Digital marketing course in Singapore:

Have a sales-ready campaign in 2 days

Distilling S$5mil/year of practical learnings and tried-and-tested principles to double your revenue

78% of CEOs think that digital marketing has no ROI.

As a digital marketing agency, we have been hiring digital marketers since 2015.

However, we haven't been able to find people who could come in and create campaigns that can generate sales from the outset. 

We have even hired people who have attended digital marketing courses in Singapore from established institutions but the results were the same. Here are some of the common problems we have noticed:

They possess academic knowledge and can define technical digital marketing terms such CRO, SEO or SEM but cannot generate new customers and sales using digital marketing.

They can only create "branding" social media marketing campaigns that attract clicks and shares but not new sales or customers.

Their high-end digital marketing strategies are not feasible for SMEs with a limited budget. They plan campaigns in the million-dollar budget range instead of hundreds or thousands.

Sadly speaking, the same is true regardless of the certifications they held, whether a digital marketing diploma or a digital marketing degree in Singapore; We have had to train our new hires from scratch.

The new colleague  goes on to help our clients achieve magnificent results, such as doubling their revenue, generating 5x ROI and expanding their business multifold using digital marketing (see the proof in the video above)

A proven curriculum over 7 years

The good news is that we have been training new hires for the past 7 years and have formulated a curriculum that can quickly bring someone up to speed. We are talking about people without any prior experience. 

At the repeated prodding of clients and friends, We have decided to release our digital marketing short course to the public for the first time. 

Introducing RainmakerTM , the only sales-driven practical digital marketing course in Singapore

Finally, you gain better control over your business/career trajectory and understand how to grow predictable and consistent sales on demand without having to rely on anyone else. 

There are no follow-up courses or upsells. This is it. We share exactly what works in this course, condensing 7 years of experience in a 2 days workshop jam-packed with value.

What is this all about? 

Learn from a Google & Facebook partner

We are neither gurus nor academic lecturers. We are practitioners with years of experience in the trenches. We are also a Google partner, Facebook Partner, and an Infocomm Media & Development Authority (IMDA) pre-approved PSG digital marketing vendor in Singapore. This means you will not be learning unproven theory or regurgitated materials that you can find easily online. While many digital marketing practices originate from the US, we found that blindly copy/pasting tactics do not work. We need to tailor strategies to the Singapore market. After years of trial & error, spending $3mil a year on Facebook alone($5mil/yr incl Google ads) across 253 accounts, we’ve fine-tuned the system that works for highly competitive industries. 

Generate sales within 1 month

Digital marketing is very broad. If you follow the conventional advice in the market, you will get lots of clicks and “likes” but no sales from your website. For any SME, sales is the utmost priority. Without sales, there is no cashflow, and there can be no product development or HR development. This course will cut through the clutter and focus on what brings sales. You can’t get sales through just 1 area alone. It is about synchronizing different activities. This is email marketing course, content marketing course, digital marketing analytics course, and social media course all combined into one, with a sole focus on customer acquisition. (See Curriculum below) Also, check out our numerous case studies below, where we helped SMEs generate 8x ROI, hundreds of leads each month, and doubled their revenue.

Walk away with tools, templates & a free software

Technology has made our lives easier, and that applies to digital marketing too!  Not only will you learn useful information, you will also be given access to a powerful software, Sales Robin that helps you build a landing page from scratch, carry out email marketing automation and nurture your customers within just a few clicks. During the course, You will have hands-on opportunity planning your own campaign, even if you have no technical background. On top of that, you will be given plug-and-play templates, tools and checklists to get your digital marketing campaign up and running in no time. 

Apply what you learn immediately

Forget about jargons and technical terms that only make digital marketing more confusing. Our course is layman-friendly and is structured in a step-by-step format that is easy to follow. We have distilled social & search engine marketing  into our proprietary frameworks such as “Big 5 triggers”, “7x Formula” etc. These make things very easy to understand and apply, even if you don’t have online marketing or writing experience. Afterall, we have been training new digital marketers since 2015. Years of digital marketing knowledge are packed into 2 days of digital marketing training modules, and there is no room for fluff or filler content. 

Proven results we have generated

Testimonials from organizations

Samantha Loo

Senior Estate Manager
Housing Development Board

IceCube Marketing provided great insights into content marketing for the participants and were able to explain clearly how they could market their content effectively on search channels and turn them into leads for their businesses. The participants were delighted to learn new practices and knowledge that help them in their businesses.

Jaye Chong

Instructors Recruitment,

Kumon Asia & Oceania Pte Ltd

IceCube team is driven by performance.  They were confident in achieving our targets and have delivered a 35% lower cost per lead and helped us in recruiting more targeted potential franchisees. It was a collaborative and productive experience with IceCube and we are happy to recommend their service to any business who is interested in generating results

Jovan Lin

Assistant Vice President,

PSB Academy

Not only does Ice Cube Marketing help us with enhancing brand awareness, they also deliver real business results in their marketing campaigns that are beyond basic metrics such as clicks and views. Ice Cube helped us generate substantial signups for our key events within relatively short duration, and very high percentage of actual turnouts – a testament to the quality of their campaigns optimisation and management. We would like to thank them for their contribution to helping more students discover PSB Academy.

about us

The RainmakerTM digital marketing course in Singapore is conducted by, the education subsidiary of Ice Cube Marketing Pte Ltd. Digital Senior has worked with many universities, WSQ Approved Training Organisations and SkillsFuture/EduTrust education institutions  in Singapore since 2013.  That includes the likes of SUTD, PSB Academy, SIT, SIM and Kaplan in the education space. Ice Cube Marketing is a Facebook and Google partner agency, as well as a PSG pre-approved vendor with IMDA.

Digital marketing course curriculum(2 days)*

The 3Ms of Digital marketing strategy: Mechanism, Message, Medium

  • Introduction to SEO, paid ads, PPC, funnels, email marketing and how to use the right approach
  • Facebook vs Google vs Youtube channels
  • The key to getting sales in digital marketing
  • Inbound vs outbound marketing
  • TOFU vs BOFU marketing
  • Common mistakes in digital marketing that drains away time & money
  • Trends of digital marketing
  • Behind-the-scenes agency frameworks for strategizing  
  • Digital marketing in Singapore context

Digital selling principles: How to convert your target audiences

  •  Intro to direct response marketing and 5 levels of awareness
  • How to craft hooks that grab attention and incite action
  • How to craft ads content that sell
  • How to craft landing page and offers that sell
  • Using evidence-based psychological triggers to generate sales  
  • Tools & resources to write without having an English degree
  • Content marketing & copywriting mini course in Singapore context

Business positioning: How to stand out among your competition

  •  Enhancing value vs perception
  • Understanding target audiences using big 5 triggers
  • Unique selling propositions and positioning/ future pacing technique
  • PAMUB framework

Facebook/Google ads: How to get the most results with least budget

  •  Overview of FB and Instagram & Ad budget allocation
  • 5-mins Digital marketing metrics optimization
  • Proven and tested campaign troubleshooting methods
  • Using AI to do laser targeting
  • Scaling & Retargeting using pixel 
  • 7x Formula to ensure campaign consistency  
  • Lead ad form vs Messenger vs landing page
  • Social media mini course in Singapore context
  • Project based real world case study of a Singapore-based business  

Marketing automation to get sales on autopilot

  • Email marketing
  • Landing page creation
  • Google reviews
  • Sales nurturing 
  • Different types of funnels

How to be/find the best digital marketer 

  • Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) for digital marketing campaigns
  • Ad data points and how to interpret them in layman terms
  • Identify which ads work better with different target audiences

*Subject to revision based on changing industry trends  

Course Highlights

  • Create your own landing page on the spot using our free software
  • Craft your own ad using our proven ad template loaded with conversion language catered to local market
  • Receive instant individualized feedback on your ads, creatives and landing page from trainers
  • Use the latest AI-driven tools and methods to set up campaigns quickly & easily
  • Witness a step-by-step campaign creation process on the spot
  • Build a full-funnel strategy including follow-ups and sales conversion using the software

Price: $439

(receive 10% discount if you pay in full online or simply pay $50 deposit to attend the entire first day)

Participant testimonials

Truly Insightful! Covers everything from start to end that a business needs to generate high ROI!

Communication was clear!
I am happy about the 2 days

In 2022, i made $81,900 with ROI close to 3x! That is on Facebook and Google ads through Icecube's methodology

Ellery Ng

Solopreneur and Life coach

Anyone can increase sales by dumping more money into ads. Not only did ice cube marketing help us bring in 200-300 leads a month consistently, they reduced our cost per lead by more than 50%. Also, it is observed that these leads tend to have a higher hit rate (more quality) than those we were getting. Thank you Ice cube Marketing!

Eugene Huang

Director, Redbrick Mortgage Advisory

Everything changed when one of our business partners recommended Ice Cube Marketing to us. As a result, We have been receiving an average of 3 to 5 leads per week. We even closed several deals amounting to more than 6 figures in 1 month.

Eugene Seah

Marketing Director, i.Poise Design

Who is this course for?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a marketing executive, learning to generate sales using digital marketing will be one of the most valuable skills you need to master.

Entrepreneur: In our agency, we often work with bosses of multimillion businesses who delegate every aspect of their business except for marketing. Sales & marketing is the most important part of your business and a huge growth lever. Even if you hired someone to do your digital marketing, you would still have to understand how things work on a macro level. That way, you know exactly how to scale up sales whenever necessary. You can also step in when someone leaves.

Self-employed: It is your business, so you don’t want to leave your fate to someone else. Furthermore, it might be too extravagant to engage a digital marketing agency in Singapore to run a small-scale campaign at this stage. Many agencies like ours also do not take projects with a S$10k budget or lesser. Running a digital marketing campaign is a good idea because you can gather essential data that will form benchmarks or KPIs when you eventually work with an agency. Be sure to record vital metrics such as your cost per acquisition, cost per lead, cost per purchase, and cost per click using Google Analytics so you can measure the performance of anyone you hire down the road.

Digital Marketing manager/strategist: Increasingly, companies are tired of paying for vanity metrics. (see screenshots below) Performance marketing is the buzzword today, as big and small companies tighten their wallets during times of uncertainty. Even MNCs expect to generate returns on their investments in digital marketing. With ad fraud and phoney fans on the rise, expectations towards search engine and social media marketing in Singapore have changed. Knowing how to generate sales will be one of the most valuable things you can learn in your digital marketing career, whether you are working with an agency or running the campaign yourself.

What matters is sales and purchases

Sales is not about fans
Source: Insider

Why do I have to learn from a digital marketing practitioner?

One of the most prolific marketers of this era, Gary Vaynerchuk who founded the agency, Vayner media worth over $100million, asserts that marketing is a skill you can only learn by doing. It is akin to swimming; theory itself will not get you far. You have to dive into the water in order to learn swimming. Likewise, digital marketing expertise comes from doing and practicing.  

To quote Gary Vaynerchuk:

“I do not believe there is one single university on earth that is teaching marketing for the world we live in… I just think there is a lot of pontificating from MBAs and professors, who have been never professional marketers their whole lives and they never had to do it when their life depended on it like I have.”


You see, doing digital marketing is a lot like investing in the stock market. Most people hear “what other people say” and then they decide their strategy. Oftentimes, it turned out that the blind is leading the blind. That’s why many SMEs get burnt by agencies. Investing in stocks based on rumors and hearsay is dangerous. Likewise, planning your Facebook ads strategy based on rumours is also very dangerous. You have to look at data coming from a practitioner.

Take for example. Most people running Facebook ads publish a very short ad. When we asked the digital marketers why they create short ads, most of them gave the same answer- “Peoples attention span is short so I need to write short ads.”

We went on and probed further- have you split-tested long ad copy vs short ad copy? Which one works better? 

The inevitable answer  is always: ‘No’.

Here’s the thing: We have over 250 Facebook ad accounts in our agency portfolio which means substantial data being collected over the years.

Our step-by-step process is distilled from hundreds of tests,

failures, and wild successes.

There is basis to it, rather than speculation. Let us share with you our homework in this course.

Furthermore, Facebook and Google changes so fast it is impossible to keep your fingers on the pulse unless you are a practitioner. Even strategies from 2021 are outdated already! Google Ads just released Performance max in Singapore in 2022 which changes the game. Facebook also removed several targeting options in early 2022. As we are speaking, our campaigns are 'live' and running, with data being collected in realtime!

Campaign turnarounds we orchestrated

It is time to redefine digital marketing

78% of CEOs think that marketers do not focus on ROI . This is a critical topic because every dollar is important in a crisis situation. Even if you are from an MNC, I am sure you are extra cautious about how you spend marketing dollars right now.

Grab VP, Cheryl Goh: “I didn’t have much regard for marketing to be honest because I thought they were just spending the money we worked so hard to earn.”

Hence, it is not about getting more clicks and impressions to our website. An expensive and fanciful website will not do any good if it doesn’t generate customers —the real question is how we can convert those clicks into leads and sales.

This is the difference between traffic generation and conversion optimization. Many people sign up for SEO courses in Singapore (Search engine optimization), not knowing that SEO is a traffic generation method. Conversion optimization is about converting the traffic from search engine into leads and sales.

Conversion optimization involves understanding direct response & consumer behavior which is more of an art form than science.(perhaps the reason why many digital marketers feel like they didn’t sign up for this)

However, as the world evolves, digital marketing inevitably has to take on the role of selling. Digital Marketers should be well-versed in the art & science of marketing.

Marketers need to let go of "marketing", embrace "selling"

Marcus Sheridan, bestselling author of “They ask, you answer” has a very compelling writeup on why marketers need to let go of the word “marketing” and embrace “selling”. He made the case that digital marketing is about increasing sales.

It is not about whether digital marketing can increase sales or not. It is about “how”.

This course will teach you the “how”.

This system gets consistent leads and sales,

no matter the budget, business or skill level

Hundred of leads per campaign for 3 years running!


Bioskin Holdings

High-quality leads result in a 40% revenue increase

Charmain, Forbes 30 under 30,

Founder of Quickdesk

Grew from 2 to 10 people

Eugene Seah

Marketing Director, iPoise Design Pte Ltd

300% times better ROI than previous agency

Rajan Chettiar

Founder and Managing Director, Rajan Chettiar LLC.

Sales increased by 30%. Campaign paid for itself many times over!

Zak Salleh-Chew

Managing Director, CA International College

ROI increased significantly. Leads that can be closed in 1 phonecall!


Principal, Knowledge Trail Learning Centre

High-quality leads result in a 40% revenue increase

Author & Founder, Nancy Ho Academy

Nancy Ho

8x ROI during Covid-19 period

Carol Chen

Founder Maskela

40% increase in revenue


Co-Founder, DoMyHair

Opened 3rd outlet in Singapore


CEO, CitiBeauty Aesthetics

This system gets consistent leads and sales,

no matter the budget, business or skill level

Hundred of leads per campaign for 3 years running!


Bioskin Holdings

High-quality leads result in a 40% revenue increase

Charmain, Forbes 30 under 30,

Founder of Quickdesk

Grew from 2 to 10 people

Eugene Seah

Marketing Director, iPoise Design Pte Ltd

300% times better ROI than previous agency

Rajan Chettiar

Founder and Managing Director, Rajan Chettiar LLC.

Sales increased by 30%. Campaign paid for itself many times over!

Zak Salleh-Chew

Managing Director, CA International College

ROI increased significantly. Leads that can be closed in 1 phonecall!


Principal, Knowledge Trail Learning Centre

High-quality leads result in a 40% revenue increase

Author & Founder, Nancy Ho Academy

Nancy Ho

8x ROI during Covid-19 period

Carol Chen

Founder Maskela

40% increase in revenue


Co-Founder, DoMyHair

Opened 3rd outlet in Singapore


CEO, CitiBeauty Aesthetics

Trainer's Profile

We are the Associate Directors of Icecube Marketing Pte Ltd with brand experience for top organizations such as Medtronic, Kumon, ACRA, Bioskin, Diaoxiaoer, PSB Academy and more over the past 7 years. Our expertise goes beyond mere consulting to campaign management, optimization and execution. Under our stewardship, Digital Senior has grown into a top education portal in Singapore, with more than 60,000 visits each month.


How is this course different?

Digital marketing has been around for more than 10 years. Given its dynamic nature, strategies go into obsolesce quickly. Unfortunately, many course providers are still teaching outdated information based on a static curriculum created years ago. On the other hand, our agency arm is handling 200+ accounts on an ongoing basis. We are highly attuned to algorithm shifts and updates in the industry because we are gathering data from campaigns running in realtime as we speak!

Will it work for my industry?

Yes. We have tested our methods across at least 30 different industries in Singapore from education to finance to beauty to ecommerce etc. It has been proven to work. Our framework is versatile enough to be applied to most industries in Singapore. However, if you are in a very niche b2b business and you target decision makers in big corporate organizations, this course may not be relevant to you. If we can’t reach your target audience on the internet, then our mass-market campaign will not work for you.

Why is your course so cheap? Whats the catch?

By launching our course to the public, our goal is to raise the profile of our digital marketing agency and increase our brand awareness. It not only allows us to better penetrate the market but also help us attract talents. Training is not our core business. We are happy to share our proprietary methodology and generate goodwill in the marketplace. Many SMEs want to DIY their digital marketing but a portion of SMEs are happy to pay a professional to do the work, especially when they get to a certain size.

Do you have WSQ subsidies? Can I use my skillsfuture credits?

Unfortunately, this is a new course, so subsidies are not available. Besides, our main business is not in teaching and training. We are practitioners who run digital marketing campaigns day in and day out. However, we have been training and guiding digital marketing specialists since 2015. We also practice what we preach and do our own digital marketing. You can find us ranking on Google for all major keywords including “digital marketing course singapore’, “digital marketing agency singapore”.

Do I need to spend a lot to get started?

The process works for any budget size. What’s more, Google and Facebook ads doesn’t require any minimum spending for you to get started! Ultimately, it depends on the needs and size of your business. We recommend that you start spending small and increase your budget after seeing some small wins. This way, you learn and earn at the time same. 

What if I forget all the information after the 2 days?

No worries! You will have access to video recordings and even new weekly videos to get you on track! Whats more, you will have access to a free Facebook Group to ensure that you do not fall behind. We want to see you succeed!

I am not technical or digital-savvy, can I still join?

Absolutely! This course is created for beginners. Even if you are at intermediate level in digital marketing, you can still benefit from this course. Most important of all, you stand to learn most if you come in with an “empty cup” mindset.

What's the class cancellation policy?

Please be informed that the more popular date will be prioritized. Failure to meet the minimum number may result in the proposed class being postponed or cancelled at ICM's discretion. In such instances, class fees will be refunded.

Why can’t I learn digital marketing on Youtube or do online research myself?

If you are in the US market, this would have been a good idea. However, there really isn’t much information on what works or what doesn’t work in the Singapore market. We can still learn from the US internet gurus but you have to test it out yourself to find out if it works in the Singapore market. In fact, if you are not ready to attend this course, you can always learn it for free on our Youtube channel.

Will there be a certificate given at the end of the course?

Yes, there will be a certificate given

Why learn digital marketing in Singapore?

All great companies worldwide have 1 thing in common- they are strong in marketing.

Take the case of Apple, who was 2 years behind Creative when it came to the MP3 battle. In an article by Wall Street Journal, the specifics were detailed and it was evident that Apple won because of superb marketing.

In fact, the founder the CEO of Creative Technology, Sim Wong Hoo, was quoted as saying,

“Our biggest challenge is marketing. But I’m stingy. I don’t want to waste money unless I know it is going to work”

Creative didn't do marketing besides mere advertising in computer trade magazines. On the other hand, Apple was big on marketing.

The lesson is clear.

Having a superior product or technology just isn't enough. Our products will not sell by themselves. Due to capitalization and globalization, good products are available everywhere. Consumers will not beat down a path to your doorstep to buy the products.

Digital marketing is essential. Dave McClure, renowned angel investor and founder of 500startups, said, "The Valley skill set that should be in highest demand and greatest scarcity is neither engineering nor design, but rather internet marketing." 

Sign up now

RainmakerTM is a highly practical 2 days digital marketing course in Singapore focused on helping you generate sales. It is limited only to 25 students per class to ensure optimal learning experience. Be sure to sign up before the course is taken down.  By joining us, you will enjoy the following:

  • Structured learning distilled from S$5mil/year adpend data and insights 
  • 6months free access to iCRM funnel builder & automation software
  • Tools & templates to get you up to speed quickly
  • Free lifetime Facebook group access and free weekly updated training videos
  • Access to 2 days recording of training and Bonus recordings of additional tutorials



Venue: Singapore Shopping Centre (3mins walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station)

Our Why

(Word from our founders)

We paid a few thousand dollars (which was a lot of money for me as a broke graduate 10 years ago) to sign up for an online marketing course in Singapore, and I was excited to "change my life." 

That didn't happen. After a few months, I checked with my classmates and none of them managed to earn anything. Turns out that the trainer is great at selling and talking whereas the course is kinda basic and rudimentary. The worst part was that during the course, I actually signed up for the advanced course because I was so smitten with the trainer. And can u imagine that what I learnt in advanced course is still basic? But it did get me started with the direction. I started researching day and night, buying up US courses and books in the area.

But our turning point was when my partner and I started applying our skills and knowledge to our friends' businesses.

From there, we were inspired to start a marketing agency because we want to change the way marketing is done.

Marketing is made too complicated these days. When I first started, SEO was everything. Some say funnel is king these days, while others say Chatbot is the new trend or video is everything."

Like me, many of the business owners and marketers I encountered over the years are overwhelmed.

Some of them were jaded due to all the bad experiences they had.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Entrepreneur Tim Ferriss once said: "What would this look like if it were simple?"

Human brains are drawn to complexity, and we assume that a difficult problem requires a difficult solution.

However, most things that work are not rocket science.

Asking this question forces us to cut out the clutter and focus on the essentials. (Making it simple doesn't mean that it is easy.)

Therefore, over the years, we distilled a simple system that could help SMEs to generate new customers online. We have like to share it with you in this course.