CMA Parenting Talk 2019

Navigate Your Parenting Journey with Confidence

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Whether you're wondering how to handle a specific challenge, just figuring out your child-raising approach, or want to hear from parenting experts, you've come to the right place.

Join us in our parenting talk with renowned speakers who will be sharing with you their insights on increasing your child's potential and parenting styles that worked for them.

3 Reasons to Attend


Gain valuable insights from our keynote speakers

Understand the key principles and method to unlock your child's learning potential

Meet and share parenting tips with fellow parents over refreshments

Event Highlights:

Increasing Your Child's Learning Potential by James Lee

About The Speaker

James Lee is an appointed solemniser with the Registry of Marriages, Singapore. He has a wealth of experience as a family counsellor and is well sought after, being frequently invited by Radio Station 95.8, to share his views on topics such as inter-generational relationships, character first, and foundations of a good marriage. Mr Lee and his wife practise 'Character First' education in the upbringing of their children, and have seen them performing excellently in their schools and careers

How I Teach My Kids What I Teach Them by Evelyn Tan

About The Speaker

Evelyn Tan is a local celebrity and mother of four children, aged 6-14. Eager to 'get it right' as a mother, she readily embarked on a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, after her first child was born. As someone once aptly put it - "No two children are alike." So is there a winning formula to ensure success in a child? Come and hear Evelyn share her insights on parenting children for success, through her own experiences of bringing them up and teaching them on her own.

Where & When



24 November 2019 (Sunday)


6:30pm – 8:30pm (Session 1) & 8:00pm – 10:00pm (Session 2) 


YMCA, 1 Orchard Road, Singapore 238824


$15 for 1 pax, $25 for a pair (CMA parents)
$30 for 1 pax, $50 for a pair (non-CMA parents)

Each session will include refreshments and door gifts.

Sign up now before all the tickets are gone. Discover:

  • How to become a confident parent
  • The key principles to maximise your child's potential
  • Figure out your child-raising approach

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