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Teach English as a Career

Be certified by University of Cambridge in 4 weeks, get a job outside the 9-to-5 and live a fulfilling life empowering others.

You know the dreaded routine.

It’s 7am. Your alarm starts ringing and you reach over to snooze it. 5 more mins, you told yourself. But 5 mins became 10, 15, 20... as the days go by. Whether it’s getting out of bed to continue on your job search, to get to school or work, are you only looking forward to the end of the day?

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Whether you’re looking for a career change, are an expat in Singapore or an undergraduate/recent graduate unsure of which career path to take, this one’s for you.

What if you had the opportunity to start a teaching career—with no prior experience required whatsoever—which allows you to work and travel at the same time, have flexible time, gives you international exposure and best of all, be able to impact someone’s life?

You see, for the past 9 years, CA International College has trained over 700 people like yourself, to take them from being lost and clueless about what to do to eventually changing people’s lives by teaching English. By empowering you to unleash your inner passion for teaching, we show you that it’s possible to lead a meaningful time and earn an income in any part of the world with a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) qualification.

Why Take CELTA?

Gain Flexibility

By completing the CELTA course, you’ll be able to teach English on a part-time or full-time basis, granting you the flexibility to choose if you’d like more free time to take care of your kids or pursue other passions.

Empower Others

Though it pays well, teaching English is more than just a job. Giving someone the gift of English is like bestowing them a survival tool. As a direct result of learning English, we have seen students finally gain entrance to MNC jobs, get promoted to management and even relocate to the place of their dreams. You can be the enabler to someone’s life.

Take Your Career Anywhere

Awarded by the University of Cambridge, CELTA is not only highly sought after in private institutions, but also opens doors to jobs in language schools, corporate trainings, colleges, universities and enrichment centres in Singapore and overseas. Moreover, the teaching methodology applies for teens and children as well, giving you the opportunity to interact with learners of different ages and backgrounds.

Awarded by Cambridge, CELTA is the most recognised and sought after teaching qualification in the world.

Our graduate services are second to none. Due to the reputation and trust we’ve built with many schools, they come to us regularly to look for CELTA graduate trainees. With our word of recommendation, you could find yourself on your way to teaching in your first classroom shortly after you receive your qualification.

Our Partners in English Teaching

Curtin University

PSB Academy

My English School

NTUC Learning Hub

Education First (EF)

James Cook University

Kent Ridge Tutors

Singapore Japanese School


Ascend Education Centre


YPSL School of Learning

TMC Academy

Training Vision

Don’t take our word for it, here are some of our success stories

Sharon had a successful career in HR and as a trailing spouse, she gave that up to look for a new career. She did her CELTA in Spain in 2011 and taught English 2 years as a volunteer in Manila.

part time TEACHER

"That was the most fantastic moment of my life teaching those kids. I felt like I was actually doing good and they were all so wonderful, motivated and grateful." Sharon now teaches part time in Singapore, juggling part time teaching and being a mother of two. She teaches with CAIC.

Vidhi graduated from CELTA and within 2 days of her course completion, CAIC set up an interview for a teaching position at Curtin University. Due to our recommendation, Vidhi secured the position and is now teaching at Curtin University.


"I can't believe that I got a job like this and Curtin is such a nice place to teach. I love it. I am also quite nervous, but I'm learning so much and applying what I learnt on CELTA, lock, stock and barrel. I didn't expect that any institute would assist in finding a job for real once the course is over. Whereas CAIC is true to their word."

Here’s the chance to join us at our info session to learn more about how obtaining a valuable worldwide certificate like CELTA can let you pursue a meaningful career while abroad. If you’re not sure whether CELTA is for you, this is the best place to find out!

Why Choose Us

Dedicated To Your Success

To ensure your chances of successfully completing the CELTA course, you’re given the option to attend a complimentary Grammar and Phonology Workshop before the start of the course. The $650 fee is
waived for CELTA trainees looking to brush up on their English language skills. After the course, we’ll also help you look for internship opportunities to kick start your career, as well as provide tips for resume writing to boost your marketability!

Professional Cambridge CELTA Trainers

All our CELTA trainers are carefully interviewed, selected and approved by Cambridge University. They have with them years of experience in teaching overseas and teacher pedagogy to ensure that you’re learning from the best. Classes are also conducted according to Cambridge University’s requirement and student ratio of 6:1, giving you the optimal face-to-face learning environment to succeed in your course.

Authorised by the University of Cambridge

CELTA is the international industry benchmark for ESL teaching qualifications. We are one of the only 2 centres in Singapore authorised by the University of Cambridge to deliver the CELTA course and exam. Awarded by the University of Cambridge, it’s recognised by employers worldwide and enables you to find a teaching job just about anywhere you go.


Here are our graduates during their one week internship at MDIS. Why are these internships invaluable? Because they offer employers the most effective recruitment tool as they tend to recruit from teachers who they have seen teaching at their school. Graduates are given an opportunity to show their abilities and skills and have direct contacts to the schools.

We also conduct 6 monthly Job Fairs for our graduates with major schools and universities attending, specifically looking to hire OUR English teachers. No other centre has the network to organize this. CAIC has built quality relationships where we are the trusted name in English teacher training.

More Success Stories

Teacher, Based in China

Nash made a career switch from sales to teaching. He first did an internship at MDIS and was referred to a local enrichment centre, YPSL School of Learning, by CAIC from which he got an offer to teach in China. “I was very happy that in the end I got an offer to teach in Zhengzhou, which is based in Henan province of China to teach in the primary school. Although CA did not make promise of securing any job assignments for the trainees, it is indeed my honour to be given so many opportunities to develop my career in the teaching sector.”


Zee did her course overseas and started teaching English in Turkey. Since then she has built a career in teaching English. Doing her CELTA was one of the most rewarding learning experiences ever. She also has a Masters in Education. Zee is now a Senior Teacher at CAIC and she juggles between being a mother wonderfully here, working part time.

Who Are We

CA International College is a registered teacher training centre with the University of Cambridge. One of only 2 such centres offer CELTA in Singapore. We are a league of ordinary yet professional folks who are dedicated to high quality, research affirmed teaching methods. In 2009, we entered the world of English teaching and partnered University of Cambridge for teacher training. We consider ourselves different than other schools. We dare to be different. We dare to push the envelope in everything we do. We take teaching and learning very seriously, yet we believe firmly in one thing—we learn when we’re having fun.

CA International College is also a registered centre for TKT Exam, DELTA Exam and SFC.




Who is eligible for the course?

I have no teaching experience. Can I still take the course?

Is CELTA a lifetime qualification?

Do I need TESOL or CELTA?

Will this course guarantee me a job?

How long does it take to complete the CELTA course?

Who awards the CELTA certificate?

No other profession comes close to what teaching English with a CELTA qualification can offer—a career that follows wherever you go, highly demanded in most parts of the world yet allowing you the flexibility to choose when and where you want to work. Whether you’ve always harboured a passion to teach, do good for the community or learn more about the country you’re in, join us at our info session to ask us about CELTA and find out what opportunities it has to offer!

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