Five Cool Things About Studying in Singapore


Where is Singapore? If your geography knowledge is not very good, it may take you quite some time to figure out on the map. Yes, it is a tiny dot in South East Asia. Perhaps it is just as big as your city or even smaller. But many amazing things can be found on this small piece of land: food, culture, economic development and last but not least education. Singapore has been famous for its quality and competitive education that attracts thousands of students from the region. Besides the ranking of universities that you can easily find online, what are the other reasons for you to come to Singapore, particularly for its tertiary education? While there are many reasons, Digital Senior would like to share with you 5 cools things that you can expect if you become a student here.

‘Where are you from?’

First, you will get to meet people from an amazing range of background. You may have heard that Singapore is an international, multi-cultural city. The universities here are particularly focused on developing diversity among student population. On campus, you can see students and professors coming from different countries, with different racial or cultural backgrounds. Moreover, universities here have a high international exposure and attract many exchange students from all over the world. So don’t be too alarmed if your classmate comes from a country with a name that sounds like a tongue twister. Isn’t it a pleasure in itself to just talk to them and find out more about their life in different parts of the world?

The world is at your doorstep

Your exposure to the world doesn’t stop while you are on campus. One distinct opportunity available in Singapore universities is the easy access to overseas exchange programs. Universities here offer a variety of programs that give students a life-long experience of living in a foreign country for at least six months. Scroll through the list of partner universities online and you will be amazed at the number of choices. Whether you want to explore the Western world or go somewhere closer to home in Asia, or you want to go down the less beaten track by venturing into some lesser known countries, you can always find a place for yourself. If Singapore is a springboard for you to jump to another part of the world, it all depends on you to make the first step!

Are you a foodie

Singapore is treasure trove for the food around the world. Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, India, French, Germany and Spanish. You name it. It is no exaggeration that you can taste the world by just being in Singapore. As Singapore is a multi-racial society, many different festivals are celebrated here. In addition to probably having more holidays compared to your home country, you will be exposed to different cultures that you may only be able to read in a book or observe in a museum. And a multi-cultural society gives you the opportunity to taste food from different culture. Have you heard of chicken rice in the Chinese food? How about Roti Prata that the Indians like? Wondering what is Rojak made by the Malays? Come to Singapore and spoil your stomach with the numerous cuisines.

A different kind of education

Now let’s talk about universities here. One particularly cool thing that Digital Senior wants to share is the education philosophy in Singapore. The educationhere focuses on critical thinking and holistic assessment. One won’t score well just by memorizing and regurgitating what is taught, neither would he/she score just by studying hard for the final exams. Professors here look into students’ ability to present original thinking and display a level of critical analysis that reflects the maturity of students. Moreover, you will be challenged to work in a team by doing a semester long project and present your findings to the professors. Many undergraduate research programs actually offer great opportunities for you to work with a professor for a real research project. You are being valued more than just as a student.

More than a student

Find your dream job here

Lastly, if you want to stay after you graduate and work in Singapore, studying in a local university is the most ideal way for you to be employed here. While many Western countries are still fighting recession or weak recovery, Singapore is one of the few bright spots in the world. Many famous MNCs are recruiting directly from local universities. Some of them even offer on campus interviews. The small size of Singapore actually gives you a unique advantage in finding a good job. Most likely your home country is much bigger and has much more job seekers compared to the number of jobs offered by respected companies. However, in Singapore, the population is much smaller but the demand for skilled labor is robust. If you study here, you are just one step away from your dream job!

There are definitely many more cool things about studying in Singapore. Many of them can only be discovered once you settle here as an international student. Are you ready to start your exciting overseas study journey in this island nation? You’d be surprised by how many cool stuff this small country can offer you.

Welcome to Singapore, your doorway to the world and at the same time, the little red dot on the world map.


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