What you can expect to discover at JCU’s upcoming open house

Ever heard of JCU?

Originating in Australia, James Cook University is the only Australian institution with University status in Singapore.

Oh, and according to the 2022 Times Higher Education (THE) World University rankings and the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), it is one of the top 300 universities in the world. JCU also has Five Stars for Teaching, Employability, Research and Facilities under the 2021 QS Stars University Ranking.

In sum, it’s a pretty prestigious university.

And this very same university has its upcoming Open House right around the corner, on 21st May this year!

Do you happen to be considering your options regarding where to study for your degree and what?

Well then, in that case, you might want to learn a bit more about JCU. Who knows? You might find them an exceptionally good match for you, and it might turn out to be the best decision of your life.

For a start, this article will share some information about JCU, after which you can delve deeper in the Virtual Open House. Happy reading!

Quality Assurance

In 2015, JCU was the first organisation to be accredited with the EduTrust Star, which is the highest mark of quality for private education institutions in Singapore. Now, said award is only valid for four years so as to ascertain that these institutions maintain their standards. In 2019, in obtaining the award again for a second time, JCU once again proved their mettle and their high commitment towards educational excellence.

Hence, you can rest assured that JCU is certainly worth placing your trust in as you invest in your growth and future.

Courses offered

What courses are offered at JCU?

Well, you’d be pleased to know that JCU offers a wide array of courses including accounting, business, early childhood education, guidance and counselling, environmental science, games design, information technology, psychology, commerce, hospitality and tourism management, healthcare, science, cybersecurity, economics and business psychology.

Did you see anything that piqued your interest? For instance, you might have noticed that there are some pretty distinctive courses here that might not be readily available elsewhere, such as early childhood education, guidance and counselling and games design but to name a few. These really open up options for those with less mainstream but equally legitimate passions!

To learn more about the courses offered by JCU, you can attend their open house. Be sure to ascertain their durations, for several of them allow you to score a degree in a condensed period!

Unique features

One of JCU’s unique features is the JCU Inter-campus Exchange Program. Basically, if you fulfil certain academic criteria for your course, you’ll be allowed to head off to Australia for up to two semesters of exchange!

It is worth noting that the duration of many exchange programmes for Singaporean universities, such as GEM in NTU, is just a single semester.

Another thing about JCU that seems amazing lies right outside its Student Hub, which doubles as both the student services center and a recreation area for students. Located ever so strategically there are… pool tables. Yeah, you read that right! Sounds like this awesome way to have fun in between studying!

Employability of graduates

Naturally, a practical concern for degree seekers would be how much the degree can boost their future prospects. This is not of much concern as JCU graduates have been shown to hold their own amongst their peers from other universities in the job market.

In JCU’s 2020 Graduate Survey, it was revealed that 14% of graduates found a job before graduation, 14% within 1 month after graduation, 25% within 1-3 months after graduation, 20% within 3-6 months after graduation and 12% over 6 months. The remainder already had a job prior that they stayed on with.

Thus, it seems that there is pretty much no problem with the employability of JCU graduates.

In addition, one cannot overlook the current employment trend where qualifications may net one the interview, but it is the right skills and attitude that bags one the job. According to a report by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), some 71.5% of employers in Singapore looked beyond academic qualifications as a means of hiring candidates in 2020.

Consequently, so long as one has the proper mindset and is effectively imparted the requisite, in-demand skills required for them to flourish in their careers, there is no fearing that one will not be able to find employment in the corresponding fields.

Interviews with former graduates

Naturally, there are tried-and-tested success stories from former JCU graduates that you can look to to bolster your confidence. You can take a look at our past interviews with:

-Sherin Sarah Varghese, Bachelor of Information Technology, Cybersecurity consultant at a ‘Big Four’ firm

-Chian Yuan Han, Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education), preschool teacher at a preschool under the Busy Bees Asia group

-Clarence Beh, Bachelor of Business (Majoring in International Business and Marketing, Travel Videographer at The Travel Intern

-Jacqueline Tham, Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science (double major), Team Manager at Hydrobiology

-Jonathan Siew, Bachelor of Sports and Events Management and Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Regional Director (Payments and Partnerships) at B2B MarTech Start-up, STASH

-Jen Ling Chng, Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Management and Financial Management), Human Resources Advisor at Dematic

An interesting fact to be observed from these articles is that some of these graduates did not exactly tread on a path directly related to their major; however, they would all unanimously agree that what they learnt at JCU expanded their horizons and remain relevant and useful to their current fields of work.

In short, it’s well worth considering!

Further alumni sharing

In the upcoming virtual Open House on 21st May, there will be further sharing by some JCU alumni for Aquaculture (11.45am to 12.30pm), Environmental Science (12.45pm to 1.30pm) and Business (12.45pm to 1.30pm). It’s the perfect chance to find out more should these catch your fancy!

Receive the nuggets of wisdom from your seniors!


At this point, I hope that the information provided has been helpful to you. Interested in finding out more about JCU as your potential choice of university? Why then, click on this link and register now! It’s mere days away, so don’t miss it!

See you at the Virtual Open House!


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