5 Tips to make your life easier during Hell Week

5 tips to make your life easier during hell week

It’s the final one or two weeks before exams, and you’re left panicked, frazzled and distressed. Follow these 5 tips to make the best of your study week.

1) Organize

Notes from Chapter 5 are in your bag, while notes from Chapter 12 are in a file, and notes from Chapter 1 is slotted in a textbook. Does this sound like you? Having your notes all over the place hinders smooth revision, especially if you need to refer to previous chapters to grasp later chapters. Consolidate all your notes into a single file, it always helps to have all your notes in one place.

2) Review

It’s tempting to plunge straight into cramming and memorizing, but its important to review before revision. Pull out all your previous assignments and assessments, what were your Professor’s comments? Did He feel you were not applying concepts? Or that you were not addressing the question? Refer to previous assessments to know where you’re going wrong, so that you can correct those mistakes. Its an even bigger waste to actually know your content, but have marks deducted for making the same mistakes.

3) Approach

Now that you’ve noted where you’re going wrong, approach your Professors for help on how to correct those mistakes. Professors are often more than happy to help you improve and share on what they are looking for in answers. Look to your classmates for help too. Form study groups and share answers to learn from each other.


4) Clear Distractions

There could not have been a worse time for you to discover how much you love Modern Family, or The Good Wife, and that all 6 Seasons and 100 over episodes are available online… Google “internet blocker” or “website blocker” to find apps that block sites for extended periods of time. Its much better to focus knowing that you won’t be able to access Youtube/Facebook at all. My personal favourites are Self Control for Mac and Cold Turkey for Windows.

 5) Routine

Creating a routine prepares your mind and your body for the intensity of exam preparation. Aim to spend 10hours a day studying. For example, a full day could be from 10am-2pm, 3.30PM-7.30PM, 9PM-11PM. While you make plans for your studies, do not imprison your mind and body either. Knowing that you do absolutely nothing  but study can be the biggest de-motivator. So plan small treats to motivate you. Knowing you having something to look forward to makes the prospect of studying less dreary. For example, a “small treat” could be buying my favourite meal for lunch, while a “big treat” could be meeting a friend for dinner in town.  I plan dinners with a friend towards the later part of the week so that I’m sure I would have covered sufficient content by then.

Don’t forget the “after-life” –  do you have exciting plans after exams? An exciting summer vacation? Or a new internship? Remember that the stressful period finishes in a blink of an eye, and before you know it, you’re enjoying your holidays. The light at the end is always the biggest motivator to get you through the dark tunnel. Good luck!

Light at the end of the tunnel

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