Looking for new hobbies? Try adult swimming classes on for size!

Stressed at school or at your work desk? Do you have tense shoulders that cannot relax? Let the (pool) water take everything away!

For the less active, swimming is a sport that’s easier to ease into. The water helps to evenly distribute any external pressure placed on your limbs, and the right breathing techniques may improve the strength of your respiratory muscles!

Swimming is also right next to yoga and pilates in promoting flexibility! One major benefit of swimming, compared to other cardio exercises like running or cycling, is in its use of all major muscle groups: according to ActiveSG, any stroke will help you develop core abdominal and lower back muscles, deltoid and shoulder muscles, forearm muscles, upper back muscles, as well as glutes and hamstring muscles! Provided you keep it up and swim regularly, that is.

With all these benefits, why hold back? Get yourself started! Whether you’re completely new to swimming, a total pro, or learnt it way back as a teeny sapling and have gotten all rusty, here’s a list of swim schools that you can check out to work towards Joseph Schooling status! Or a graceful mermaid, whichever you prefer.

* This list is not an endorsement of the courses within so do conduct your own research, too, to make sure you pick a class and swimming school that’s a right fit for you! Fees are accurate as of April 2019 and are per pax (SGD).

Tip for non-ActiveSG members: do sign up for an account! New members get $100 free in credits, which you can use to offset entrance fees to ActiveSG operated swimming complexes and gym facilities. This includes many public swimming complexes like Tampines Swimming Complex, Jurong East Swimming Complex, and Clementi Swimming Complex.

Swim2Survive’s coaches have been teaching swimming for at least a decade—some two or three— and head instructor Nico Yeo has received many good reviews lauding his patience. Coupled with affordable rates, we think that this swim school is worth checking out! They conduct lessons both in public swimming complexes as well as condominiums, and all swim coaches are fully certified under the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP).

Duration: 10 hourly lessons for group lessons. Semi-private and private lessons are also available at a higher fee.

Course Fees: $260 per person

If you didn’t know, the Singapore Sports Hub doesn’t just offer a splendid pool for use: they also conduct swimming lessons, too! For those who have kept up with their swimming*or gone for beginner classes recently, consider this class, which focuses on refining your technique through stroke correction. The course also covers survival skills and underwater skills.
Duration: 10 hourly sessions (on Wednesdays and Fridays from 7PM-8PM)

Course Fees:  $450 per person. Senior citizens get a discounted rate at $405.

* Participants must be able to swim 25m comfortably with any stroke

ISplash’s group swimming lessons are some of the most affordable of the lot, and all of their instructors are certified by National Registry of Coaches (NROC), AUSTSWIM and/or Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA). Swimmers in all stages are welcome. Matching services are also provided free of charge for those who require it: simply let them know your preferred schedule and location.
Duration: 10 consecutive lessons (weekly), 60 minutes each

Course Fees:  $200 per person. Private lessons are also available at a higher fee.

The Singapore Swimming Academy’s flagship swimming classes are held at Yishun or Sengkang Swimming Complex, and their beginner classes will cover the backstroke and frontcrawl. Those looking for certification and those who already know how to swim are advised to go for their Total Immersion classes.  Private and lady swimming lessons are also available. All coaches are Sport Singapore certified.
Duration: 10 consecutive weeks, 45-60 minutes each session

Course Fees:  $200 onwards per person. Private lessons are also available at a higher fee.

If you really don’t like swimming in public swimming complexes, which can be very crowded and noisy, Swim Hub Swimming School might be a good choice. They specialize in private lessons and small group classes, charging adult learners the same prices they would toddlers and children. Their coaches hold Singapore Sports Council, Swimming Teacher’s Association, or  Austswim certifications.
Duration: 10 lessons

Course Fees: $80-240 per person depending on group size

Joysfin Swimming School has taught swimming for 15 years and counting, and their adult swimming lessons are open to both beginning and advanced swimmers. They also provide female swimming instructors for those who require this option.

Duration: 10 sessions, 45 mins-1 hour each session

Course Fees: 200 per person

While Little Swim School specializes in baby swimming lessons and infant aquatics, they do swimming classes for adults in their indoor heated, saltwater chlorinated, pool at their Westway Mall facility! Lessons are tailored according to the learner’s swimming capabilities and comfort levels in the water. Their oldest student is 70 years old, so don’t feel too old for this school!

Duration: Please enquire with the school

Course Fees: $650 per term (4 months)

Founded in 1981, Able Aquatic School’s coaches are certified by the NROC and Swimsafer, Singapore. Their adult swimming classes are taught with a swimming teaching system, which includes underwater videography for stroke analysis. Classes are tailored to the individual, and instructors specialize in teaching swimming for adults.

Duration: Hour-long lessons
Course Fees: $200 onwards per course. Private lessons are also available at a higher fee.

With a huge array of schools on hand, we hope you’ve found one that suits your needs! Don’t hesitate to pick up a new hobby and/or life skill! You’ll also be able to pick up snorkelling, diving, and other water sports after, too, if you like. So why not start swimming today?


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