7 job portals (and 1 app) to get your job search on the road

Are you looking to get one of those job things like Rachel Green? Here in Singapore, job hunting for fresh grads usually entails submitting applications online or through job fairs. The problem is: there’s a dizzying array of portals out there with so many job listings to pore through, that it can be intimidating to start.

If that’s what you’re feeling right now, we’re here to help! Here’s a list of job portals (and one interesting alternative) you can begin from. Good luck!


1) Glassdoor

Glassdoor is handy for researching prospective companies throughout the entire job search process. Here, you can access anonymous reviews on companies from employees past and present, interview questions that are great for prep work, as well as salary estimates. (A note of caution to not take all you see as the Holy Grail because companies evolve all the time, and some information might no longer be relevant.)

What you might not know, however, is that the job and recruiting platform launched recruitment services in Singapore not too long ago. With over 50,000 postings as of February 2019, Glassdoor is a convenient one-stop portal to commence your search! They also have a mobile app you can use, where you can create saved searches and follow companies to get the latest updates.

2)  Mycareersfuture.sg

Developed by Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), this job portal is an improved version of Jobs Bank. What we find especially useful about MyCareersFuture is its use of technology to optimise a jobseeker’s search: the portal uses machine learning to analyse job descriptions and identify skills required, before comparing this against what the jobseeker has indicated (when prompted) beforehand.

An example of what pops up after searching for ‘writer’ jobs…

…And some of the results.

 The result, as reflected above, is a percentage derived from the relevance of skills needed versus skills possessed, as well as a jobs list structured accordingly. Jobseekers can also discover what skills they should attain or enhance when clicking into a job post, helpful even for students and those happily employed.

3) StartUp Jobs Asia

If you’ve already decided that the start-up environment is right for you, head straight to this portal! The portal lists job opportunities from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Indonesia, and has a directory where you can browse through profiles of all the start-ups that have posted jobs on the site. Maybe you’ll find one that catches your interest?

A wide variety of companies posts job openings here across all job types (examples include renovation platform Qanvast and online coffee subscription service Hook Coffee), so consider giving the portal a chance even if you haven’t considered working in a start-up!

4) Glints

Glints was founded by three young Singaporeans during their university studies back in 2013; today, the online talent recruitment and career discovery platform sees high monthly traffic for both their Singapore and Indonesia sites. What we like about Glints is that it’s targeted towards youth and helping them build up career readiness. So what you get when you explore the site and job postings, as a result, are helpful outlooks of industries/fields, along with helpful interview tips and career guidance!

An example of the overview Glints helpfully provides before you commence your job search (this is for Finance)

The site also has a very user-friendly and vibrant interface, which makes it a joy to use. You can also track your application statuses, which is really handy.

5) Wanted

Wanted is a job platform with a novel twist: you can not only apply for jobs directly but also refer your friends (and request referrals) to suitable jobs. Successful applicants and referrers stand to receive a cash reward of up to 1.5k or even more! While referrals tend to be more successful if you/your referee has been working, the jobs portal has a huge database with over 3000+ companies— including the likes of Airbnb, Seedly, and Twitter­—looking to hire talent through their service, so there are plenty of opportunities here for you to uncover.  You can also personalise your job search by indicating your interests!

6) LinkedIn Jobs

Remember how we’ve mentioned that many good jobs come from good LinkedIn profiles? LinkedIn also has a job portal! The good thing about applying for jobs through LinkedIn is the ability to discover who works in the companies you’re eyeing through their profiles, and do a little homework to see if you’re a good fit based on the skills they possess. You can also contact the recruiter directly to enquire and follow up with your application status if need be.

LinkedIn lets you see how many others applied for the same post and when the job opening was listed, and how many alumni from your alma mater work there. If you want more helpful insights (to learn what you lack or how to improve your chances), subscribe to their Premium membership for SGD 39.99 per month. If you’re on a budget, make use of the free trial month and cancel immediately after!

An example of what LinkedIn Premium will offer (Image credits: LinkedIn)

7) Grabjobs

GrabJobs is a cost-effective recruitment solution that automates the sourcing, screening, and interviewing of candidates. With over 5,000 companies using the job platform to simplify their hiring process, it’s becoming a popular choice amongst job-seekers. It has also been recently recognized as one of the top job platforms in Singapore according to MediaOne.

On Grabjobs, job seekers will have their profiles automatically generated for them. Additionally, they can also apply for new jobs in under a minute. This can be done with the automated chat-bot pre-screening interviews!

Subsequently, shortlisted candidates will then have an interview with the employer scheduled for them. Candidates will also receive automated reminders to attend their interview sessions.

8) Blonk

I’d never heard about Blonk until a recent career development workshop where the workshop facilitator introduced it as “the Tinder of jobs”, to everyone’s laughter and surprise. That’s exactly what it is, however! Simply download the mobile job search and networking app, complete a basic profile (you can upload your resume and other relevant material when you’re truly interested in a posting) and start swiping. If there’s a match, job seekers and hiring leaders can get in touch immediately. It’s pretty amazing stuff and best of all? The service is entirely free for job seekers!

(image credits: Blonk)

Currently, about 200 companies use the app. These include SIA Engineering Company, NTUC LearningHub, as well as tyre manufacturer Michelin. Give it a try and see if there are any suitable job opportunities for you, or just take a chance to widen your network!

Sometimes, this could happen.

We hope these job portals will come in useful in your search! If there are any you’d like to recommend, do drop us a comment below!


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