Why You Don’t Need To Trial & Error To Succeed In the Unforgiving Financial Advisor Industry

Find out how our Proven Training System  can give you an unfair advantage:

✔️ Structured 1 Year Learn & Work Curriculum
✔️ Monthly Roadshows, Seminars & Networking Events – Priority for New Junior FAs
✔️ Get Coached & Mentored directly by our Senior Directors

Top 5 Financial Advisory Alliance in SG under Great Eastern – 7 Agencies Combined

I want to...

  • Retire By 40 & Give My Parents & Family A Good Life
  • To Travel Around The World Before I Hit 35 Years Old
  • Enjoy A Fulfilling Career With Great Advancement Opportunities
  • Enhance My Financial Literacy So That I can Better Prepare For The Future

Many aspiring or ex-consultants paint this dream to themselves as they embark on their journey to becoming a financial advisor. They rush through the training and exams and head off to find clients for their next biggest commission.

In the end, many leave as early as the first two years due to either being unable to hit sales targets or not earning enough money.

And worst, some even leave because they were unhappy with the biased training that focused more on selling and gathering assets than helping people create a plan!

You see, it’s not that the financial advisory route is tough (whopping $67 billion booming industry) or they can’t sell.

The problem is the lack of a strong training structure or support that can make or break your ability to do well.

Some agencies guide you during the training stage only to leave you to survive on your own post-certification. This happens more often than you imagine.

It’s not that hard to see why many people find it difficult to succeed and eventually call it quits and move on.

Starr Epic Image1

Over thirty years of being in the industry and seeing such bad practices happen, seven GE agency directors had a discussion over their annual meeting and came together to form an alliance to ensure proper hiring and effective training.

Through years of finetuning and sharing resources to teach better and train, they have produced more than 30 leaders who are spearheading over 200 financial consultants with 50 MDRT awards.

That’s a 20% rate of high achievers. And now we want to help you.

Just like the African proverb, if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

As a financial advisor, you will:

  • Understand what the career of a financial advisor entails, the type of consultancy works financial advisors do and how people benefit from such professional advice.
  • Learn how to better plan for your future – retirement, family planning, and investing options.
  • Be able to widen your network and connections to reach more people.

Hear What Other Junior Advisors
Before You Have to Say:

The decision to look for the next step in your career and move out of your comfort zone is never easy, and can sometimes be a time of real uncertainty, although for me this was not the case as Harry and the SEA mentors were amazing throughout the entire process, guiding me from a fresh grad till a seasoned advisor.

I am always guided and coached well, assisting me whenever I needed help.

For anyone thinking of a career switch, I would absolutely recommend this industry, and expecially SEA!

Wayne Lam Wai Jie
Financial Consultant

I love every minute of working at SEA. From the moment I started, I knew I had found a good place to be in. Everyone was so welcoming and went out of their way to get to know me. The agency invests a lot of time, energy and money in their financial consultants. It is so nice to be with an agency that truly cares for me. I have been trained on anything that is expected of me and we have a great support system.

This is a strong team where everyone works together and wants to see each other succeed just as much as they want to personally. I think the strong and positive culture really enforces this teamwork. Not only does this benefit us but it benefits each one of our clients. The attention and support we give to our customers starts with the great culture we have within the team.

Sarah Mok
Senior Financial Consultant

As a relatively young and new consultant , I needed assurance and leaders who can help groom and guide me in my career.

I found it in SEA under Senior Director Harry's agency. Established by a team of season long time leaders groomed with the same vision and culture , they view advisors as their greatest assets. The leaders are hands-on and interact with us regularly, recognising our needs and allowing us to give inputs and make decisions for our best interest.

If you're looking to join the financial industry that can give you a career instead of a job, SEA is the place to be.

Chien Yun Ting
Financial Consultant

Structured Learning Curriculum

As a financial consultant under Starr Epic Advisory, we are dedicated to guiding you to excellence.

You will not be expecting a 1-month training or merely attending seminars and recorded self-study video courses.

We conduct weekly practice drilling sessions with real-life scenarios to prepare you for the actual pitch (Full 1-year Work & Learn Program, Q1 to Q4).

These training sessions have gone through multiple feedback, sweat and tears from our ex-juniors now turned into senior advisors and directors so that you don’t have to trial and error anymore when you’re starting out!

In fact, see our structured learning curriculum for yourself:


Q1: Investment

Q2: Retirement Planning

Q3: Basic Protection

Q4: General Work Insurance

The Starr Epic Platform Support

You don’t have to rely solely on cold-calling. We conduct monthly roadshows for our new hires with major schools and universities attending, as well as practice seminars and networking events.

Not only do you get the best environment to practice, you can also tap on our alliance network’s resources from each agency to learn effectively and share opportunities to reach out to more clients.

Oh, and did we mention priority goes to you, our new junior advisors, to get you started!

Learn Directly Under Our Mentors

Forget about learning from senior financial consultants or managers with only a team of 4-5 junior consultants.

Our directors will be guiding and mentoring you directly by themselves to success. Each of them has attained the position of Senior Director – a special recognition given only to $1M FYC producers.

You can take advantage of their more than 20 years of experience in the industry to get the support and feedback you need from your mentors to build your practice.

After all, the right mentor can help you grow your practice by learning how to deepen relationships with your existing clients and attract more ideal ones.

Harry Tan

Career Achievements

Senior Director Award 2008 – 2021

Top Director (Accident & Health) Awards 2008 – 2011

Top Growth Award (Directors Category) 2017

Master Builder Award (Promoted 5 Directors) 2011, 2012, 2013, 2018, 2021



Career Contributions

Chairman, Achievers Club Council 2006 – 2009

Chairman, Starr Epic Advisory – 2016, 2020

Scott Ng

Career Achievements


Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)

Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF)

GE Achievers Club (Life Member)

Prestige Partner

Career Contributions

IFPAS Medishield Life Volunteer

Vincent Han

Career Achievements

GE Achievers Club (Life Member)



Career Contributions

Member, Achievers Club Council

Here are just some of the perks of working with our senior directors:

1-To-1 Mentoring & Coaching

Joint Field Work – First 3 Sales Closed

Investment & Wealth Generation Advice & Strategies

Increased Networks for Self-Development & Growth

More Reason to choose starr epic advisory

FA Agencies

Starr Epic Advisory

Basic GE Junior FC Training Courses & Seminars



CMFAS Course and Exam Fees Covered



Mentorship & Coaching Support

Team Manager / Leader

Director / Senior Director

IDA 100 Certification



Calendar Booking Platform Support for Juniors



Shared Resources for Additional Learning



About Us

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We believe in empowering people.

When you're in our team, we ensure we build you up for success, so you can grow and continue to help others.

Great Eastern Financial Advisers Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eastern Holdings Limited, a member of the OCBC Group and is licensed under the Financial Advisers Act to provide financial advisory services.

Starr Epic Advisory is a group of financial consultants representing Great Eastern Financial Advisers Pte Ltd (GEFA).

Hear From Our Finance Uni Interns 2022:

Vincent is one of the top mentors one could be, he guided us throughout the entire journey, while incorporating a fun segment to it, making the internship more enjoyable. He motivated us to do well, allowing us to strive for better. When in doubt, he will be there to clarify our questions and explain it in a clear and concise manner which is easier to understand. Overall, he makes the internship fun and meaningful.


Vincent is a person that I view as a role model as not only does he make the effort to spend time and bond with us, making sure that we achieve our very best in everything we do. The internship has been very meaningful as I was able to learn a lot of financial literacy advice from him that will benefit me in the near future.

Low Jun Hao

Although he is older and senior than us, he would ask us to forgo that generation gap and break those barriers by treating us as friends and asking us to address him casually. He would also take the effort to bond with us to make our internship journey a more fun-filled and joyful one through a wide variety of activities. On top of that, he would ensure that we put in effort in our studies and help us juggle the work and fun! It is thanks to him that my internship has been a fulfilling and a meaningful one. 10/10 glad that his my mentor.

Tay Le Rui

I am mentored under Mr. Vincent Han and he has been extremely patient in providing me with great guidance. On top of that, he is always eager to share useful insights and teaching to the team that is beneficial for us to learn which I really appreciate. In short, he is a true leader and a teacher!

Teo Zi Qing

Vincent is a caring mentor who is extremely supportive of our internship journey. He is always there, be it after our exams to congratulate us on passing by treating us sumptuous food to taking us out for lunch on days when our course is not even with him. His giving spirit does not stop there, as he continues to inspire us by seeking speakers from vastly different backgrounds to engage us.

Oliver Yap

If you are:

  • Fresh Grad
  • Just ORD
  • Career Switcher
  • Finance Student

This is not for everyone!

Before you decide to embark on your journey as a financial advisor, please read this section first.

As one of the top five alliances under Great Eastern in Singapore, our advisors experience one of the industry's highest success rates and income potential.

That is because we’ve created a community of like-minded advisors who are ready to excel. Please only apply if you are:

An achiever

Some of our best advisors start with no experience, just sheer determination and genuine interest to help more individuals and families with their financial planning.

A fast-learner

From inflation, risk diversity, and investment portfolio, you will come across a flurry of terms and plans like nothing you have experienced before. You will have to learn real fast.

A resilient individual

It's going to be very tough, at least at the beginning. Some people who joined us couldn't even last a month. Only proceed if you have the determination.

A people person

You are positive, pleasant & patient, always willing to share advice and happy to see people benefit from your help.

A mathematical person

You will be required to make calculations on the spot to assess your clients’ cost breakdowns and plan comparisons. A penchant for numbers is needed (And yes, you can use a calculator).

Banking or finance-related experience is preferred.

Before proceeding, please check the section under
“Who are we looking for” to make sure you gain an understanding of what you are in for. 

Only Singaporeans and PRs are eligible to apply.

Join us for a free career consultation where we’ll assess your suitability through a diagnostic career profiling test.

We will help you to:

  • Provide career guidance on which route you can take after doing the test using the results
  • Assess if the financial advisor career is a right fit for you
  • Find out how much you can potentially earn post-CMFAS certification 

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