A (wholesome) content list for when you need some respite

Some days just don’t go our way, and some weeks can just be outright terrible.

I understand how it feels; let me take you away from everything for just a bit. Perhaps something in this list can be of help.

1) Jangandfox

I was introduced to Jangandfox’s lovely work by a friend, who gifted me a Mori pursebook made with cute elephant print fabric.


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The elephant, of course, would be Jangandfox’s Little Ele, who lives in the Forest of Little Things with his fellow animal friends. Through heartfelt little comics, they remind us about the little joys in life and how to be a little kinder to ourselves and others.

I hope that they give you some courage to go on when things seem tough, and help you to remember that there are still lovely things to hold on to amidst life’s sometimes relentless curveballs.


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Jangandfox is also on Patreon, and the creator mails out little letters monthly to those who sign up for the relevant tier! If you’d like something physical to stick onto your wall, or to send to loved ones, this is where to go. This isn’t an advertisement by the way—I support her through this platform and enjoy receiving these little bundles of sunshine (and deciding who gets what)!

Another account I’d recommend is Swatercolour, which I’ve shared about in our self-improvement resources article.

2) Bellygom TV

Bellygom videos are excellent examples of branding/content marketing done right. The Korean channel has uploaded quite a few harmless prank videos featuring their pink inflatable mascot, Bellygom, going around scaring people on the streets. Bellygom is careful not to scare young children and elders, and the video editors have a clear sense of humour that translates well. Just take a look at some of the prank video titles!

Bellygom has also gone around doing nice gestures that’ll warm your heart.

It’s also really cute to see how excited some of the bear’s fans are when they spot it out on the streets. Whoever they’ve asked to don the mascot suit should really get a raise; his/her actions are so natural and adorable that it’s easy to forget that Bellygom isn’t real.

I hope the videos bring a smile on your face the way they do mine!

3) Kalimba music

Music heals, and here is some wholesome content for your soul! The kalimba (thumb piano) is an instrument that is on my want-to-learn list but until I actually buckle up and get down to it, I’ll settle for listening to others play it. Try listening to Kalimba instrumentals on a rainy and cold day yourself; you’ll definitely feel a lot more relaxed and at ease.

Here’s a channel to start you off! If this is your cup of tea, music box instrumental compilations could be something to look into as well.

4) Kittisaurus

Cat lover? You’d have heard of the Kittisaurus channel! It chronicles the life of ten adorable cats and their owner, Claire. Content ranges from cat challenges to ‘cat’ dramas, and Claire also uploads more cute cate videos on her other channel “Claire Luvcat”.

You may spend half an afternoon watching these cat videos before you know it: they’re just that addictive!

Again, because cat videos are so fun, here’s another cute video (and channel) to subscribe to!

5) ODG Studio

Korean pop fans will have encountered this kid’s clothing brand at some point, as they often feature Korean pop stars in their Youtube videos.

Whether you like Korean pop or simply don’t care for it, do check out their channel: many of their videos are filled with heartfelt content that will make you feel emotional, and this can be quite cathartic. The brand’s slogan is ‘You were a kid once’, which may be a big hint.

Here’s one video I recommend!

6) Chill games

There are many heartwarming and relaxing free games out there, that can take you to another world for a little bit. I haven’t played some of these, but I’m sure something will catch your eye.

  • Animal Restaurant
    • A free and cute simulation game, which begins when you pick up a stray cat and let it work as your restaurant staff. Listen to customers stories as your business grows.
  • Old Man’s Journey
    • A beautiful puzzle game that’s more like a short story. As you help an old man make his travels, you’ll uncover his past via flashbacks. This game has been lauded for its soundtracks and gameplay, and has won an emotional games award. Don’t say you haven’t been warned! Paid game.

Of course, you can also listen to a calming audio book. Have you listened to the audiobook version of

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse? Trust me when I say Charlie Mackesy’s (the author himself!) narration takes the enchanting tale to new heights.

As our favourite headmaster once said, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”. While this refers to what was, or could have been, it still applies here. It’s impossible to close our eyes to the troubling things going on around us, and around the world, forever. We can take some time to rest ourselves and our thoughts before dealing with the world again, however, and I hope these suggestions will help you do just that. Take care!


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