6 online workshops (and courses) to spend your weekends on

(If you’re a school or organisation with great online workshops we’ve yet to mention, do get in touch—we’d love to add you to the list!)


We all like exploring different things and picking up new skills from time-to-time, and there is no better way to do this than to go for online workshops! Workshops let you learn from those with experience, which reduces the guesswork and frustration that may arise when trying to learn something unfamiliar to you.

If your schedules are a bit tight to go for one, or you’re not so hot on social interaction, that’s okay! Online workshops or courses easily solve this issue!  We did some searching and found a couple that piqued our interests. Check them out, and sign up for them if you’re keen!

1) iPad Lettering online class by The Workroom

Founded in 2011, The Workroom is an art studio which believes in making art fun and accessible for everyone! The Workroom has run workshops and classes for many brands and organisations, many of which may ring a bell.

While the Workroom currently has no virtual workshops on offer, you can still experience their classes from the comfort of your home! The iPad Lettering class will teach you how to use the Procreate app to write beautiful script—things you’ll learn include how to create textured lettering.

Duration: Learn at your own pace! You’ll get a series of 9 instructional videos for this online class, as well as a PDF with tips and tricks, to help you get started.

Fees: $140

2) Various workshops by Singapore Writers Festival 2020

A yearly affair, the Singapore Writers Festival will be conducted with a twist this year.

Yes, it’s going digital! Buying a Digital Festival Pass enables you to access over 130 events, which includes workshops on transcreation, travel writing, and one about cookbooks as philosophical texts.

There’s fun for the younger ones too! Children can learn how to create their own superhero characters, write a short story, or host their own podcasts. You’ll need to purchase a ticket ($10) for the young attendee.

Do check out the Singapore Writers Festival website for the full list of activities available.

Duration: Dependent on selected workshop

Fees: $10-$20

3) Online classes by Tiny Rabbit Hole

Tiny Rabbit Hole is a cosy and cheerful amigurumi studio located at Chinatown, which is well known to the local crocheting community here! If you have a chance to stop by their studio, you’ll find their shelves stocked with lots of colourful and ethically-sourced yarn: be careful not to buy the entire collection home!

The studio conducts regular private and group classes, where students can learn how to crochet anything from cute cactuses to clutches and tote bags. If you are a crochet newbies who prefers puzzle things out slowly, the studio has two online classes you can register for.

While these aren’t virtual workshops, you can still receive the guidance you need! You will receive a complimentary half-hour live consultation session, with a material kit and a basic crochet toolkit set, if you choose to purchase the full package.

Duration: Learn at your own pace!

Fees: $75 per class

4) Leather Craft stay home experience kits by Epic Workshops

Do your earpieces need a new home? Or would you like to gift a loved one something handmade?

If so, Epic Workshops offers a Stay Home Experience Kit that may be perfect for you! You get to choose between an airpod case, a coin pouch and key fob, or a name card holder, and all the materials you need will be shipped to your home alongside your choice of leather. You’ll get access to a video guide right after purchase!

Here’s the thing we really like about this kit: it’s beginner friendly and perfect for those who aren’t confident in their sewing skills.

Duration: Work at your own pace!

Fees: $38

5) Acrylic Pour online workshop by Room to Imagine

Room to Imagine is an indie art studio that specialises in acrylic pour workshops, so you’re guaranteed to have tons of fun! If you’re interested in an online workshop with the studio, you’d need to enquire as it’s only available for private and group bookings at the moment.

All materials will be delivered to your home before the workshop starts, and you could set this up as a fun activity to do with friends or relatives living far from you—especially those living abroad!

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Fees: Please contact Room to Imagine directly

6) Indoor High Tech Farming online course by The Living Centre

Are the plants you’ve grown with the Gardening with Edibles seeds flourishing? Whether your answer is yes or no, they’ll definitely grow better after taking this cours on indoor high tech farming! Conducted via live-streaming over Zoom, participants will learn about things like how to analyse and use grow lights ond different kinds of crops. You’ll also learn more about growing substrates and when to use which kind. The workshop is a whole day long, so be prepared to learn a lot!

If you find what you learn valuable and useful, you can sign up for Part 2 of the workshop.

Duration: 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Fees: $300 (SkillsFuture credit claimable)


We hope these online workshops and classes give you something exciting to do during your breaks from lessons/work, or some ideas on what you can do over the weekends in the company of your friends or family! If you have any interesting suggestions to share with us, do drop us a comment below! We’d love to share them with our readers, and give them a try ourselves. 😊


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