Finally, A Career That Can Give You  (Practical) Meaning In Life

At a certain point, people realize that real meaning is achieved not by earning more money and climbing the ladder.

It is achieved by growing and giving (or what they term self-actualization and self-transcendence in psychology)

People give back to society in different ways based on their inclinations.

If you have a penchant towards engaging senior citizens, we may have something right up your alley.

No, we are not talking about volunteering, but fulfilling a real market demand and growing your career as a result.

Yes, meaning and money can come together. You can be both practical & idealistic.

We have done the homework.

One of the biggest problem over the next decade that will be (and is already) plaguing Singapore is Dementia. In fact, aging population is prevalent in all developed countries, including Japan and Germany.

Dementia has no cure. The number is only growing. Approximately 86,000 people in Singapore are diagnosed and inflicted by Dementia, and it is expected to reach 100k*. Young onset of Dementia case is also rapidly rising, therefore it is not just an ageing related issue.

As a country gets richer, health becomes an utmost priority for people.

Despite that, there exists NO academic certification in Dementia care in Singapore.

That is not until we at RHA Academy started bringing together the finest in the field, including the academia from City of Glasgow College, and practitioners at Peacehaven nursing home, to create this course in Dementia Care.

*Business Insider Singapore

In line with the Multi-Ministry Taskforce’s implementation of the circuit breaker, the info session will be carried out via a choice of Zoom conference or phone call instead. We will send you a follow-up email shortly on how you may join us on this exciting webinar!

What It Means To Be A Dementia Practitioner

Time & location independence

One of the things people like about being a dementia practitioner is that, one gets to enjoy a flexible schedule due to the demand for such a speciality. There are plenty of agencies in Singapore, providing assignments for dementia practitioners on a pre-determined basis. Your certificate is also recognized internationally, so you may prospect for work in and out of Singapore.

Highly sought after


The priority of hospitals is to nurture the patient’s health well enough to be discharged. Take for example, the maximum rehabilitation period at Ren Ci Hospital is only 28 days. What happens to the patients after that? They are sent back home or to other places. This is why professional Dementia care is so vital. We need someone to fill in the gap in the health care system. In Singapore, a staggering estimated S$2.8 billion was already spent in 2015 locally (Alzheimer’s Disease Association (Singapore) website)

Endless opportunities


There is literally no restriction to what you can do. Students of Dementia care include HR officers who deal with an ageing workforce, architects who design buildings to cater to seniors, physiotherapist specializing in helping elderlies and consultants assisting companies to better serve the senior market. Given the ubiquity of the condition, your newfound expertise can benefit almost any sector.

Build a lasting relationship


Perhaps you are a people’s person and find real joy in connecting with others. In hospitals, it’s reported that nurses find work ‘too hectic’ to really talk to patients... In dementia care, you don’t have to sacrifice productivity or relationships. You have time and energy to really know the patient at a deep level and form ever-lasting relationships with them.

Suppose you can become the leading expert in Dementia care. And here's the thing, you don't even have to train 6 years to be a doctor…

An Invaluable 40-hours Industrial Attachment

It’s no secret that when it comes to finding work, practical knowhow is far more important than theoretical knowledge.


Over the years, Peacehaven Nursing Home has become synonymous to dementia care in Singapore.

Mdm Low Mui Lang, Executive Director of Peacehaven, plays a key part in directing the future of dementia care in Singapore.

At the nursing home, aspiring Dementia Trainees are given the rare opportunity to directly learn from Mdm Low and the organization, as well as gaining valuable experience in helping dementia patients.

The content and discussions of the Certificate in Dementia Care Course very thought provoking.

Especially the 5 days attachments in the Dementia unit, it gave me a good grounding and valuable exposure in the basics of dementia care.

Lo Chue Har

Certificate in Dementia Care (Part Time) – 2019

A Course Like No Other

Learn From Top Dementia Practitioners: 

During the course, you will receive exclusive mentorship and lectures from accomplished dementia practitioners in the field. For example, Dr Katie Avery is a founder of a healthcare-focused consultancy business, and Ms Belinda Chua held multiple managerial positions, including a Centre Directorship for St Hilda Community Service Center.

The Singapore Nursing Board

As a highly recognized certification, the course is also listed as one of the approved courses for registered nurses. Nurses can earn 12 points out of the 15 CPE points required towards fulfilling their yearly compulsory training requirement, after the completion of the course.

A Practical Course For Professionals:

There are no written exams in the course, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your job and nights to study. Instead, the certificate is awarded to every student who submitted and PASS the written assignment and oral presentation on their findings. This will also ensure that you take away real practical skills.

I attended the Certificate of Dementia Care Course with Dr Katie Avery and I can say it was the most productive training session.

Dr Katie was extremely engaging, articulate, knowledgeable and excellent in how the training was delivered.

Everyone was participating and getting involved. It makes a huge difference. I have attain a lot of information. I learn a lot practically. Highly recommended and I am glad I have attended.

Ramirez-Chua Medina

Certificate in Dementia Care (Part Time) – 2019

Our Collaborators & Partners

City of Glasgow College is Scotland’s largest technical and professional skills college. They are ranked number one in the UK for WorldSkills and are rated 6 stars by the European Foundation of Quality management. Annually, 40,000 Students enrol in a wide variety of vocational, apprenticeship or leisure classes from access level to Advanced Diploma, and degree level study with their University partners.

Peacehaven is run by the Salvation Army to provide for the needs of the elderly community in Singapore. Peacehaven Nursing Home provides compassionate, individualized, holistic care to all without discrimination. They offer a comprehensive gamut of services to care for the sick, frail and elderly who have physical or mental disabilities with minimal or no appropriate caregiver support at home.

Hear From More Of Our Students:

I’ve been working in Peacehaven Nursing Home for 9 years now. It’s my first job and I can say that I grew up taking care of elderlies including taking care of persons with Dementia. I tell you it’s not my favourite category. For me, the intervention that can be done is limited, and what is in the book can’t be applied in real life situation, it is difficult and stressful. This has been my thought for a long time up until Dementia Course happened.

The teaching method was delivered in simplified, non judgemental approach that I was able to comprehend.

The course has changed my thinking 360’. The examples used were relatable and appropriate for me to enhance my skills. I have finally understood the link between the anatomy and physiology of brain of a person suffering with Dementia and the exhibited symptoms, because even if I have heard a lesson about it a couple of times before, I did not really get the full picture. I am so glad to be in this course, gaining new knowledge of different approach and models. I hope to hold with me the learning experience and the emotional awakening I had so long as I am able to provide care not just as a nurse to my resident/patient but most importantly to my loved ones.
Thank You so much RHA Academy and Peacehaven Nursing Home!

Diana Cortes

Certificate in Dementia Care (Part Time) – 2019

Certificate in Dementia Care Course is very informative and interesting. The course is very helpful for me to understand how person living with dementia and their family, how they feel and struggle in their ADL. The course is very helpful and relevant for me to deal with my clients living with dementia and their family.

Nan Shwe Khin Oo

Certificate in Dementia Care (Part Time) – 2019

The course had given me more understanding on person with Dementia.
Some assessment tool and guidelines on how to provide a person centered care in making the Dementia person living more meaningful life.
The attachments have given me a wonderful experience in working with the people living with dementia and putting myself in their shoes.
Understand how they feel and struggle in their ADL.

Benjamin Dang

Certificate in Dementia Care (Part Time) – 2019

Who We Are

RHA Academy is a private education institute in Singapore, registered with the Committee of Private Education (CPE). It is one of the first education institutes to be able to offer a certificate in dementia care in Singapore. We impart not general nursing skills, but specialized skills and mentoring in dementia care to our graduates, so that they can successfully pursue a meaningful and lasting career.


Am I eligible to take the course?

To take the course, applicants must be at least 16 years of age, with either a Pass in English Language at GCE ‘N’ or ‘O’ Level, OR IELTS 4.5 (or equivalent).
Applicant should also have one of these academic qualifications:

Obtained at least 3 GCE ‘N’ Level Passes or 2 ‘O’ Level passes (including English)
Completion of Grade 10
Mature Candidates (30 years old and above) with a minimum 8 years of working experience.

How long is the course?

You may choose between 2 months for Full-Time, and 6 months for Part-Time.

There are 72 hours of E-learning lessons and 5 day/40 hours of Industrial Attachment (Face-to-Face) to fully prepare you for a career in dementia care.

When is the course?

The next intake for our Part-Time course will start on 14th August (Sat).

Is it subsidized?

Skillsfuture Credit & e2i grant are currently pending extension by relevant authority, subject to approval.

Students, with min 2 years working experience in healthcare industry, is eligible to apply for Skillsfuture Study Award. If you are interested in applying for subsidy, please attend our session, where we will explain more on how you may go about doing it.

Will lessons be affected by COVID-19?

To ensure the safety of our students and maintain the high quality of our training, our theory lessons will be conducted via E-learning platform.

Rests assure you will continue to receive mentorship from our instructors, as well as live lessons to lock-in your learning!

Your practical internship at PeaceHaven will continue to be an important milestone for your graduation.

For more information and updates, feel free to join our upcoming zoom conference!

How does a Certificate In Dementia Care help me with my career?

The healthcare industry is very attractive since it is constantly growing in Singapore and is in high demand.

However, successful transitioning into a healthcare career requires PRACTICAL experience and SPECIALIZATION one cannot get from general training.

RHA Academy is one of the ONLY institutes in Singapore that can give you invaluable experience and specialized skills through our exclusive internship at PeaceHaven.

What can I expect after I sign up?

We appreciate your time in filling up the form and your enquiry will not go unanswered.

Our staff will send you a Zoom Conference Invite via Whatsapp so that you can access it conveniently.

We will also contact you via Phone to answer any enquiries you may have, within a week from the Zoom Conference.

As you can see, the future of a dementia practitioner can be full of meaning and growth. Dementia patients can be properly cared for and have someone they can rely on each day. Companies will also need fall back on your expertise, to continue serving dementia patients in an aging population. But maybe you haven’t decided to be a dementia healthcare practitioner yet, that’s OK, go ahead and sign up for our info session, then see for yourself if it’s the right thing for you.

In the info session, you’ll get to:

  • Discover more exciting career opportunities, that’s available to every certified graduates in dementia care
  • Find out the funding opportunities you have, so you get to save on course fee
  • Learn why working professionals find our curriculum to be so useful and attractive
  • See for yourself why Singapore is currently asking for more dementia practitioners, just like you (We did all the numbers and research for you)

Venue: RHA Zoom conference/Phone call (New)

In line with the Multi-Ministry Taskforce’s implementation of the circuit breaker, the info session will be carried out via Zoom webinar instead. We will send you a follow-up email shortly on how you may join us on this exciting webinar!

P.S. RHA Academy wishes to extend our 2021 greeting to all our online audiences and bless that 2021 will be a safe and blessed year for all.

We would also like to thank those who had placed faith and trust in RHA Academy which has witnessed increment in co-hort intake.

Lastly, we would also like to thank industry partners who are exploring to engage RHA Academy's graduates in job placement in healthcare/ageing care.

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