Be a content marketer and put your skills to good use.

Join Digital senior and impact our local education scene

Do you like writing and editing?

Do you sometimes think that the internet can be a better place with more helpful rather than thrashy content?

Are you curious about how digital marketing can add fuel to your content and let it reach alot more people? is growing and we are looking for a content marketer to help us inspire and inform more Singapore youths through educational content!

about us

Digital Senior is ranked one of top 3 educational blogs in Singapore by Feedspot based on traffic and engagement. As of 2021, Digital Senior has hit 71,000 visits and over 120,000 page views per month on average. We have worked with most major educational institutions in Singapore such as SIT, SUTD, PSB Academy, Kaplan, MDIS and more. Digital Senior is a subsidiary of Ice Cube Marketing, one of the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore and a Facebook & Google Partner.


If there’s 3 things to describe what we do, that’s work, play and learn! We try to combine all 3 of them. As Confucius said, “If you love what you do, you never work a single day”

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Here’s the most important section. If you read nothing else, read these 3 points here. Do not apply if the 3 qualities don’t sit well with you. We will be constantly harping on these 3 things like your grandmother. You will be nagged to death if you don’t possess these 3 qualities working here.



Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. There is so much to learn in the world of digital marketing. If you think you are already ‘there’, congrats, you can go elsewhere. In Icecube, we never stop learning and becoming better.



You are not someone to shirk responsibility- over your own results & your learning. You understand (from Uncle Ben) that - With power comes responsibility. You are 100% accountable for the results of your work and you don’t make excuses for yourself.



Ogilvy once said that a great marketer is a poet and a killer. Poets set exacting standards on themselves. They produce great work not because a boss is overlooking them. They do that because the work represents who they are. You need to take pride in your work.

Why join us?

  • Acquire digital marketing and content marketing real-life skillsets
  • Bring direct impact to the business and see blog traffic grow with your efforts
  • Empower young adults to make optimal decisions & live the best version of themselves


  • Research and write or update long form articles related to education, career & self-improvement
  • Brainstorm and ideate interesting content topics and plan editorial calendar on regular basis
  • Manage client project and deliver content within deadline
  • Coordinate with freelancers and contributors to fill up content pipeline
  • Proofread and edit other team members’ work, and carry out fact-checking as needed
  • Learn and carry out SEO and Social media best practices to generate maximum views for our articles
  • Establish content partnership with other blogs
  • Decipher analytics and plan content strategy




We are only as good as our weakest link. We are close knitted & fun-loving but also don’t hesitate to call out on each others’ B.S. (even if he/she is the superior). We enjoy working with great teammates who challenge and motivate each other to be the best of ourselves each day! To ensure that we are amongst the best, all Icecubers have to pass our test & selection process.


This started as a joke because our 1st office was so small that it could only fit in small tables & chairs- like those you see in Kindergarten classrooms. Gradually, we found that the kindergarten spirit is very fitting of our culture. We are not afraid to fail & to try. We are not afraid to be seen as stupid; we are always hungry & foolish to learn and to experiment. We are kindergarten class Icecube!


Seriously, digital marketing can transform companies. Don’t you think that we have superpowers ? It doesn’t come easy. Digital marketing is a field that requires the most demanding of skillsets. It is an intersection of arts & science. You have to know psychology, writing, analysis and be ultra-creative. Do you have what it takes?

Only If you have read through the requirements and know you can stick it through, go ahead and fill in this form to indicate your interest in our position. You will be asked to send in your resume on the next page.

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