From National Netballer to Actress and Television Host: An Interview with Paige Chua

(photo courtesy of Paige Chua)Mediacorp artiste, Paige Chua 新传媒艺人蔡琦慧

With 10 years of acting experience under her belt, Paige Chua has come a long way in showbiz. Starting out as a supporting character in Just in Singapore, the former model/NUS graduate has since gone on to star in popular dramas Mightiest Mother-in-law (which spawned a whole series of gifs!), When Duty Calls and You can be an Angel 3. Digital Senior speaks to the svelte actress about her schooling days and more.

1) Share with us the activities you took part in while studying in NUS.

I majored in Geography (human) and sociology. I stopped playing netball when I was in NUS as I was suffering from a torn ligament. That prompted me to participate in non-sports CCAs, which were Political Association and Democratic Socialist club. I was staying on campus as well and was working on a part-time basis at a cafe on campus. I enjoyed a very independent and free academic life back then.

2) How did you enter the National Youth Netball team? Were you scouted? Where did your passion for Netball come from?

I was scouted by a netball veteran to join the then NIKE netball club when I was playing for Mayflower Secondary in the B division competition. Subsequently, I was asked to go for selection trials for the national youth team. I was 16 then.

3) What prompted you to sign up for the basic modelling class back then?

After I stopped playing competitive netball, I was trying out all sorts of other interests. I was intrigued by the versatility of models in their different make up and outfits. And being tall, I was told many times that I should model, so I went for it.

4) What is your greatest takeaway from your educational years?

I have to say that the years as a sociology student affected me most. I began to see the world as constructed and engineered, rather than a in natural state. It gave me reasons to break out of certain moulds & value systems that I thought I must abide by. Fortunately, my feet are planted quite firmly on the ground, so I’m always cautious about my decisions. I don’t break rules that will land me in deep trouble, but I have different perspectives on an issue. My goal is to achieve a happy outcome for myself and hopefully the people around me too.

5) Growing up, did you have a role model you look up to? 

Anyone who has taught me something, I regard them as role models in their respective specialities.

6) What are your hobbies?

Besides netball, I play tennis, the piano, guzheng, dizi. I also do archery, pottery, and like travelling. Yoga is my constant.

Would like to do so much more.

7) Where do you see yourself five to ten years down the road? Any upcoming works in the pipeline that we can expect from you in future?

I don’t have concrete plans. I just want to be able to work on my passions.

8) What is one thing you would tell your past self and your future self?

Past self: Just keep flowing with life. Make the best out of everything and anything. Future self: Your existence on earth is not that long, make it count.

9) Which is your favourite role and drama till date? Why?

Each one of them is special to me, but I feel extremely proud to be able to participate in “When Duty Calls”, and “You Can Be An Angel 3”, as I got to represent these professionals who contributed so much to our nation.

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