Listen Up! 6 Addictive Podcasts for Your Commute

Getting tired of your go-to Spotify playlists? You’re not alone!

Sometimes, we want to listen to something a little different: that’s what podcasts can provide! They’re like on-demand radio shows covering every topic under the sun: you can find podcasts that make you laugh, teach you something new, or take you on an adventure.

The best part? They’re free! Here are six fantastic podcasts that will make your commute (or workouts) fly by.

1) Shit We Don’t Tell Mom – Sharing the Vulnerability of Adulthood

Have you ever thought, “there’s no way I can tell my mom about this part of my life”? This podcast, hosted by friends Kristy and Angie, gives listeners a peek into the ups, downs, and awkward moments of adulthood that we’d never want dear old mom to know.

Every other week, they have a raw, unfiltered conversation about relationships, careers, health issues, or whatever’s going on in their lives at the time. They talk openly about everything from dating struggles and relationship drama to mental health challenges. Listening to their candid chats reminds us that we’re not alone in navigating the messy complexities of grown-up life.

Here are two episodes we recommend:


2) No Such Thing as a Fish – Completely Random Fun Facts

Like your crosswords and trivia quizzes? This is *the* podcast for you! Hosted by researchers from the British comedy show QI (aired on the British TV channel BBC Two), each episode explores four wholly random and bizarre but true facts.

How does the humour happen? Apart from some truly unexpected truths, it also helps that the hosts do not share their facts with each other beforehand. You experience their surprise along with yours, too!

With over 250 episodes released since 2014, there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful facts to discover. Whether you start from the first episode or dive right into the latest, you’ll uncover something new and strange with each listen. You’ll also want to share all that obscure knowledge you’ve gained — if you know how to even bring them up in daily conversations, that is.

Here are two episodes we recommend:

3) Start with This — Learning How to Write Better

A good way to become better at writing is to listen to writers! Another is to practise, practise and practise. Start With This features interviews with successful authors, editors, and writing coaches who share practical tips and sound advice.

Hosted by Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink, co-creators of the very very popular podcast Welcome to Nightvale, Start With This explores how to develop good writing habits and overcome writer’s block. Episodes cover everything from writing compelling characters to scene setting: first, you consume a piece of relevant content. Next, you work on the assignment provided and create something!

Whether you write for personal fulfilment, work, or aspire to publish a book, Start With This will undoubtedly improve your writing. The podcast has over 60 episodes, so there’s a wealth of knowledge to gain. Tune in and start honing your craft today!

Here are two episodes we recommend:

4) Modern Love — Real and Raw Love Stories

The Modern Love podcast brings to life the famous New York Times column, where readers share heartfelt essays about relationships, loss, and redemption. Each episode features a different essay. Sometimes, they are read by notable personalities and actors; other times, they are read by the authors themselves, who provide updates and deeper insights into their stories.

The episodes cover relationships in all their forms — romantic partnerships, friendships, family bonds, and even relationships with pets. They are raw, poignant, and often don’t tie up with a neat little bow. But that realness and vulnerability are what makes listening so addictive.

You’ll hear tales of relationships that didn’t work out as hoped but led to greater self-awareness, stories of love lost too soon, and stories of the deep love and partnership we all aspire to find. Within the podcast’s extensive catalogue, there’s definitely something you’ll be able to relate to.

Here are two episodes we recommend:


5) The New Yorker: Fiction – Mini “Audiobooks” with Discussion

The New Yorker: Fiction offers a short story in audio form each week, along with a discussion about the story from the magazine’s fiction editor, Deborah Treisman, and the narrator (always a fellow writer!) The discussion between Treisman and the episode’s author-narrator offers insight into the tale you just heard, enriching the experience further. These chats can cover influences, themes, interpretations and more.

Some well-known authors featured include Vladimir Nabokov (of Lolita), Haruki Murakami, and Margaret Atwood. Whether contemporary or classic, famous or emerging, the stories span all genres. One week it may be literary fiction, the next science fiction or mystery. You never know what you might discover next. If you are an avid reader, writer, and short story fan, you will surely enjoy this podcast!

Here are two episodes we recommend:


6) Kopi Time – Current Affairs (Economics)

If you’re looking to improve your financial knowledge, Kopi Time is a gentle way to begin. Hosted by DBS Chief Economist, Taimur Baig, the podcast discusses global economic happenings and market shifts. It deep dives into the gold market, climate finance, global food security, and other huge topics you may not have known where to learning about.

Here are two episodes we recommend:


Whether you want to laugh, learn, or just be entertained, we hope something on this list speaks to you! Do you have any podcasts to recommend to us? Do share below and spread some audio love!


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