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Parkway College – Diploma in Nursing

Full-time basis: 36 months

The institute is EduTrust certified, and registered with the Committee of Private Education (CPE) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

The course has a total of 41 modules delivered over 6 semesters, covering areas such as Behavioural Science and Pharmacology. Lessons are conducted in the form of lectures, tutorials, and include experiential learning as well as case study discussions.

SGD 9,000 for Singaporeans, 18,000 for PRs, 31,200 for international students

Parkway College graduates are widely sought after, with a high employment rate of 95% (2017)!The College’s affiliation with the Parkway Group helps increases chances of embarking on a nursing career with its hospitals (Mount Elizabeth, Gleneagles, etc.), and its graduates typically earn a starting pay of 2-2.3k per month.


Ngee Ann Polytechnic – Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing)

Full-time basis, 3 years

Interesting modules include a module on Medical Sociology and one on Emerging Clinical Trends.

SGD 2,900 for Singaporeans, 6,000 for PRs, 11,000 for international students

Like Nanyang Polytechnic, graduates can go on to pursue nursing at an advanced level and become Nurse Researchers or Clinicians, for example. Alternatively, they can start out as Staff Nurses at the various health institutions.


Nanyang Polytechnic – Diploma in Nursing

Full-time basis, 3 years

The Diploma exposes you to a little Management and Leadership, and covers Research Methods. Final year students are required to complete a nursing project.

SGD 2,987.00 for Singaporeans, 6,117.00 for PRs, 11,150.20 for international students annually

Nanyang Polytechnic’s nursing graduates, according to the school, have gone on to pursue nursing at the degree level, examples being NUS and foreign universities. They also have the option of pursuing advanced diplomas with NYP in fields such as gerontology and midwifery. Apart from hospitals and other places of healing, graduates can seek careers with clinical and research organisations.


National University of Singapore (NUS) – Bachelor in Science (Nursing)

Full-time basis, 3 years, with the option to take an Honours year

Apart from learning about how to care for a patients of different demographics and needs, you will also be exposed to Evidence-Based Health Care. Those who wish to do an Honours year must have a cGPA of 3.2.

SGD 8,950 for Singaporeans, 12,550 for PRs, 19,150 for international students annually

Graduates can go on to pursue further studies (Masters, PhDs), and can await job opportunities ascare coordinators, policymakers, and so on.


CSM Academy – Bachelor of Nursing (Top-up)

Part-time basis, 24 months (minimum)

CSM Academy has been EduTrust certified for 4 years, and its Bachelor of Nursing and Health has been accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB)

The course comprises 8 modules, including Managing the Complexities of Older People’s Healthcare and Contemporary Practice in Palliative Care.

SGD S$21,200 before GST. SkillsFuture credit usable and 90% sponsorship available (T&Cs apply)

Seamless progression to CSM Academy's Master of Science in Dementia Studies (awarded by the University of Stirling) even without an Honours degree.


Singapore Institute of Management (SIM GE) – Bachelor of Nursing (Post-Reg or Honours)

Part-time basis, 1-2 years for post-registration degree, and 2 years for Honours degree

The degrees are accredited by SNB. SIM GE is also EduTrust certified.

The courses are fully taught by academics from Sydney’s Nursing School, delivered through blended learning in the form of activities, lectures, and online learning, for example.Do note that the Honours degree will require the writing of an honours thesis.

SGD 26,065.20 (23,540 for honours)

SIM’s nursing graduates have said that the course has helped them broaden their knowledge and better assist patients. Graduates can go on to pursue further studies (Masters, PhDs), and can advance in any of the four nursing career tracks.


Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) – Bachelor of Science with Honours in Nursing (Top-up)

Full-time basis, 2 years (with Honours)

The degree is accredited by SNB.

The degree, aside from modules such as Healthcare Ethics and Law, includes a mandatory 4 weeks of overseas immersion in the University of Glasgow.

SGD 20,640 for Singaporeans, 40,400 for PRs, 54,570 for international students

Students can advance to become Senior Staff Nurses, Educators, Managers, and Clinicians. Should you choose to further your studies, you can expect chances to assume more senior positions such as Director of Nursing.


Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) – Bachelor of Science Nursing (Post-reg)

Part-time basis, 24 months

The degree has been accredited by SNB. MDIS is also EduTrust certified.

Some things that students will learn are the Management of Chronic Disease and how to promote Excellence in Older People’s Care.

SGD 19,260.00

According to MDIS’s graduate surveys, 75-80% of their graduates find jobs within 6 months of graduation. After taking this course, you can expect more senior positions such as Clinical Nurse Consultant to be open to you.


Curtin University– Bachelor of Science Nursing (Post-reg)

Part-time basis, 3.5 years or 23 months with Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) arrangements

The degree is accredited by SNB.

8 modules across 4 semesters. These are Imagining Health in Social and Cultural Contexts, Health Assessment for the Clinician, Behavioural Perspectives of Lifespan, Inquiry for Professional Practice, Applied Bioscience for Chronic Conditions, Inquiry for Evidence-based Practice, Clinical Education for Practice as well as the Nursing and Midwifery Capstone.

SGD 20,080

Graduates can go on to become Nurse Researchers, Educators or Clinicians.


Ngee Ann Academy
Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours (Post-reg)

24 months, part-time

The degree is accredited by SNB.

Modules such as 'Palliative and end of life care foundations', 'Teaching, learning and assessing for nurses', as well as 'Leadership and clinical governance in healthcare'.

SGD 30,000

To find out more, sign up for an info session with Ngee Ann Academy