Find out why people without good grades get into good schools and have a bright future ?

Is it just about the GRADES ?

Have you wondered how people eventually made it to the top?
Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, Barack Obama. All of them found success early in life doing what they love.
What is it that they know that allows them to do so ?
It is always easy to say "follow your passion", but do you know what you are passionate about ?  Youth is your greatest asset. You don't want to wake up one day 20 years later, only to find out you haven't lived your life to the fullest. 

Learn from seniors and find out what is most important in choice of university that affects your whole life

Find out how to stand out from your peers through a branded world class education

Find out what is your life's calling and how to choose a course that you will not regret and have a nightmare with

About the speaker:

Kin is a senior academic advisor at Leadership Management Institute. A former Chief Operating Officer with a China listed company, Kin is a graduate of New York University and an Alumnus from RI/RJC.   Kin is also founder and Lead trainer at Radiant Owl where he coaches people to find their full potential.  During his army days, he served as commando officer where he discovered his hobby of jumping down airplanes.

Who is this for ?

A level students

Just gotten your results ? A bright future awaits you. Make sure you know all the opportunities opened to you so you can take full advantage of them


Concerned about your child's future and want to help them make the best decision? Come along with your child and see what this is all about


Now is the best time to think about what you want in life. Join us in this workshop to find out what suits you

About the event

A joint effort by Digital Senior & Leadership and Management Institute (LMI), this higher education workshop aims to bring to light opportunities available to students choosing their university, both locally and internationally. LMI is the only proctored examination centre in Asia registered with the Consortium of College Testing Centers, and is a member of the National College Testing Association. LMI conducts off-campus exams for Higher Education Institutions like Harvard University and UC Berkeley.


Date: 17 March Friday
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Venue: International Plaza #19-14, Integrity Room

Can't make it on the day? Send an email to info@digitalsenior.sg and we'll update you on the next one!

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