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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The hottest career trend of the decade and why you should pick it up

All of us have worked at least one part-time job in the course of our academic studies. Some of us do it because we had the extra time on our hands in-between semesters. Some of...

9 interior design courses in Singapore to kickstart your ID career

In Singapore, homes are shrinking in size and the need for land is increasing, necessitating the smart and functional use of space – and consequently, the expertise of well-trained interior designers. Interior design is a...

Top 8 universities in Australia for Singapore students

Contemplating an undergraduate degree abroad? Studying overseas is an eye-opening experience - the exposure to different cultures and ways of learning is priceless. Luckily for us, there are highly reputed universities a mere five...

SAT in Singapore 101: Your First Step to Studying in the USA

Want to study in the land of the free? Live the American dream? Study in Harvard, MIT, Stanford and walk amongst legendary historical figures? The SATs is your first step. What is the SAT The SAT...

Study abroad 101: Everything Singaporean students need to know

Studying overseas can be an amazing and eye-opening experience. If you don’t want to study locally for one reason or another, looking at some opportunities abroad is most definitely a good choice. Of course,...

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