6 Kinds of Classmates You’ll Meet in Your Online Class

We’ve all had our fair share of experiences attending online classes during the pandemic. Whether we’ve met new classmates virtually or ended up with our old ones, we’ve likely seen a different side to them either way. After all, we tend to have different habits and give off a different impression online. So, let’s start with the first classmate you’re likely to meet in your online class.

1.  The Camera-shy

The camera-shy classmate is essentially that classmate who always has their camera switched off. They may turn it on when the professor calls out and demand they do so, or they may makeexcuses saying they don’t have a webcam or that it’s not working. They are likely to be reserved and a little passive.

Since this classmate tends to be on the quieter side, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find out why they don’t turn on their web cameras if you aren’t already friends! If the classmate is a bit of a slacker, some people may assume they’re just napping or eating when they shouldn’t be.

2.  The Kahoot Joker

Kahoot is the go-to game when professors want to give the class an online quiz. While everyone has to key in a name in order to join the room, with most going by their real names, the Kahoot Joker is the classmate who names themselves something so outlandish that people laugh the moment the name appears.

This name could be a meme reference or a clever pun. The Kahoot Joker is also most likely the class clown, which is probably why they have the confidence to pull these kinds of stunts and risk getting scolded by the more serious professors. They’re most likely fun to be around and decently popular.

3.  The Background Noise

The Background Noise is that one classmate who gets muted by the professor the moment they join the call. Though, the intensity does vary with this one. A more subdued version could just be that classmate who always seems to have their parents talking or the TV blaring in the background.

Their level of self-awareness tends to vary as well. They could be the classmate who has to be called out by the professor to mute themselves, or they could be the classmate who tries to keep themselves on mute unless called on to answer a question. They may be seen as inconsiderate if they tend to not mute themselves, but they probably don’t mean any harm!

4.  The Bad Connection

This classmate somehow always has a bad Internet connection. They usually end up leaving the room and having to join multiple times before their connection stabilises. In worse cases, they may end up lagging or even looking frozen when they are called upon to answer a question.

Their last resort is probably to try to use their phone or another device to attend the lecture. In some cases, they may also try to use their data plan or a hotspot when they’re in a pinch. They’re definitely not the person you would ask for notes!

5.  The Woke-Up-Late

This classmate wakes up late for class and likely puts in just the bare minimum effort when it comes to looking presentable on camera. You may even see them munching away at their breakfast if they have a couple of minutes before the lecture starts.

They’re likely to look visibly tired and sleep-deprived. It could be because they’re a gamer, a mugger (someone who studies very hard), or someone who’s taking up extra part-time jobs to help their family with the bills. If one doesn’t know any better, it’s likely they’ll be labelled as a slacker.

6.  The Pet Owner

If the Pet Owner owns a dog, you are likely to hear it barking in the background. It may even appear and wag its tail at the camera until it’s given a pet before walking away. If it’s a cat, on the other hand, your classmate may even place their beloved pet on their lap and let it sleep or cuddle with them.

It’s likely that the more serious professors may get annoyed at this particular classmate and impose a strict “No Pets On Camera” rule so that the other students don’t get distracted. Who can blame anyone for wanting to see some adorable animals during a dry lesson on algorithms, though?


Regardless of which archetypes your online classmates may fit into, if any, we encourage you to mix around with them and make friends! University is the time you get to leave your comfort zone and mingle with people from various backgrounds.

After all, we shouldn’t be quick to judge others. Being on camera can be anxiety-inducing for some people since they may become hyper-aware of their behaviour and the way they look. This may result in your online classmates acting differently due to nerves! Chances are, you probably also experience this to some extent!

Even if you may not have a great impression of the person from your online classes together, it would be great to keep an open mind all the same! Who knows, the person may end up surprising you and becoming one of your best friends.


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