Eating well: 6 nutrition courses for a career in food planning

Most Singaporeans have a love affair with food. If you take this passion one step further and possess a keen interest in everything you eat and exactly what it contains, you might very well be nutrition science material!

Singapore is currently working towards becoming Southeast Asia’s leading food and nutrition hub by 2025: as of now, many major ingredient companies (think Nestlé, DuPont) have set up research and development facilities here. Additionally, an increasingly aging population has led to increased opportunities in the geriatric nutrition market. These rapid developments promise an exciting career.

If you think that this field might be your cup of tea, we have prepared a list of nutrition science courses that you can explore! If you desire to become a qualified nutritionist (SDNA) or practicing dietician, do take note that you’ll need an undergrad degree in nutrition (and dietetics for the latter) at minimum.

*Fees are based on 2019/20 intakes and are accurate as of May 2019. All fees are in SGD unless otherwise specified and excludes misc fees. This list is neither exhaustive nor an endorsement of the mentioned courses, so please do adequate research of your own to make sure a course suits your needs! 

Introductory courses

If you want to learn more about what you’re in for before committing to a degree or diploma in nutrition and dietetics, this course will come in handy! Taught by the Professor and Head of Department of Nutrition & Dietetics at Monash University, and other senior lecturers/staff, course content is presented through videos and articles, discussions, as well as real-time interaction.

Course Fees: While the course is free, you can top up a fee to upgrade the course to get unlimited access. You will also be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion.

Duration: 3 weeks (4 hours per week)

Curriculum: Some things you will learn include the types of foods essential for health and wellbeing, food and the gut, as well as what the term ‘food as medicine’ means.


Nanyang Polytechnic’s Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition opens doors for its graduates to careers in Food Research and Development, Production and Manufacturing, Nutrition Science, as well as Food Safety and Quality Management. The diploma’s students have been up to interesting things like crafting healthier drinks made with crushed egg shells, which we think sounds pretty cool.

Course Fees: $2900.00 for Singaporeans, $5800.00 for PRs, $10,400.00 for PRs per academic year.

Duration: 3 years

Curriculum: Modules include Food Microbiology, Food Business and Marketing, Food Processing and Preservation, as well as Forensic Food Science (elective)

This Diploma is geared towards individuals working in the food manufacturing sector, as well as those who are interested in the food industry. Students will learn how to define food nutrition strategies, basic knowledge in food science and technology, food hygiene practice and safety standards, food quality control and monitoring, as well as food product development skills.

Course Fees: $2,407.50 for Singaporeans below 40, $1,637.10 for Singaporeans 40 and above, $ 6,355.80 for PRs and $15,889.50 for International Students/Others. This Diploma is SkillsFuture credit claimable. Those under the Enhanced Training Support for SME Scheme and Workfare Training Support Scheme stand to pay $1,687.50 and $900.00 respectively.

Duration: 2-and-a-half years

Curriculum: The course consists of 5 Modular Certificates made up of 3 modules each. The Modular Certificates are in Diet and Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, Food Safety and Regulation, Food Chemistry and Analysis, as well as Food Innovation and Development.


This is the first locally-offered Dietetics and Nutrition degree! Developed in consultation with chief dietitians from the National University Health System, National Healthcare Group and Singapore Health Services, SIT’s Dietetics and Nutrition degree will see students undergoing a 32-week clinical practice education to gain hands-on experience. Graduates will be eligible to become practicing dietitians.

Course Fees: $36,960 for Singaporeans, $70,800 for PRs and $96,300 for International Students

Duration: 4 years

Curriculum: Study modules such as Anatomy and Physiology, Neuroscience for Occupational Therapists, Engineering and Technology for Healthcare Solutions, Interprofessional and Professional Issues for Entry into Practice.

Postgraduate degrees/Specialist Diplomas

A Master’s by coursework, this programme had its inaugural intake in 2018 and aims to equip students with in-depth knowledge in food science subdisciplines such as evidence-based functional foods and food bioscience. Classes are conducted in the evenings.

Course Fees: $33,300

Duration: 1-2 years full-time, 2-4 part-time

Curriculum: Study modules such as Rheology & Texture Properties of Biomaterials, Modern Analytical Techniques, Evidence-based Functional Foods as well as Health Behaviour and Communication.

Singapore Polytechnic’s Specialist Diploma in Nutrition & Exercise Science is geared towards individuals in the nutrition and fitness industry. Consisting of 2 Post Diploma Certificates, one in Nutrition and the other in Exercise Science, course lecturers have over a decade of experience in the relevant industries. Course content is covered through lectures and practical sessions.

Course Fees: $858.04 for Singaporeans below 40, $572.02 for Singaporeans aged 40 and above, and $2,288.08 for PRs. Those under the Enhanced Training Support for SME Scheme and Workfare Training Support Scheme stand to pay $590.74 and $323.44 respectively.

Duration: 12 months (3 evening classes weekly, 6:30pm-9:30pm)

Curriculum: The course consists of 2 post diploma certificates, each made up of 3 modules. These are 1) Applied Nutrition, 2) Diet and Disease, 3) Sports Nutrition, 4) Exercise Physiology, 5) Physical Fitness Conditioning and Exercise Prescription and lastly, Exercise Rehabilitation.

And that’s the end! We hope you’ve found a course worth your attention and wish you the best of luck in your studies and pursuits. If you’re currently a nutrition science student, do share your experiences with us and your fellow readers! We’ll love any insights into this career.


  1. Hi , Digital Senior, i would like to find out in SG, how are Nutritionists recognised.
    I checked with SNDA , they replied me it has to be degree courses here or overseas recognised one . So if i go Diploma here, can i still be recognised? eg i credit myself online on social, going seminars etc … pls advise

    • Hi Jimus,

      As SNDA says, you’d need a degree at the minimum should you want to practice nutrition here. We have also made mention of this in our article:

      ‘If you desire to become a qualified nutritionist (SDNA) or practising dietician, do take note that you’ll need an undergrad degree in nutrition (and dietetics for the latter) at minimum.’

      Hope this helps!


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