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Nasir Ahdab is a 2nd year student in NTU majoring in Electrical and Electronic Engineering but with a greater love for Philosophy. He believes that the marriage of vastly differing schools of thought might lead him to a greater insight on how the world works. He loves both writing and reading poetry. He wastes his time by reading fiction, philosophy and watching anime. An avid fan of all of Haruki Murakami’s books and most of the Marvel comics, he reads for fun and for serious contemplations. He abuses his NLB membership on a weekly basis to read free copies of The Economist, New Scientist and anything on the shelf that might give him an intellectual hard-on. On top of everything is his obsession to eat cheap, good food. He decries the pretentious café scene in Singapore and would rather spend on oily hawker food and seafood instead. An aspiring polymath, for he has love for all fields of study, and lacks the decisiveness of picking just one.