Prancers and dashers: 18 dance classes in Singapore for all the dancers

Feeling restless and becoming easily frustrated? Have a lot of pent up energy that’s demanding an outlet?

Dance might just be the solution to all your troubles! Even if you think you have two left feet, there’s  no harm in getting your body moving: dancing, according to a study done in 2007 (published in the Perception and Motor Skills journal) found that hip hop and aerobic dance helped lower fatigue and pyschological distress. Yet another study suggests that dancing, over walking and running, helped to improve ‘white matter integrity’ (white matter helps the brain to learn things, basically) in older adults.

So, there’s quite a bit to gain, basically! So why not give dancing a try? We list a few dance styles (like ballroom dancing!) that have been gaining popularity amongst adult/young adult learners, and the dance schools in Singapore at which you can take them. Happy jiving!


The Singapore Dance Theatre was founded in 1988, and is Singapore’s first professional dance company. It has since grown to become 32 dancers strong (this doesn’t include apprentices and other artstic staff, yet!) , performing repetoires like The Nutcracker and Don Quixote in numerous international festivals and events around the world. Their adult dance classes have 4 different class levels so you don’t have to dear even if you’re a complete beginner! You’ll be taught either by trained dance teachers, or the company’s dancers.

Duration: 90 minutes each

Fees: Trial class at $25 (purchase a card before the lesson at SDT’s Customer Service Counter). Beginners 1 classes go for $160 (1 term consists of 8 classes)

  • Cheng Ballet Academy – Trial adult classes

Opened in 2006, Cheng Ballet Academy’s Founders have immense experience under their belts. Founder & Artistic Director Cheng Hsien Fa has received numerous teaching awards from various international ballet competitions, while Founder & Principal Tan Yaling has danced many principal roles in many countries! The Academy delivers a Russian-based ballet pedagogy and teaches ballet from baby to adult level.

Duration: 1 hour

Fees: $28 per session (before GST)

The Russian Ballet Academy specialises in the Vaganova method, a classical ballet method created by the late Russian ballet dancer-chereographer-teacher Agrippina Vaganova and used at the world famous Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia. The Russian Ballet Academy’s syllabus is based on the Bolshoi Ballet Academy’s, and the artistic director has studied and received teacher certification from the latter. Interested beginners can enroll for the adult introductory lessons (no more than thrice).

Duration: 1-2 hours depending on level

Fees: $30-35 per session (across various levels)

Another studio specialising in the Russian Vaganova ballet method, Little Dance Academy opened its doors in 2012 and has 2 schools since: one is located in Anchorpoint and the other, at Pandan Valley. They offer adult ballet classes as well as character dance classes (European folk dances), contemporary jazz classes and wellness classes (e.g Yoga and Pilates). The school’s founder, Elena Kanevskaia, has 27 years of professional dance experience.

Duration: Please enquire with studio

Fees: Please enquire with studio


Dance Factory is part of Dancepointe Academy and focuses entirely on Kpop dance. Established in 2008, instructors have had extensive dance experience (in competitions and as backup for Kpop groups, for example) and classes offered cover a variety of styles. From K-Urban (R&B) to K-MV (song based), you’ll be sure to find a style that strikes all the right notes!

Duration: 1 hour each class

Fees: 4 classes for $50 (students’ deal, for weekdays before 5pm)

The Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts opened its doors since 2008, and offers vocal and dance classes in genres and styles like hip hop, jazz and of course…Kpop! The school’s dance instructors and crew have performed for numerous corporate and media events, and worked with schools to run courses. Their K*Pop Up! Classes occur weekly and are open classes, which teach different iconic Kpop dances each week. You can choose to go for one class or sign up for promo packages, so you could become a Master at Blackpink’s Ddu-du Ddu-du?

Duration: 1 hour each class

Fees: Please enquire with the school

DF Academy focuses on hip hop and jazz, and sees close to 1000 students taking its classes! Not to worry, though, for they cap class sizes at no more than 15: you’ll get the attention you need to polish up those pop&lock moves to a smooth finish. The school conducts classes at multiple locations across Singapore (convenient) and talented students have a chance to be invited into DF’s Dance crews, whose members represent the school in various competitions and events. The bonus? Free Trainings! In the meantime, why not try a trial lesson out first?

Duration: 1 hour per session

Fees: 10 for trial or $50 for 4 classes

Ballroom Dancing

The John and Josephine Dance Creative was established in 1999 and conducts ballroom and latin dancing classes. The principals of the school, John and Josephine, are extremely active in the Dancesport community, having been competition organisers behind the Singapore Millennium International Open DanceSport Championships (till 2010) and the Singapore Open Dance Championships (ongoing). Classes offered range from Beginner to Advanced levels with styles like Cha cha, Tango, Viennese Waltz, and many more.

Duration: 1 hour each session (weekly)

Fees: $150 for 8 sessions

Even if you don’t know what they teach, you’ve might have heard of Shawn and Gladys Dance Academy: established in 1986, the dance school’s students have gone on to perform and compete in dancesport events on the local and international levels. Their Beginners’ classes will train you on the musical timing and basic figures of your chosen dance style, and no partners or prior dance experience is necessary.

Duration: 1 hour each

Fees: $140 for 8 lessons

Newly opened in 2017, the Ballroom Dance Academy Singapore’s directors-cum-instructors Cheryl Yuen and Arkady Bakenov are top professional Latin American ballroom dancers (their accolades include being finalist/champion of the Blackpool Dance Festival) that coach competitive dancers and schools in the art of ballroom dancing. Classes they teach include beginner group classes covering styles like the Cha Cha and the Waltz. They also offer social dance classes.

Duration: 1 hour per session

Fees: $25 per pax for walk-in or $250 for 10 classes

Aquilia Dance Academy Singapore is the Asian chapter of Aquilia Dance Academy in Italy, and the founder Rosario Priviter is a certified and licensed Teacher of Dance approved by both the Federation of Italian DanceSport (FIDS) as well as the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA). Located at King George’s Avenue, the studio’s Beginners Latin course will teach students things like rhythm and footwork. They also offer private classes ar $115 each for 45 minutes.

Duration: 1 hour per class

Fees: $138 for 8 lessons, drop-ins available at $25 per class (beginners to advanced) and $30 per technique class.

Hip Hop

  • O School – Open classes

Located at youth hub *SCAPE, O School is a performing arts center/social entreprise that began in 2006 with the objectives of: providing young talents employment and development opportunities and to engage/celebrate youth potential and talents through its events. They offer open classes for those keen to explore dance, as well as foundation courses! The school also has an interesting urban dance company Six.5 (six point five), which  uses dance to present the Singapore narrative. Find out more about them here.

Duration: 1 hour per session

Fees: Please enquire directly with school

Danz People was founded in 2008 and focuses primarily on three dance styles, Hip Hop being one of them! One thing we find interesting is how Danz People’s In Da House initiative brings in renowned overseas instructors to conduct masterclasses, and sometimes runs artiste-in-residence initiatives for said instructors. Their Hip Hop open classes are for girls hip hop, swag and Kpop, just to name a few, and theit studio is conveniently located in town at PoMo.

Duration: 1 hour per classs

Fees: $50 for 4 classes (weekly) or $135 montly (unlimited)

  • Converge Studios – Introductory to Intermediate level Hip Hop classes

Another studio located in town (at Cecil Street). Converge Studios offers hip hop intro classes at affordable prices (see below) and classes are said to be fun with friendly instructors, so dance beginners can feel at ease! Hop on over to their Hip Hop intro classes, maybe?

Duration: 1 hour per class

Fees: $40 for 5 classes (students’ price), $15 for single class

  • 5th Avenue School of Jazz and Street Dance –  Dance Trials

Focusing on jazz and street dance, 5th Avenue School of Jazz and Street Dance is a part of Dancepointe Academy. They offer classes for both kids and adults, and classes build up towards dance certifications such as Performance Arts Awards Street Dance Syllabus. Instructors include dancers with extensive teaching and professional performing experience (in dance studios and MOE schools, for KPOP groups, and so on).

Duration: 1 hour per class

Fees: $50 for 4 classes (students’ deal)


The Dance Collective is extremely friendly to dance beginners! They offer FREE trial classes in Salsa (and Bachata) for those unsure of which dance style to pick up, and these can be followed up by Open Classes at $20 per session where students can learn classic mambo and sensual bachata, for example. Once done with foundation classes, you can sign up for a membership at $80/month.  For now, why not give their free Salsa class a go?

Duration: 1 hour

Fees: NA

Formed in 2004, En Motion teaches Salsa, Bachata and Brazilian Zouk. The studio offers monthly trial dance days at really affordable rates, so there’s no reason to hesitate! Their instructors have many accolades and awards under their belts.

Duration: 40 mins per class

Fees: $10 per trial class, $15 for 3 classes

Established in 2010, Dance Channel Singapore is located at Burlington Square. The studio teaches salsa, pole dance, bollywood dance, jazz, and zumba classes (and that’s not all!) Instructors here have over 10 years of experience and are friendly, so you feel at home in no time.

Duration: 1 hour per session

Fees: $65 for 4 lessons, $195 for a 12 class package (L.A Salsa)


What are you waiting for? Get to dancing today! (:



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