5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Students

As the overly-rated Valentine’s Day approaches, where roses and gifts double in prices, fret not! Here are 5 unisex, super sweet and wallet-friendly gift ideas for your special one.

1. Create a surprise treat box

Nothing can be more encouraging than receiving your favourite treat at random when you most need it, whether is it cramping 10 chapters in an overnight mugging session, or at your final lap the night before your examination.

Step 1) Purchase small containers

Budget version: collect matchstick boxes instead (some people actually love the handmade feel!)

Step 2) Wrap them in colourful paper

It can be wrapping paper, textured paper or even regular coloured paper

Step 3) Fill them with your Valentine’s favourite sweet treats

It could be something simple and inexpensive like M&Ms, gummy bears, or mini MARS bars!

Tip: You need not squeeze an entire packet of sweets into one box, split it up so you have several boxes!

Tip: Avoid too perishable items like marshmallows without packaging as it may melt in a matter of minutes!

Step 4) Add some final touches, and you’re done!

E.g. pasting 3D heart stickers, sprinkling glitter, personalizing it by writing their names on the boxes

Amount spent: $4 – $10

treat box

2. Handmade Bookmarks

As students, we get lost in the chapters of our textbooks across multiple modules. These handmade bookmarks are handy to keep track of where you’ve revised so far. Your Valentine will also constantly be reminded of you and your sweet gifts while studying! ;)

Here is a collection of unique handmade bookmark ideas as well the tutorials! You’re welcome!

Amount spent: $0 – $5

Handmade Bookmarks

3. Hidden sticky notes of encouragement in textbooks

A pleasant surprise amidst your rigorous studying is like a warm hug on a cold day. Create a whole stack of encouraging sticky notes and secretly stick them all over and in between their textbooks!

Tip: Paste more sticky notes in your Valentine’s most difficult or hated subject’s textbooks. This will encourage them to press on.

Super tip: If art is not your talent, purchase pretty patterned sticky notes to help add the cheery vibe!

Note: This is even sweeter if you do it occasionally, not just during Valentine’s Day (just saying)

Amount spent: $0 – $3

sticky notes

4. An Instagram-worthy Notebook

Having an eye-pleasing notebook for note-taking is a lot more therapeutic than you think. Some of my personal recommendations would be:

  • The Paper Stone
  • Art Box
  • Typo (Super tip: if you purchase from the sales section online, you may easily get a Typo product 70% off regular price! Say goodbye to $20 price tags of notebooks at the actual Typo store)

Tip: You may add their name to the notebook or decorate random pages to add a surprise factor!

Amount spent: $2 – $15

Instagram-worthy Notebook

 5. A personalized bouquet

I can’t speak for all women, but I would much rather prefer a bouquet of my favourite sweet treats rather than a bouquet of soon-dying flowers. And guess what? Ladies, you can make one for your boyfriends too!

Whether is it their favourite Snickers bar or sugary donuts, get your hands dirty and try making them yourselves! For aesthetic perfection, try to attach the items to a stick so that it stands upright in the bouquet.

Tip: Be generous with tapes! The last thing you hate to happen is the bouquet falling apart before even reaching your Valentine’s hands!

Amount spent: $20 – $40 (DIY version)

personalized bouquet

Too much hassle? If you would like to have a personalized bouquet without the trouble, consult the professionals. Little Things offer a range of bouquets, and their newly launched Beauty Bouquet has been the huge talk of the town! Other customised bouquets are available too. Quote #digitalsenior to enjoy $50 off their regular-priced bouquets! Click here for  more details.

Amount spent: $50 – $70 after discount (Professional version)

Beauty Bouquet

No matter what gift you have prepared, or even any at all, the most important is the heartfelt thought put into it. One who truly loves you will never despise your gift, however small or inexpensive it is. As L. O. Baird quotes “May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness, and tied with love.”


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