12 digital marketing courses in Singapore to help you break into the hottest industry of the decade


Overwhelmed by the sheer number of digital marketing courses and not sure how to choose one? Check out our course selection tool and simply answer 3 simple questions!


Let’s start with a claim: you’ve probably done online shopping quite recently. Or watched a show on Netflix, or got your fix of the daily news online.

True, or false?

Chances are, you have: almost all of us (from <25 to 54) are using smartphones. On them, we hop online to do anything from looking up product information, to watching videos.

In fact, according to an inaugural survey conducted by the Media Development Authority (MDA), 90% of Singaporeans aged 15-34 primarily consume the shows we love online. This is much higher than the national average of 50%!

Pretty impressive, huh.

Leaving Singapore and looking across the pond, recent research done by the Pew Research Centre has found that 62% of American adults get their news from social media.

All these only show one thing: the world is increasingly going digital, whether you’re conscious about this or not. However, what are the implications?

For one, the marketing landscape has undergone tremendous change: with everything going online, digital marketing is on the rise, and Singapore has started to catch on its importance and potential. Digital Marketing is now an upcoming industry with lots of untapped potential (and a growing number of digital marketing agencies in Singapore), and you can be a part of it if you do wish!

To help curious folks along, Digital Senior has put together a list of courses covering Digital Marketing in Singapore! Do note that information such as course fees are subject to change, and are accurate as of Sept 2018.

How to choose a digital marketing course?

Download this free PDF, 5 steps to choosing a Digital Marketing Course from an industry insider's perspective.

Short courses

Digital Marketer_

Equinet Academy was established in Singapore in 2013. Specialised in providing bite-sized Digital Marketing courses, the academy has equipped thousands of marketing professionals in Singapore and Southeast Asia with applicable digital marketing skills.

Programme Duration: 2-day digital marketing courses ranging from Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, to Email Marketing and Web Analytics.

Accreditation: Equinet Academy is a WSQ Approved Training Organisation (ATO) in the Infocomm Technology (SF) WSQ framework.

Curriculum: Equinet Academy’s courses incorporate bite-sized modules and apply instructional design methodologies to enhance learning and retention. Gain a fundamental overview of various digital marketing channels and disciplines starting from the Digital Marketing Strategy course. Progress to specialised digital marketing channels including Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

Course fees: SGD 740 ($37 nett after 95% SkillsFuture Funding)

Prospects: Equinet Academy’s trainers and curriculum developers are industry experts with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. Rest assured you’ll be acquiring digital marketing skills and obtaining digital marketing knowledge that’s transferable and applicable to the workplace.


Established in 1973, the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) is Singapore’s national membership body for sales and training and is a not-for-profit organization. The institute has been teaching the art of sales and marketing to interested parties ever since 1981.

Programme Duration: 2 days long (9-5), with 4 timings/date(s) to choose from

Accreditation: MIS is registered with CPE (EduTrust) and is a member of the Singapore Association of Private Education (SAPE).

Curriculum: This intensive course takes you through an introduction to digital marketing before launching into how to do SEO, EDM, and SEM, just to name a few types. It will also cover good examples of digital marketing out there, before rounding up with a hypothetical campaign brief so you can harness the new skills you’ve learnt – as they say, practice makes perfect.

Course Fees: SGD 795.00. This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible. The Union Training Assistant Programme is also available to NTUC members.

Prospects: The course trainer, Martin Ross, has over 18 years of marketing and consulting experience, and currently runs his own digital marketing consultancy, so rest assured that you’re in knowledgeable hands!


Kaplan Singapore is one of the biggest private higher education providers in Singapore. The institution has won many awards, including HRM Asia’s Readers Choice Awards in 2015 and “Best Private Education Institution in Singapore” by BERG Icons of Learning 2017.

Programme Duration: 4 days (32 hours over consecutive weekends)

Accreditation: Kaplan Singapore is registered with CPE

Curriculum: The course will primarily cover how to use the Google Analytics and AdWords platforms/tools, and have you take the certifications

Course Fees: Do enquire directly with Kaplan.

Prospects: Students that successfully complete the course will leave with the Google Analytics as well as the Google AdWords Search Certifications (these require renewing). If interested, they can go on to take Kaplan’s Advanced Digital Marketing Course to up their skills one notch.


One of Singapore’s 6 autonomous universities (the 3rd), SMU is well-known locally for its American style education and focus in business and administration studies. Established in 2000, SMU currently has six schools (Social Sciences, Law, Business Administration, Accountancy, Information Systems, and Economics) offering a range of undergrad and PhD programmes.

Programme Duration: 6 modules, 2 evenings and 1 full day each

Curriculum: Modules are 1) Search Engine Marketing, 2) Social Media Marketing, 3) Creating and Curating Display Content In Your Digital Strategy, 4) Creating and Curating Video Content In Your Digital Strategy, 5) Persuasive Copywriting In Your Digital Strategy and 6) Building A WordPress Site For Conversion.

Course Fees: SGD 10,272. Those under/eligible for various SSG funding schemes can get up to 95% of their course fees subsidized.

Prospects: You will acquire skills on how to use digital marketing tools that will help you execute your campaigns, as well as how to do SEM and Social Media Marketing. The Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing Modules are credit-bearing towards SMU’s Master of Science in Communication Management.

Digital Marketing Courses Singapore

General Assembly was born in Manhattan, New York, as a co-working space in 2011; years on, it is now global with 20 campuses. The private school specializes in imparting coding, business, data, and design skills, which they see as particularly in-demand and relevant today. For those who are unsure about committing to this course, you can try out their free one-day introduction to Digital Marketing first!

Programme Duration: 10 weeks part-time, or 1 week accelerated

Accreditation: The school is registered under CPE (General Assembly Space Academy)

Curriculum: The course has modules covering SEO, Content Strategy, and Persuasion Marketing, just to name a few topics.

Course Fees: SGD 4,000-4,500

Prospects: One key takeaway is the ability to plan, launch, and execute campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, as well as Google AdWords. General Assembly also promises that you’ll be able to employ critical thinking in your content planning and production, amongst other skills.


Overwhelmed by the sheer number of digital marketing courses and not sure how to choose one? Check out our course selection tool and simply answer 3 simple questions!



Opened by Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy, the M.A.D School opened its doors in 2003 and is the very first of its kind in Asia to offer Marketing, Advertising and Design integrated courses. Located at Riverside Point, the school offers Professional and Specialist Diplomas, along with workshops and certification programmes in fields such as advertising, communication and photography.

Programme Duration: Part-time basis, 10 months

Accreditation: CMA is registered with CPE.

Curriculum: The course will cover aspects of digital marketing such as copywriting for the various social media platforms, branding, and content creation for formats such as videos. Do note that applicants should have GCE ‘N’ Level qualifications with a minimum of 3 credits, or its equivalent. Those who do not meet this requirement might need to pass an interview.

Course Fees: SGD 5,900 excluding misc. fees.

Prospects: M.A.D’s students and alumni have participated and received awards in competitions such as the Crowbar Awards, and can expect career opportunities in the creative field. For those that undergo a digital marketing course, roles include Digital Marketing Managers, Social Media Strategists, Media Account Managers, and others that would require your skills in some way!


How to choose a digital marketing course?

Download this free PDF, 5 steps to choosing a Digital Marketing Course from an industry insider's perspective.

Lithan Hall Academy is part of Lithan Education, which has 6 campuses spanning Asia. The institute specializes in Infocomm and Technology (ICT) courses, offering them across various mastery levels, and uses blended learning and innovative pedagogies to impart knowledge to their students.

Programme Duration: Part-time (9 months), Full-time (3 months)

Accreditation: Lithan is registered with CPE, and is recognized as an SSG National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF)* Continuous Education and Training Centre (CETC).

Curriculum: Students will, in this diploma, learn the fundamentals of marketing tools such as Google Analytics and AdWords, and various other digital marketing concepts. By the end, you can expect to be able to set up and run Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns in AdWords and Facebook campaigns (amongst other skills)!

Course Fees: SGD 923.00-4,173.00 excluding misc. fees; the course is eligible for SSG funding (under either the Train and Place Programme or PCP Programme). Do note that you must be aged 21 and above to enrol in this course.

Prospects: As the Diploma is part of the SSG’s PCP programme, you can anticipate interviews with prospective employers as a Digital Marketing Specialist (you must first pass a pre-course assessment)

*NICF stands for National Infocomm Competency Framework, part of the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ).


Singapore’s oldest Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic’s Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing & Analytics is an effort between three of its schools—the School of Business,
School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT), as well as
School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences (CASS). Targeted towards working adults holding a Diploma or/and Degree qualification, it combines the schools’ expertise to help students upgrade, or pick up, their digital marketing and analytics skills.

Programme Duration: Part-time basis, 1 year

Curriculum: This specialist Diploma teaches 6 modules contained within 2 Post Diploma Certificates (PDCs). They are:

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Digital Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Content Development
  • Social Media Analytics

Course Fees: SGD $1,054.49 for Singapore citizens below 40 and SGD $702.99 for those aged 40 and above. The course is eligible for the Workforce Training Support (WTS) Scheme and Enhanced Training Support for SME Scheme (ETSS). The course is also SkillsFuture credit eligible.

Prospects: Completion of this diploma will equip you with the skills needed to take up roles such as Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, and so on.


PSB Academy, being “the Future Academy”, has launched their new offering to students eager to pick up digital marketing! Take classes in their modern city campus within Marina Square.

Programme Duration: Full-time (12 months), Part-time (24 months)

Accreditation: PSB Academy is registered with CPE

Curriculum: Do enquire directly with PSB Academy for more information

Course Fees: S$6420 (Full-time, local admissions), S$5,264.00 (part-time, local admissions). Excludes misc. fees

Prospects:  Completion of this diploma will equip you with the skills needed to take up roles such as Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, and so on. It will also enhance your value if working in a non-marketing capacity.

 Online Courses

UpGrad is an up and coming online education company that provides industry-relevant programs for professionals. The course is taught by faculty from Cambridge Judge Business School (the Business School of the University of Cambridge) as well as industry experts, and all students will receive mentorship from industry professionals of their choice. For the curious, you can find out more about them here!

Programme Duration: 4 months (4-6 hours weekly)

Accreditation: See prospects

Curriculum: Learn how to use industry-used tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite, the nuts and bolts of SEM and SEO, and try out your newfound skills through simulations. The course also includes 1-1 mentorship sessions (of your choice, with mentors like the Head of Facebook marketing), as well as offline workshops, with industry experts.

Course Fees: USD 1,800 (approximately SGD 2,466.54)

Prospects: Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate jointly issued by Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) and UpGrad. You will also receive entry into an exclusive program alumni group run by CJBS and UpGrad. UpGrad also works with recruiting partners to assist students to forge a career in digital marketing.

Squared Online is (duh) an online course in Digital Marketing that was developed in conjunction with Google, which officially began in 2016. The course makes use of a virtual campus with live lectures conducted once a week, along with individual and group learning. Expect lively discussions and regular guest speakers!

Programme Duration: 5 months, 6-8 hours per week

Accreditation: Squared Online is an accredited Continued Professional Development (CPD) Provider.

Curriculum: The course is taught in 5 modules, 1 per month, covering things such as data-driven insights as well as consumer behaviour. Do note that this is an advanced level course that needs students to have either 3-4 years of working experience (preferably in marketing or digital) or a university degree.

Course Fees: USD $2,595 (approximately 3500.65)*

Prospects: The course has helped both executives and newbies looking to break into digital marketing.

Temasek Polytechnic’s new stable of Micro Learning courses have been designed especially for mobile learning, so it’s especially helpful for those zipping about all the time. Each lesson averages 15 minutes. Take your time to take the lessons (10-20), answer the short quizzes and tests within, and finish the course with an e-cert issued to you.

Programme Duration: No fixed duration, complete it anytime at your own pace! Just remember to complete it.

Curriculum: Learn the basics of digital marketing in areas such as email marketing, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

Course Fees: S$49 for Singaporeans and PRs taking an MLC for the first time with TP!

Prospects: As this is just an introductory course in digital marketing, gain exposure to Digital Marketing but do not expect to turn into a digital marketing pro. When this MLC is taken alongside the Introduction to Social Media Analytics/Text Analytics Process/
Text Analytics Techniques MLCs, you will be eligible to apply for TP’s part-time Specialist Diploma in Business Analytics programme.

*As of Jun 2018

Here’s a summary of the curated options for your easy reference:

Course School Programme Duration Accreditation Editor’s notes Course Fees Find out more
Short course Equinet Academy 2 days  SkillsFuture Singapore under the WSQ Skills Framework ICT-SNM-5006-1.1 Integrated Marketing Conducted by the only school in Singapore specializing in digital marketing education, this course is backed by a comprehensive curriculum, taught by a real practioner,  combining the best of both worlds between practicality and academic rigor. Also well accredited by SSG and relatively compact in teachings. What’s not to like? From $37 after 95% subsidies Equinet course page
Diploma PSB Academy Full-time (12 months), Part-time (24 months)  PSB Academy is registered with CPE PSB Academy is one the top 3 private education institutions in Singapore, established in 1964. Far from being antiquated, PSBB is one of the first of its kind to offer a “future-ready” digital marketing diploma. PSBA also recently opened a campus in Marina Square known as Future Academy. S $6420 (Full-time, local admissions), S $5,264.00 (part-time, local admissions) PSB course page
Online course Squared Online 5 months (6-8 hours weekly) The course was developed in conjunction with Google. Do note that it is an advanced level course. What else can we say, Google is the giant in the online world and beyond. If Google puts its name on a course, you have to bet that it is good. IMDA also has a hand in this course, under the TechSkills Accelerator initiative SGD 3,895 Squared Online course page


Any burning questions about Digital Marketing? Do let us know by leaving us a comment below! We’ll be happy to assist.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of digital marketing courses and not sure how to choose one? Check out our course selection tool and simply answer 3 simple questions!


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