9 SkillsFuture courses to help you #own life

We all know of SkillsFuture and the $500 course credit the movement gives to us once we hit 25. But for some of us, the knowledge stops there. It’s hard to not be lost. Not only are there tons of courses out there when you search the SkillsFuture course directory, the debate on what the credit should be used on is heavy.

(Do note that the Government will provide periodic top-ups and that your credit can be accumulated/will not expire)

To help, Digital Senior has sifted through the course directory to find you a variety of interesting courses that you can look at to figure out how to best spend your course credit!
Writing Competitions

Build your own WordPress website

Learn how to build a website from scratch in a day, with the help of the powerful WordPress platform! The course will guide you through the site building process, from getting started to site maintenance, and you’ll walk away with a site that’s ready-to-launch! Not only is this knowledge handy for those looking to build up their own content portals and online shops (of the simple kind), it could also be useful in your jobs! You never know.

Offered by:Skills Global Academy Pte Ltd

Duration:1 day (8 hours)

Cost: $ 198.00

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LinkedIn Branding Fundamentals

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool that most of us have yet to maximise: many companies actually find candidates for open job roles through LinkedIn and not through job ads. Talk about the job finding you! Learn how to maximise LinkedIn to market yourself so as to make prospective employers sit up and take notice – and how to use it in a professional capacity in your working life.

Offered by:The Candidate School (Indigo Drey & Associates Pte Ltd)

Duration: 1 day (8 hours)

Cost: $ 500.00

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Basic Handyman & Repair course (SkillsFuture@PA)

Basic Handyman

Sometimes things just break down at the most unexpected of times, leaving us with messes to clear and a brewing headache. Sounds like something you’d like to avoid? Try taking this course (or the one on plumbing), which will teach you how to be a strong independent man/woman basic handyman knowledge (drill handling, basic plumbing, and the like). Not only will this stitch in time save nine, it could also help you save a bit on maintenance fees!

Unless the problem is really beyond your control – in which case, please do bring in the experts.

Offered by: PA, available at various Community Clubs

Duration: 7 hours (Part-time)

Cost: $ 90.00

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Overseas Study Mission (Japan-Tokyo)

For those interested in Japan and in learning management theories, this course is guaranteed to be an eye-opener! Starting with weekly night classes across 2 months and culminating in a trip (excursion!) to Japan, the Overseas Study Mission will expose you to a Japan less known to most of us, taking you to its corporate setting through visits to companies and start-ups. No prior knowledge of management is required.


Offered by: Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

Duration: 36 hours (part-time), plus a week in Japan

Cost: $1,215.00 (excluding travel costs of est. S$2,970). SkillsFuture Study Award eligible

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Brewing Skills Foundation Course

Brewing Skills

Ahh, coffee, the liquid fuel of stressed students and tired working professionals. The huge amounts of coffee most of us down on a regular basis have turned us into discerning coffee drinkers in our own rights, with our own preferences and tastes. Consider taking things one step further by learning how to brew some on your own! The course will also teach you how to wax lyrical about your favourite cups of joe. Now, that’s true dedication for you.

Offered by:Bettr  Barista Pte Ltd

Duration: 1 day (8.5 hours)

Cost: $ 480.00

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Asian Pastry Techniques Course (Hokkaido Cheese Tarts & Xiao Long Bao)

Asian Pastry

Are you one of those that joined the long queues for BAKE’s cheese tarts? Or maybe you did so for Pablo’s. Recreate that joyous taste (as best as you can) by taking this course! It will also teach you how to make piping hot xiao long bao. From timing to temperature, this course will make sure you leave with a decent mastery of these dishes – so you can make them for potlucks and wow all your friends.

Offered by: Palate Sensations

Duration: 2 days (8 hours)

Cost: $ 250.00

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Cyber Security Essentials for Everyone

Cyber Security Essentials

The internet is a scary place. On one hand there are sites like BuzzFeed that provide harmless quizzes predicting your eye colour based on your favourite food (here, fyi), but there are also hackers and swindlers out there waiting for their unsuspecting prey on the other. (Like that Nigerian dude that has a fortune that only you can help him obtain). While many of us are internet-savvy, learning more about how to protect yourself certainly wouldn’t hurt. This course will lay the foundations by teaching you the latest attack trends and some ways to protect yourself.

Offered by: Skills Global Academy Pte Ltd

Duration: 1 day (8 hours)

Cost: $ 480.00

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Accounting fundamentals course

Those who didn’t study accounting in school would find this course helpful in their day-to-day lives (expenses, etc), and for simple exposure/knowledge. The course will go through simple principles, and you’ll leave at the end knowing how to prepare a simple set of accounts.

Accounting fundamentals

Offered by: Singapore Polytechnic

Duration:30 hours (part-time)

Cost: $ 200.00

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Full-day Urban Farming course


Be a farmer for a day! Expose yourself to something different by taking this quick crash course on urban farming, which will give you an overview of its status in Singapore and how to grow leafy vegetables and small fruits – from growth to harvest. Give your newly acquired knowledge a whirl and, perhaps, create a tiny garden for yourself!

Offered by: The Living Centre

Duration: 1 day (7 hours)

Cost: $ 198.00

What, then, should you take – and when? Do you use the SkillsFuture credit to offset part of a more substantial course fee, or use it to take more than one course? We can’t decide for you, but encourage you to select a course that value-adds to you, whether it be in career development or personal interests. Most importantly, go into each course with an open mind and reasonable expectations – on yourself and the course material. Rome wasn’t built in a day: similarly, some skills take practice to perfect beyond introductory courses.

Taken any SkillsFuture courses that you’d highly recommend to others? Please do share with us below!

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