Practical Videography 101:

How to Shoot AWESOME Videos That'll Wow Your Family & Friends

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Learn the secrets and hacks industry veterans use to make AWESOME, professional-looking videos from the Creative Director of The Royal Singapore today.

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In the four information-packed modules, you’ll:

  • Learn how to present yourself confidently and charismatically in front of the camera and craft personalities that’ll resonate with your audiences in a manner that is fresh and authentic.
  • Learn how the PROs edits their videos in a compelling, engaging fashion so you can produce a video that flows seamlessly too.
  • Learn 3 Timeless Principles of Storytelling that’ll teach you how to tell stories in a compelling manner that’ll captivate your audiences in today’s world where audiences have attention spans of goldfishes and content matters more than video production.
  • Master The 5 Fundamental Concepts of Making a Great Shot that’ll enable you to produce crisp videos with just a phone that’ll look so professional your friends will think you’re from FASS.
  • Develop an eye for what makes a video great – you’ll find yourself watching videos with a very different perspective after the course, analyzing each shot, music, and the style of editing the producer employs.
  • Produce your very own PROFESSIONAL video with just a smartphone and a few apps that’ll have even your film school friends tip their hats.

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