant arts and cultural scenes of Wellington, sophisticated city living of Auckland, or relish the magnificent beauty of nature in Christchurch and Dunedin. No matter what you like, New Zealand will have something to offer.

Our Team

Our team is uniquely positioned to facilitate your experience!

Our team members have studied, worked and/or lived in New Zealand, and are able to provide first-hand information about life in New Zealand. In fact, we have a home there and still live there part of the year. Apart from the education system, we are able to share our personal experiences of New Zealand’s food, weather, people and lifestyle. We strongly believe that an overseas education in New Zealand should be more than just an academic pursuit. It should also be a chance for you to immerse in a new culture and gain knowledge beyond the textbooks.

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Asia Business and Education LLP’s Expertise

We, Asia Business & Education LLP, provide personalized education services catered to your educational needs. We have been in the New Zealand educational consultancy niche long enough to know that each individual requires a personal assessment in terms of his academic achievement and goals. We were the first and only New Zealand Specialist Agent in Singapore back in 2012. Since then Education New Zealand renamed it to The Education New Zealand Recognised Agency.

We are familiar with the Singapore education system as well as the entry requirements to various universities in New Zealand and we can certainly find you an educational institution that suits you and give you an all-round education.

If you do not meet the entry requirements or have the professional qualifications we can also assist in finding you a pathway programme that helps to bridge the gap.

With our years of experience in this education service, we maintain close contact with a group of past and present students, as well as our associates in various parts of New Zealand. As such, we can certainly assist you in settling down in your new venture.

Our one-stop education service includes:

  • Education & Career Counselling
  • Documents Verification
  • Students Placement
  • Credit Application Assistance
  • Student Visa Application Advice
  • Travel Arrangements Assistance
  • Accommodation Arrangements Assistance
  • Pre-departure Briefing
  • Student Networking

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