9 SkillsFuture courses to help you #own life

(If you’re a school or organisation with great SkillsFuture courses we’ve yet to mention, do get in touch—we’d love to add you to the list!)


We all know of SkillsFuture and the $500 course credit the movement gives to us once we turn 25. For some of us, however, our knowledge stops there.

With tons of courses listed on the SkillsFuture course directory, it’s hard not to feel intimidated. The debate on what the credit should be used for can also be stressful for some: do you save it to use on upskilling, or do you use the credit to explore something fun?

(Do note that the Government will provide periodic top-ups and that your credit can be accumulated/will not expire. If you’re 25 years old by the end of 2020, you’ll have another $500 in Skillsfuture credit that you must use before the end of 2025.)

Here’s our answer: there’s no right or wrong choice as long as you get down to learning! To help, Digital Senior has sifted through the extensive course directory for a starter list of interesting courses. We hope it’ll help you decide how to best utilise your course credit!

Disclaimer: This list consists of courses that are Skillsfuture credit claimable. Not all courses are part of the SkillsFuture Series.

Perfumery: From Ingredients to Products

Currently the only short course of its kind, this perfumery course covers both theory and hands-on practice. Participants will be able to apply what they’ve learnt to create a simple fragrance base, as well as evaluate it. Things taught include smelling techniques, and how to differentiate fragrances ingredients from one another by their volatilities.

You’ll need a diploma or degree in a relevant science or engineering discipline to sign up for this course!

Offered by: Singapore Polytechnic’s Professional & Adult Continuing Education (PACE) Academy

Duration: 30 hours (9am-6pm)

Cost: $2,675.00

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LinkedIn Branding Fundamentals

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool that most of us have yet to maximise: many companies actually find candidates for open job roles through LinkedIn and not through job ads. Talk about the job finding you! Learn how to maximise LinkedIn to market yourself so as to make prospective employers sit up and take notice – and how to use it in a professional capacity in your working life.

Offered by: The Candidate School (Indigo Drey & Associates Pte Ltd)

Duration: 1 day (8 hours)

Cost: $500.00

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An Introduction to Code-Free Machine Learning

AI has been trending in the workplace for quite some time, and there is no harm in gaining more knowledge about this branch of computer science. This course will introduce you to various code-free machine learning platforms suitable for both beginners and machine learning professionals. By the end of the day, you’ll be able to build cool things like a book genre predictor!

While no prior knowledge in AI is required to take this course, Republic Polytechnic recommends that you be IT-savvy with a basic understanding of AI.

Offered by: Republic Polytechnic

Duration: 1 day

Cost: $288.90

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Composition and Contemporary Approaches to Creative Music Making

Thought of dabbling in music composition? If you idolise Hans Zimmer or Max Martin, this course will introduce you to the basics of what they do. As a course participant, you’ll learn how to compose for different styles and how to arrange your tunes. As you progress from chord progression to formal structures and orchestration, we’re sure that you’ll be in for a fulfilling six months!

Offered by: Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

Duration: 6 months

Cost: $2523.00

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Brewing Skills Foundation Course

Brewing Skills

Ahh, coffee, the liquid fuel of stressed students and tired working professionals. The huge amounts of coffee most of us down on a regular basis have turned us into discerning coffee drinkers in our own rights, with our own preferences and tastes. Consider taking things one step further by learning how to brew some on your own! The course will also teach you how to wax lyrical about your favourite cups of joe. Now, that’s true dedication for you.

Offered by: Bettr Barista Pte Ltd

Duration: 1 day (8.5 hours)

Cost: $480.00

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Prestige Buttercream & Petite Pastry

eclair short courses singapore

Have you picked up baking during the circuit breaker period? Perhaps you have and decided you quite like it. Or maybe you’ve yet to and think that you’d like to give it a try.

You can start with this class, which will teach you how to make Swiss meringue buttercream ( a buttercream cake, to be precise) and pâte à choux. You’ll also get to bring back your finished products, of course! Don’t worry about messing things up! You’ll be guided step-by-step, and your instructor will share with you helpful tips and tricks that you can use at home or in a bakery.

Offered by: My Bake Studio

Duration: 7 hours (you can choose to complete the class within a day or split it into two sessions)

Cost: $250.00

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Jewellery Making Fundamentals

Can you tell the difference between spinels and rubies?

Deepen your appreciation for your arm and ear candy by taking this class! You’ll explore how jewellery is designed and produced, and learn more about the types of gems and metals. You’ll leave the class with a better understanding of jewellery pieces you own and see when out shopping, and techniques to help you design you very own!

Offered by: Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (TaF.tc)

Duration: 1 day (8 hours)

Cost: $400.00

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Accounting fundamentals course

Those who didn’t study accounting in school would find this course helpful in their day-to-day lives (expenses, etc), and for simple exposure/knowledge. The course will go through simple principles, and you’ll leave at the end knowing how to prepare a simple set of accounts.

Accounting fundamentals

Offered by: Singapore Polytechnic

Duration:30 hours (part-time)

Cost: $200.00

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Full-day Indoor High Tech Farming course (Basic)


Be a farmer for a day! Expose yourself to something different by taking this quick crash course on urban farming, which will give you an overview of its status in Singapore and how to grow leafy vegetables and small fruits – from growth to harvest. Give your newly acquired knowledge a whirl and, perhaps, create a tiny garden for yourself!

Offered by: The Living Centre

Duration: 1 day (8.5 hours)

Cost: $300

What, then, should you take—and when? Do you use the SkillsFuture credit to offset part of a more substantial course fee, or use it to take more than one course? We can’t decide for you, but encourage you to select a course that value-adds to you, whether it be in career development or personal interests. Most importantly, go into each course with an open mind and reasonable expectations—on yourself and the course material. Rome wasn’t built in a day: similarly, some skills take practice to perfect beyond introductory courses.

Taken any SkillsFuture courses that you’d highly recommend to others? Please do share with us below!



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