Do You Know There Has Been a 48% Increase in Demand For Human Resources Talent in 2018?*

Get Ready to Shine In The Golden Age of HR

Do You Know There Has Been a 48% Increase in Demand For Human Resources Talent in 2018?*

Get Ready to Shine In The Golden Age of HR

If there's an opportunity to work in Google today, would you take it? Most of us will—probably NOT because we are super passionate about digital technology, but because Google‘s unique culture and unparalleled employee perks are known far and wide. They’re a huge reason for Google’s continued success.

While not every company can match what Google is doing, it's safe to say that the business world today is hungry for workplace cultures that bring out the very best in people—and the responsibility to shape and create those cultures rests on the shoulders of HR.

This is nothing new, HR has always played a strategic role in helping people and industries to transform and grow. Now suppose you have the influence to unlock the potential of organisations and people, what kind of difference would you make?
You see, as part of a government affiliated institute, this is SHRI Academy’s goal: to impart to you human resource competencies—core competencies that can help you springboard your career by helping others to adapt, transform and maximise their potential, while boosting overall effectiveness of the organisation you work for. 

* Michael Page’s Salary Benchmark Report 2019

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our recent graduates have to say:

Even before my graduation, I was offered a regional HR managerial post with strategic focus, within global German MNC as they were confident of the course accredidation, and of course that came with a good salary jump. Two years onward, enjoying my management acknowledgement of my deep skill sets. I was all ready to pursue the Master of Science in Human Resources, a 6 months top up course offered by SHRI Academy & Edinburgh Napier University, a prestigious university in UK.

Looking back, I am glad that I have chosen SHRI Academy as my education partner. I have enjoyed much acknowledgement and thus, increased my confidence sitting in directors' meeting. I sure appreciate SHRI Academy for making this possible for my career journey and hope she continues her good work in skilling up the HR community gaining accreditation.

Ms. Jacinta Ee GRADUATE

Master of Science in Human Resource

It was a very fulfilling experience studying at SHRI Academy. The Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management course kept much of its course materials to local and regional context and the lecturers are well-equipped with plenty of local experiences, which helps us relate to the issues or topics discussed. I was able to work well with my course mates and even proceeded to the Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with Organisational Psychology (Top-Up) with some of them. It is an excellent platform both for enhancing HR professional knowledge and for networking with HR practitioners in a variety of sectors.


Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management (currently known as Diploma in HR Leadership with Business Partnering)

Are you...

  • A mid-career switcher keen on exploring the HR profession but unsure where to begin?
  • A HR professional that has transitioned into a bigger role, which requires new knowledge and skills?
  • An operations staff given HR duties that you’re unfamiliar with?
  • Or simply unsatisfied with your current role, and finding yourself lacking practical training that’ll prepare you for a competitive job market?

At SHRI Academy, we provide our students:


Simply put, we are a HR training institute run by HR Professionals for HR Professionals! Our lecturers are experienced industry practitioners with years of experience and HR veterans sit on our Board of Directors. Our students have found this emphasis beneficial: at least 21% have reported a salary increase within the last 5 years! You can find some of our lecturers’ profiles below.


SHRI Academy is part of the Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI) Group, a not-for-profit professional HR body committed to developing Singapore’s HR fraternity since 1965. SHRI collaborates and has affiliations with local organisations such as MOM and NTUC, and represents Singapore nationally in organisations such as The World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA). Ask any local HR professional if they’ve heard of SHRI, and you’ll most likely get a resounding yes!


It’s not just about what you know, but also who you know. Many of SHRI Academy’s students have found that constant interaction with fellow qualified HR professionals in a group setting, which our courses provide, facilitates strong corporate connections that helps accelerate their careers. We also supercharge our students’ studies by inviting them to attend regular networking events, public workshops and seminars for free or at a discounted price.

The journey with SHRI Academy was an interesting one. The lecturers utilized knowledge & life experiences to make classes so interesting that you realize you are not going to be bored and out of topics for discussions constantly. The cohort makes a difference to the whole experience considering this is a good opportunity for networking as well with practitioners, both HR and none HR professional. I do still keep in touch with some of the lecturers and lots of the classmates today. They are awesome bunch of people who share the same beliefs - never stop learning.

Ms. Tan Boon Guek Daphie GOLD MEDALIST

Master of Science in Human Resource

Courses on offer

Diploma in Organisational Psychology (Enhanced)

8 modules, 16 months, 264 training hours

  • Awarded by SHRI Academy
  • Modules taught include Engaging & Growing Employees, Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Intervention & Counselling
  • Graduates are eligible for Y3 direct entry into the Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with Organisational Psychology

Diploma in HR Leadership with Business Partnering (New)

8 modules, 16 months, 264 training hours

  • Awarded by SHRI Academy
  • Modules taught include Accounting with Finance, Business Management and Leadership, HR Statistics and Analytics
  • Graduates are eligible for Y3 direct entry into the Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with Organisational Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with Organisational Psychology (Top-Up)

6 modules, 12 months, 180 training hours

  • Awarded by Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland)
  • Modules taught include
    Strategic Management in a Global Context, Work Psychology, Individual Differences
  • Lectures are conducted by Edinburgh Napier University on-campus lecturers

Lecturer Profiles

Victor Kow

An active Management Trainer and Consultant Mr. Victor Kow has over 38 years of strategic and operational HR experience, and has held senior positions in corporations such as DBSLand and CapitaLand.

Wong Tuck Wah

Mr. Wong Tuck Wah has held several senior management positions in Government and/or Government–related organizations and the NTUC. He has also served as a member on the Sub-committee on Manpower in the Committee for Singapore’s Competitiveness as well as the Manpower 21 committee.

Dr. Ciarán McFadden

Dr. Ciarán McFadden is a lecturer in human resource management and organisational behaviour in The Business School at Edinburgh Napier University. His research interests include diversity and inclusion, employee engagement and voice, and sexual orientation and gender identity issues in the workplace. He is currently the module leader for the Human Resource Development module on the BA Human Resource Management with Organisational Psychology (top-up) degree, delivered at SHRI.

Dr. Andrew Bratton

Dr Andrew Bratton is an associate Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University Business School. He has been involved in applied research projects for workplace sustainability with, for Glasgow City Council, National Health Service, University of Edinburgh, Lothian Buses, ScotRail, and Scottish Southern Energy. His research interests include sustainable workplaces, change management and employee voice. His current research centres on knowledge management and the application of lean and agile practices in SMEs.

80% of SHRI Academy’s graduates find their competencies enhanced in their current job profiles after their studies, and 73% see SHRI Academy as a future choice they’d return to*.

*Source: SHRI Academy Graduate Employment Survey 2017

More Success Stories

It has been over 10 years since I last took up a course. I guess it is not difficult to imagine how sceptical I was during my first lesson at SHRI for the Diploma in Organisational Psychology. However, all these fears were unfounded as the lecturers were dynamic and professional in their teachings. Besides the subject materials, they shared their extensive personal experience, giving relevant examples, patience in guiding and a pinch of sense of humour. I enjoyed the lessons and was able to understand them without much difficulty. The modules were interesting and this learning has changed my perspective towards work and personal life.

Tricia Wong Yin Leng GOLD MEDALIST

Diploma in Organisational Psychology

My experience with SHRI Academy is very pleasant and their staff are quick in assisting with our requests. The lecturers and tutors are very experienced and are able to bridge between theory and practical application. Having this knowledge assists me in my daily tasks, such as talent selection where I have an in-depth understanding of how to select a candidate and how a selection process goes. I would recommend this course to my friends or anyone else who is interested in a HR career because it readily equips them with the necessary HR knowledge for them to perform in a HR role, or assist them in their daily work.


Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with Organisational Psychology

About SHRI Academy and SHRI

Part of the SHRI Group, SHRI Academy was founded in 2009 with the vision of empowering HR professionals to become Strategic Business Partners of tomorrow through lifelong learning and skill development. We are registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE), and offer a diverse range of academic programmes ranging from basic certificates to Master degrees.

Established since 1965, the Singapore Human Resource Institute consists of SHRI Academy, SHRI Corporate Learning & Consultancy Hub, SHRI Capability Development Centre and The Singapore Professionals’ & Executives’ Co-operative (SPEC). Working to raise and maintain high standards of professionalism in human resource management and development, our contributions to the local HR scene includes the Singapore HR awards, the first HR accreditation framework launched in Singapore.

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It’s obvious that you’re realizing that you need to upskill to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing employment landscape. In fact, it’s now or never: rapid technological advancements and a shift in global economic weight towards Asia have resulted in exciting changes in the HR industry, and increasing seats for HR professionals at the strategic table. Are you armed and ready to seize the opportunities coming your way?

If you’d like some advice on how to proceed and which courses will best suit your requirements, then don’t hesitate to meet with us over coffee for a complimentary course consultation where you’ll:

  • Receive tips on how to create a career progression plan that’ll help you achieve your goals
  • Get advice on the various financial aids and subsidies available, and your eligibility
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