Choosing the Right ACCA Tuition Provider: 5 Factors to Look Out For


Congratulations on your decision to pursue accountancy, one of the highest paid jobs in Singapore! Now that you’ve chosen your path, you must be planning to start your exciting journey to obtain the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification.

In Singapore, there are a handful of institutions offering ACCA preparation courses, such as the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), Kaplan, FTMSGlobal Academy, and Amity Global Business School. So, how do you choose the institution that will provide the soundest and most rigorous training for your career? Here’s our straightforward guide to the factors you should look out for.

1. Endorsed by ACCA

Many institutions worldwide are Approved Learning Partners (ALP) of ACCA – this means that they have ACCA’s seal of approval with regards to the quality of their education and support for students. Although well-qualified, ACCA has further categorised these ALPs into categories so as to ensure that institutions are doing their utmost best in equipping their students for success. In total there are three categories: Platinum, Gold and Silver, with platinum being that of the highest and most prestigious.

Platinum-rated institutions are the best institutions that demonstrate continuous improvement and innovation. Currently, only two institutions in Singapore have achieved platinum approval – LSBF and Kaplan. By studying at one of these schools, you’ll be able to learn and thrive in a creative, ambitious atmosphere of excellence.

To view the list of ALPs in Singapore, you can check out ACCA’s tuition provider directory here.

2. Endorsed by public

The public reputation of a learning provider is a great indication of how in tune it is with students’ needs. While many institutions may sound good on paper, it is the experience of the people they serve, the students, that ultimately counts.

Finding out more about an institution’s reputation can be as simple as talking to ex-students, or looking up blogs and reviews online. Certain types of awards can also give you a good idea of student satisfaction. JobsCentral Learning’s Training & Education Development (T.E.D.) Awards, for example, recognise outstanding private education institutes based partially on online voting by members of the public.

Last year’s T.E.D. Awards saw LSBF being voted the overall best private education institute for Accountancy in Singapore. This public endorsement suggests that LSBF is highly regarded by accountancy graduates and employers alike, making it a great school to kick-start your entry into the industry.

3. Excellent tutors

Who hasn’t been inspired by a teacher who illuminated the most complicated concepts and made the driest subjects come to life? You can bet that your ACCA studies will be long and arduous, so selecting passionate, knowledgeable tutors can make all the difference.

If you have friends or colleagues who’ve undergone ACCA preparation, you might have heard of several teaching legends – tutors like Mr Sami, Mr Daniel Chee, and Ms Yvonne of LSBF. With a track record of producing top ACCA scorers, you can be assured you are in good hands.

4. Exam-focused study resources

To attain your ACCA qualification, you’ll need to pass a whopping nine exams for the Fundamentals level and at least five exams for the Professional level. For such an exam-intensive qualification, you might want to look out for a course offering comprehensive, yet exam-focused study prep.

exam - focused study4

For example, at FTMSGlobal Academy, students are equipped with revision kits containing banks of test questions plus a guide for approaching the actual exam. LSBF organises mock exams for its students that closely simulate the actual exam, ensuring 100% confidence and familiarity when it comes to the real thing. Furthermore, LSBF lecturers go a step further by providing feedback on mistakes made in the mock exams. This ensures that students are well-prepared for the exams. In fact, Jeyamkannan who completed ACCA in the record time of two years, credits the mock exams in LSBF as the main contributor to his success!

5. Great student support

Behind every successful student, stands a school. Each of us has different needs as a student – be sure to select a supportive institution that can accommodate you. A good school continuously looks at ways to improve itself so as to serve its students better.

For instance, many ACCA students have a hectic schedule managing work and school, so going to class might not always be possible for them. In this case, LSBF’s HD videos of all lectures would definitely come in handy. What’s even better is that the online videos feature local tutors we have mentioned above, providing quality education at your fingertips. Imagine getting to replay their wise words over and over again without having to irritate other classmates. This is just one of the many perks of online learning!

Though no tuition provider is perfect, these five factors will help you find one that best fits your learning needs. Best of luck as you take the first step on your accountancy path!

This article was written in collaboration with London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) in Singapore. The grounds stated are based on research and seek to maintain neutrality as much as possible.



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