A message to Digital Senior readers from our friends at Zookal


Spread the word!

Save your notes to sell to them to Zookal.

Here at Zookal, our mission is to touch the lives of all students and facilitate a more successful generation of young future leaders. We are starting the process by sharing. Sharing the best content across all schools and levels here in Singapore. 

Now is your chance to sell your notes to Zookal for $10 - there is no minimum or maximum length, the only stipulation is that you must have received at least an A- in the course. If you are making handwritten notes, please keep them neat so that other students can read them. The notes are typically for entire courses (e.g. summaries) or more detailed notes for topics within summaries. You can check with us as well by emailing karla@zookal.com

​If you already made notes

Please send Karla (Operations Assistant) an email (karla@zookal.com) with your:

1. Notes attached (in word or pdf or jpeg format)

2. Full name of the course, course code (if applicable) and school you attended in the subject line and email

3. Report card or transcript attached

4. Full bank details (including bank name, full account name and account number) in the email

​If you are currently making notes

Please make sure they are legible if handwritten and please make sure you bookmark this page as the offer only extends until the end of the year (31/12/16). Make sure you include the:

1. Full name of the course, course code (if applicable) and school you attended within the notes.

2. Follow the steps in the paragraph above.

Help us to help the student community in Singapore become more successful students and earn some pocket money on the side.


Zookal Team