15 pottery classes in Singapore you can sink your hands into

Life is busy, and life in a bustling city like Singapore is even busier. In the midst of the stress and frenzy, we need time to cool down and recharge before we break down. Why not try pottery as a respite?

If you’ve been curious about working with clay, now’s the time to give it a go! Many ceramics studios have set up shop on our sunny island recently, so you can take your pick on which you want to take a class with. We’ve compiled a list below to help get you going! Prices are per pax.

1. Ceramic House – Beginner Classes (Handbuilding only)

Description: Ceramic House is a pottery studio within Tampines Industrial Village owned by a husband and wife team (that met and fell in love while doing apprenticeships at Ming House!) Both Master Potters have taught numerous students the art of pottery and offer a range of classes ranging from trial classes and children’s classes, to advanced classes. Class syllabuses have been personally developed by Master Potter Lim Kim Hui, who is known for his expertise in Tenmoku and Chawan ware. Do note that all firing costs will have to be borne by students (with the exception of personalized classes).

Duration: 10 sessions, 3 hours each

Fees: $480

2. Arudio Studio – Basic Courses (in either Handbuilding or Throwing)

A young and cozy studio, Arudio is an art studio opened by master ceramicist Poh Sin Yong. The studio conducts not only ceramic workshops but also art bazaars, as well as events! Choose between the handbuilding or throwing short courses, which allow you to create unlimited pieces and include one glazing session. Or try out the trial classes for $55 (and leave with a handmade mug/bowl)! Do note that all firing costs will be have to be borne by students (with the exception of trial classes where the firing of 1 work is included).

Duration: 5 sessions, 3 hours each

Fees: $300

3. Sam Mui Kuang Pottery – (Handbuilding or Wheel Throwing) courses

Sam Mui Kuang has a long history in Singapore: it was one of the first pottery studios in Singapore to have a dragon kiln (now defunct) and a producer of the giant jars our parents and grandparents used to store water for bathing, before water pipes and plumbing were commonplace!  The pottery also sells pottery studio supplies (such as kilns and studio equipment). Courses are conducted by Master Potters, Chua Soo Khim, Chua Soo Kim and Patsy Chua, all of whom have extensive teaching experience.

Duration: 10 sessions, 2.5 hours each

Fees: $450 for handbuilding, $550 for wheel throwing (firing costs included)

4. Studio Asobi –  Living Clay Introductory Workshop

Opened and run by a husband-and-wife team, Studio Asobi is an artisanal ceramics studio founded after a hobby in ceramics turned into a passion. Their introductory workshops are ran out of their home studio, where participants get to fashion a planter/bowl/cup out of clay through handbuilding (and get to try out the electric wheel!) 20% of the workshop’s profits will go to charity, so you’ll get to play with clay and do good at the same time! All costs are included within the workshop price, including glazing and firing.

Duration: 3 hours

Fees: $90

5. School of Clay Arts—Foundational Pottery courses  (Handbuilding or Wheel Throwing)

The School of Clay Arts offers pottery courses and workshops on-demand, as well as the use of their studio for independent practice (Open studio rates available on their site)! The studio recommends that participants take their foundational pottery fundamentals (handbuilding) course before proceeding to wheel throwing. Class sizes are kept small and held on weekends— working adults, we can already hear your exhales of relief! All costs are included within the workshop price, including firing charges.

Duration: 4 sessions, 2.5 hours each (handbuilding) and 8 sessions. 3 hours each (wheel throwing)

Fees: $250 for handbuilding and $480 for wheel throwing

6. Clay Cove – Introduction to Pottery Making

Conveniently located in the heart of town (at Orchard Road), Clay Cove was founded in 2002. The studio conducts lessons in pottery, as well as pottery appreciation lessons. Their Introductory pottery course will cover the handbuilding methods (coiling, slab-building, pinching) as well as glazing. All costs are included within the workshop price, including firing and glazing charges.  For those that need it, Clay Cove also conducts personalized art therapy workshops by appointment!

Duration: 9 sessions, 1.5 hours each

Fees: $540

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7. The Potters’ Guilt – Beginners’ Courses (Handbuilding or Wheel Throwing)

The Potters Guilt is a ceramics studio formed by a group of artists keen on sharing the joys of creating with your own hands. Located in Chinatown, the studio also conducts a Pottery-Do-It-All trial session where participants can try out both handbuilding and wheel throwing for the price of $80. All costs are included within the workshop price, including firing and glazing charges.

Duration: 8 sessions, 2 hours each (handbuilding) and 8 sessions, 2.5 hours each (wheel throwing)

Fees: $400 for handbuilding, $480 for wheel throwing

8. The 8TH FLOOR Creative Space – Pottery Course (Wheel Throwing)

The 8TH FLOOR Creative Space is the first private studio in Singapore to implement a progress- monitoring system for learners, and their pottery course is not for the faint-hearted! Split into 2 phases, the course will guide participants (those with no experience in ceramics are welcome!) in the art of wheel throwing domestic objects and decorative objects. With a syllabus designed by a ceramics lecturer from one of the local art schools, the course will provide 20kg of clay as well as unlimited usage of house glazes.

Duration: 20 lessons broken up into 2 phases, 3 hours each. You can opt to sign up for a single phase of 10 lessons.

Fees: $480 for each phase

9. Goodman Ceramic Studio – My First Mug Class

The Goodman Ceramic Studio is, as you may have guessed, located in the Goodman Arts Centre at Goodman Road! The studio conducts a wide range of programmes such as kids holiday programmes and adult parties, and also opens its studio to users that require a professional space through an hourly scheme. Their mug class will provide you with a pre-formed cylinder as a base for your design and guidance; the rest is up to you! Trial sessions for handbuilding and wheel throwing are also offered at $55 for 1.5-2 hours.

Duration: 1 session, 2 hours

Fees: $55, add another $30 if doing another mug

10. Center Pottery Singapore/3Arts –  Dragon Kiln Pottery Wheel Workshop for Adults

There are only 2 dragon kilns left in Singapore, so this is a class that you wouldn’t want to miss! This workshop includes an introduction and tour of the dragon kiln at Jalan Bahar before participants try their hand at wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques. You’d get to keep 2 pieces and all costs are included within the workshop price, including firing and glazing charges.

Duration: 1 session, 3.5 hours

Fees: $98

11. Mud Rock Ceramics – Ad Hoc classes

Mud Rock Ceramics is an independent ceramics studio opened by 2 professional ceramics artists, Ng Seok Har and Michelle Lim. The studio runs ad hoc workshops that teach wheel throwing (on alternate Fridays in the evenings!) and you can book multiple classes if you cannot commit to the full beginners’ course. Convenient, we say. You’ll get a finished piece out of the workshop, with a small fee needed to fire and glaze any others.

Duration: 1 session, 2.5 hours

Fees: $83

12. Urth&Phire Pottery Studio – Trial Class (Wheel)

Pronounced as ‘Earth and Fire’, the Urth&Phire Pottery Studio was opened by ceramic artist Alvin Leow. The studio offers trial classes for those who’d like to try out pottery but do not have the time or are unsure if they’d like to commit. Participants will be able to bring home 1 piece of glaze fired pottery, and more if they wish at an $10 per additional piece.

Duration: 1 session, 1.5 hours

Fees: $60

13. Boon’s Pottery – Trial Lesson (Handbuilding or Wheel Throwing)

Founded by Master Potter Chuan Siang Boon in 1998, Boon’s Pottery comprises both a Singaporean art gallery and studio. You can choose to learn handbuilding or wheel throwing from Tuesdays to Fridays, 2pm-5pm. Do reserve a slot via call before heading down!

Duration: 1 session, 2 hours

Fees: $70

14. Terra & Ember – The Mini Potter’s Workshop 

Learn how to make cute little pots in Terra & Ember’s cozy home-based studio on a tiny pottery wheel! No prior experience is required, and you’ll get to take home up to 3 complimentary glazed-fired mini pots. Additional pots will cost you $4 per piece.

Duration: 1 session, 2.5 hours

Fees: $58

15. School of Clay Arts – Intro to Pottery Workshop

Located at Ubi Techpark, the School of Clay Arts specialises in pottery classes for beginners. You will learn the handbuilding techniques of coiling and pinching, and will be brought on a studio walk-through where you’ll learn more about the learn more about studio pottery practices and various pottery processes.

Duration: 1 session, 2 hours

Fees: $95 (fees also include local delivery to 1 location per participant)


Taken a pottery class and want to recommend a studio? Do share your experiences with us below! We’d love to hear from you.


Tired of searching and comparing various pottery class?


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