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Key Features

  • Taught by industry experts
  • Small class size (averaging 15)
  • Hands-on, creative thinking approach
  • Unique Marketing, Advertising & Design Integrated formula

Course Description

Diploma in Digital Marketing is a comprehensive programme, integrating both strategic and pragmatic approaches, to prepare you well to face marketing challenges in the digital world. Be it whether you are a newbie to digital marketing or a hot-seated marketer who is learning on the job, you will benefit from this well-thought-out communications programme that builds you a strong foundation in digital marketing.

How digital technology changes our buying behaviours, what is social listening, how to develop content that builds your digital assets and more. It is also an equipping workshop that demands your creative muscle, polishes your art of storytelling and executes your great plans into published digitalwork.


For Diploma in Digital Marketing:

Students are required to achieve a minimum attendance of 75% and passing grade of >=50 marks for all modules in order to graduate. A Diploma will be awarded upon the completion of their course.

Target Audience


For Singapore Citizen / PR

  • Applicants are to be aged 17 or above when applying.
  • GCE 'N' level with minimum 3 years of relevant working experience in the marketing field or
  • ITE / GCE 'O' level or equivalent, or
  • Diploma or Degree holders with major in Marketing may apply exemption for the marketing module.

Language Requirements

At least 'N' Level English (C6) or equivalent

(Those who do not meet the requirements will have to go through an interview.)

Course Outline

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Innovative Marketing


Digital Marketing

Content Marketing and Creation

Social Media Marketing


“M.A.D. school is one that combines the art and science of marketing to bring students a well-rounded learning experience. What makes the school stand out is the faculty’s strength in the creative aspect, bringing back the core of marketing - especially important given the noise today. On reflection, it has truly been a fruitful learning experience. What I highly appreciate are the projects that allow me to assimilate theory into practical applications. It is also an eye-opener to be learning from current industry practitioners. Apart from being established professionals, they are also teachers at heart who would challenge your mindset and expand your craft. With a broaden perspective and insights into marketing, my appreciation extends to M.A.D. school for enabling my enrichment!”

 - Tok Xinyu, Student of M.A.D. School


Ike Anand

Nick Goh

About M.A.D

Established in 2003, Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy (CMA) is the first Marketing, Advertising & Design Integrated School in Asia, providing a series of Marketing + Advertising + Design (M.A.D.) integrated courses for students who aspire to be leaders in the marketing, advertising and creative industries. Since then, our students are equipped with a designer's comprehensive skill set, the marketing professional's analytical abilities and the advertising professional's strategic acumen. Our graduates have the potential to be an independent Adman who is capable of developing and executing an effective advertising campaign; some have gone on to work for premier ad agencies, started their design-entrepreneurial work or pursued further education with advance standing.

As a school, M.A.D. provides professional and industrial-oriented knowledge and skills; students are enabled to excel in creative advertising and designs while gaining survival skills and strategies from lecturers who are 100% industrial players in the creative field.

 With a good number of our MAD talents making their mark in their chosen creative fields, the M.A.D. formula for our students is paying off. This could surely be the path for you too.

Diploma in Digital Marketing Overview

Course Fee

S $5,900 excluding registration fees

Course Duration

Maximum 10 Months (Full Time)
Maximum 12 Months (Part Time)

Course Schedules

Weekdays, 10:00am - 1:00pm, or 12:00pm - 3:00pm, or 3:00pm - 6:00pm

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