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Call us: 66537591

"I lost almost 8kg over 14 sessions; my stomach shrunk by an amazing 10cm*. I dropped from size XL to M too! And what's more there was no rebound in weight. One time I was gorging myself for 3 days straight, and the next day my weight fell by 0.5kg. It was almost too good to be true. Thanks to Absolute Wellness, I feel so much more confident about my body."

*Results may vary between individuals

Adreana, 25

Forget about diet pills, insane workouts, skipping meals, or going under the knife. 

Lose weight the natural way with Absolute Wellness's CSH Therapy® — A Traditional Chinese Approach that Restores Balance to Your Metabolism

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You know that awful feeling. When your eating habits haven't changed for the longest time, but you're starting to feel your jeans become tighter. The problem begins after 25 hits and metabolism starts to slow. This could arise from desk-bound and stressful lifestyles, inadequate sleep or a poor diet.

Many have tried daily runs, skipping meals, diet pills, etc...but noticed that the results were nowhere near satisfactory. What's worse is when they experience rebound weight gain right after resuming their regular lifestyle.

It doesn't have to be like this. What if there's a simple and natural way to boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite, tone your problem areas and help you lose 4 to 6kg within a month? Here's the best part...Once you lose the weight, it stays off. Permanently!


Absolute Wellness's CSH Therapy®

100% Natural

Our treatment is completely focused on restoring balance to your metabolism without forcing you to rely on any long-term medication or supplements. Using a traditional Chinese approach, CSH therapy® is a 3-step formula that uses heat treatment, cupping and scraping therapy to dissipate stubborn fats and improve your body's metabolic function.

Targeted Toning

Finding it hard to trim specific problem areas such as the upper arms, hips, waist and thighs? No worries, our heat treatment is able to reduce these spots by softening stubborn fat under the skin. The heat helps to stimulate your blood flow, allowing your blood to flush out the liquefied fat deposits.

Visible Results After One Session

At Absolute Wellness, stats such as your total weight, fat percentage and water percentage will be measured to track your progress. This is also so that you know you're losing fat and not water. All it takes is 1 session for your mirror to reflect a more confident you. What's more, our treatments improve the overall state of your body. Some clients tell us that they sleep better, have more energy and enjoy a clearer complexion after the treatment.

99% Success Rate!

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What To Expect During The Treatment?

Step 1


Our friendly therapist will assess the current overall state of your body (including visceral fat percentage and specific problem areas) and identify the kind of treatment needed. We record and share your progress with you before every treatment to make sure you're on track to your ideal weight and figure.

Step 2


To ensure the best results, we recommend all our clients to eat right and eat well during the course of the treatment. Don't worry, these meal plans are crafted together with you based on your lifestyle and preferences. Instead of restricting what you can eat, we offer healthier alternatives and tips that will help you reduce cravings and appetite.

Step 3


Cupping therapy is applied on acupuncture points to clear energy pathways, thereby improving circulatory as well as metabolic function. This allows excess surface fat and visceral fat to be reduced in a safe and natural manner.

Step 4


Scraping therapy is applied on peripheral nerves to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. This flushes out the deep toxins that interfere with your metabolism.

Step 5


Heat treatment is a safe, painless method of applying indirect heat on your acupuncture points to stimulate blood circulation. This allows for the dissipation of stubborn fats in tricky problem areas like the upper arms, hips, waist and thighs.


Get exclusive access to our mobile app, which allows you to easily keep track of your measurements, appointments and customised meal plan.

Hear From Other Ladies

Success: 10kg loss

I feel it is important to be comfortable and confident with my body image especially after having two children. In 9 weeks and 16 sessions, I lost 10kg with Absolute Wellness CSH therapy® and the easy to follow meal plan that is tailored for me. It took just 2 months to get rid of the weight I've accumulated over the last 4 years! 

Buying a new dress is now a more enjoyable experience after dropping one dress size. My family also eats more healthily now that I know how to select non-processed options and exercise smarter portion control when doing grocery shopping.

Clara, 33*

10.2kg weight loss

10cm around waist

8cm around tummy

4cm around hips

Success: 7.9kg loss

After 2 children, I neglected my eating habits, eating whatever and whenever I wanted. It led to uncontrollable weight gain. Thankfully, I chanced upon Absolute Wellness's weight loss programme. With a reasonable diet plan and regular treatments, I managed to shed 8kg in just 1.5 months!

Most importantly, my appetite has also since been greatly reduced. Even though I've completed the sessions a month ago and gone back to eating processed carbs, my weight has not rebounded. I now wear clothes 1 to 2 sizes smaller and feel much more confident wearing bodycon dresses too!"

Dulcia, 34*

7.9kg weight loss

7cm around waist

8.5cm around tummy

6cm around hips

Success: 6.2kg loss

As an overweight mother of three kids, my confidence was so low that I would only wear comfort jeans and baggy shirts that covered by body shape, especially my stomach. After 12 sessions with Absolute Wellness, and with disciplined eating on my part, that all changed.

I shredded 6kg of stubborn fats and lost inches around my waist and thighs - areas that have been stubborn ever since giving birth. Now, I've gone back to wearing figure hugging clothes again, and both my husband and children have noticed the boost in my confidence ever since undergoing treatment.

Serene, 41*

6.2kg weight loss

7cm around waist

8cm around tummy

4.5cm around hips

*Results may vary between individuals

Are You...

  • A modern woman wanting to improve and preserve your figure the natural and healthy way, through a slimming solution that gives you specific and measurable results?
  • A bride-to-be wanting to look your best and achieve the most stunning silhouette naturally in the fastest time possible?
  • A working professional who doesn’t have as much time as you'd like to take care of your figure, but would love a fuss-free, proven slimming solution that can do wonders for your metabolism and keep you in shape?
  • A mother wanting to get back in shape after delivery fast, so you can spend quality time with your baby and hubby without having to fret over your figure?

Our Story

Founded by Irene Chye in 2002, Absolute Wellness's signature CSH therapy® programme has been tried and tested for over 16 years. We've helped thousands of ladies achieve their ideal weight and figure naturally in a short time, with lasting results.

Our goal has always been to help elevate people’s lifestyles by using an easy, honest and sensible approach to weight loss and maintenance. We’re thankful for the many supporters who have stayed with us through thick and thin. Your success stories continue to inspire us to make weight loss a fruitful and fuss-free experience.


How is this different from a typical slimming programme?

Is the treatment painful?

Many places will push customers to buy more sessions and buy other treatments, will you do the same?

How long is the session?

How many sessions will I need to attend?

How big are the cupping marks and how long does it take for the cupping marks to come-off?

How would I know it's the treatment or the dieting that's causing weight loss?

More Proof of How Absolute Wellness CSH Therapy® Can Work For You

Let weight gain win again OR keep it off permanently now. Simply fill in the form for a FREE body analysis (worth $59) where you’ll learn about:

  • How your metabolism is performing right now, and your body’s current fat-to-muscle composition
  • The root causes of your weight gain (Hint: It's got very little to do with how much you eat)
  • Why exercising doesn't actually reduce problem areas like your thighs and upper arms
  • Why most methods of weight loss eventually lead to rebound

Let our body analysis reveal how CSH therapy® can help you achieve your ideal weight with a peace of mind – all without exercise, supplements, extreme diets and other unnecessary changes to your lifestyle.

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