Digital Gadgets That Every University Student Must Use

It is about time you transform your stressful student life into one filled with science and technology. Make your life ten times easier with these must-have gadgets to complete your academic year. Let me share with you a short list of all the essential gadgets you will need to succeed at whatever you do. Read on!

1) Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: There is nothing more useful than a gadget that brings all your important books in one place. The beginning of every semester comes with a list of books that you must buy for every module. Instead of carrying these books from your dorm to class every week, you can now carry a Kindle in your backpack at a reasonable price! With features like highlighting, note-taking, copy-pasting, and much more, the Kindle Paperwhite may become your best friend.

Another good thing about the Kindle is that it uses e-ink technology, which makes reading less strenuous on your eyes.

2) Noise-cancelling, wireless headphones: With so many new things coming our way, we must be smart enough to choose the kind of gadgets that we want to carry around. Today, almost nobody will be capable of dealing with their surroundings. All the noise and unwanted distractions during online classes or personal study time could hamper even the brightest student’s attention and concentration. This is when noise-cancelling headphones come into play.

Cancel out everything in your surroundings with these headphones and play soothing music that will tune out everything. To make things better, get wireless ones to stay hassle-free and tangle-free every day!

3) USB Swivel Charger: With the advancement of technology, you will always need extra plugs with every passing minute. Extra plugs that come with surge protection are always a yes-on-yes situation.

There are USB Swivel Chargers that come with two powered USB charging ports for tablets and smartphones, and a 360-degree rotatable plug with three lockable positions. You will also get a pocket-sized edition that can always be carried around in your bag. This is a space-saver that you will love!

4) Smartwatches: Getting an affordable smartwatch when your classes begin will be a blessing in disguise. Reminders about class timings, assignments, important calls that you would otherwise miss out with your phone kept on silent during class, all of it will now be available at the touch of your fingers. Send instant messages, get notified about important calendar invites and emails on your watch, and with a bonus, keep your health in check as well!

5) iPad Keyboard Case: If you use an iPad for your classes, or take notes and study on it, you will want to have a keyboard case that will make things much easier for you. There are keyboard cases from premium brands that come with easy-to-understand iOS shortcut features that are the perfect companion for your iPad.

You can use a keyboard case on the go at any time you like because of the convenience of carrying it. Some keyboard cases come with a replaceable coin cell battery that will last for a considerable number of years.

Let me also advise you to buy a case with the backlit feature. You can easily finish up assignments and quickly type even in the dark with this backlit keyboard accessory in your bag!

6) Keep a hard disk handy: While living the student life, you need space for days. Sometimes your tablets and laptops may not have the space that you need to save your important files and documents.

Why wait for your computer to crash and regret not saving your data on another device elsewhere, when you can do it beforehand on an external hard drive? I would suggest that you get yourself an extra slim hard disk that has a good amount of space. Since it is extra slim, you can carry it around in your bag easily. Save your multimedia files and projects in a multifunctional backup drive and enjoy the space!

7) Extra Lights: Want your working area to be well-lit? Get a sleek desk lamp that will offer you a bright and flicker-free illumination that comes with a USB port that can help your device work without cables lying around on the floor.

For convenience, get hold of lamps that come with touch controls and five colors modes, and a range of brightness levels.

Say goodbye to the old days of getting stuck at work, buffers on your computers, to phones hanging during important calls. You can now stop running around the house like a crazy person trying to search for your earphones during an important call from your professor. Instead, it is time for you to assemble the most innovative and fun gadgets that every university student must have within an arm’s reach.

Whip up some of the best combinations of gadgets for your student life and watch your world change in a jiffy. What are some devices you use that’s not on our list? Do share them with us!



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