5 Student Credit Cards to Enhance your University Life

Credit cards can sometimes have a bad rap. That thin plastic card with your name on it can make it very tempting for you to shop and party till you drop. It’s literally hassle free where you just swipe and sign and tada! You have your dream shoes and bag with matching accessories for every clothes on every school day.

But if used responsibly, it can be a great help. It can help you buy books without having to bring cash, get discounts in the hottest and new food hubs, borrow for nothing and get extra protection on your purchases and rewards points or cashback when you pay it on time. And yeah I know you’re thinking like “why would I bother to apply for a credit card when I have no income? Duh?” Well the good news is that banks offer student credit cards. (oh yes.) They are watered version of the ‘real credit cards’ used by working people. It’s affordable and the perks and discounts just suit the lifestyle of every student.

So here is a list of available and beneficial student credit cards that you can sign up for:

1. DBS Live Fresh Card (Visa Student)

DBS Live Fresh card


This card is made for tertiary students because most of their perks are useful and beneficial, especially when you are on your way to being an exchange student.


  • They have this earn3X DBS Points when you book and travel overseas with their following partners online:








  • If you’re fond of shopping online, then you can also earn their 3X DBS Points. And there are exclusive deals for DBS Live Fresh Card members.
  • 5-year annual fee waiver: Yes.  You’re not reading it wrong. If you apply NOW,  you won’t have to pay fees for 5 whole years!
  • Redeem DBS Rewards

You get to earn 1 DBS Point for every S$5 you charge to your card. Exchange these points for DBS Rewards ranging from shopping and dining, to travel and entertainment privileges.

  • Savour life with DBS Indulge

With up to 50% off at over 1,000 outlets island wide, enjoy a hearty selection of dining deals wherever you go.

The good thing is that you just simply wave and pay for anything below S$100. Signature is not even a requirement and tada! You can use the card at over 12,000 shops and restos around Singapore! SO if you feel that this baby fits you then..

Click here to apply DBS Live Fresh Card.

2. Standard Chartered MANHATTAN Credit Card

Standard Chartered Manhatan Credit Card

This is a dream card with SGD 500 credit limit to get for students who likes to eat and dine out because you get discounts when you order at food chains such as Pizza Hut and McDonalds.


  • It has 0.25% Cash rebate of every dollar you spend
  • Also 10% off total bill with a minimum spend of $25 at SaladStop!
  • 15% on Smoothie King
  • $10 dollar return visit voucher for every $50 spent at California Pizza Kitchen,
  • 15% off total food bill with a minimum spend of $50 at Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant.

These yummy offers are valid till 31 December 2015 and at all outlets except Gardens by the Bay, Chinatown Point, Whitesands Shopping Centre and Changi Airport Terminal One. So if you’re ready to get that palate of yours burning, click here to apply! How’s that for a food porn session?

3. BOC F1RST Card


If you’re the type to go from one social event to another, then this is the card for you. It has a range privileges from beauty, to entertainment to dining and to online shopping discounts


  • 0.5% cash rebate
  • 2-year annual fee waiver
  • S$500 credit limit

And if you sign up for this sleek card and be one of the first 500 new-to-bank customers, you will get freebies such as 20% off from Somang and another 20% off from Albert Café, among many others. It’s so easy to experience all these stuff. Sign up NOW and you are ready to swipe and shop.

4. Maybank E-Vibes Card


As long as you can write your name and billing address legibly, your’e good to go.


  • $500 credit Limit available for use as long as you pay your bills on times
  • 1% cash rebates on everything!
  • Great offers at the latest blockbusters at Cathay Cineplexes
  • Great discounts at Foodpanda

And if you sign up now you will receive a cool Adidas wristwatch worth S$120 upon charging your card within one month of Card receipt!

Click here for the form and you will never be late again.

 5. Citibank Clear Card

Citibank Clear Card

As long as you are 18 and above,  you will be able to experience all the benefits a credit card offers plus  more privileges, especially in the party scene to make your university life a little bit more colorful and fun.


  • Exclusive party privileges at Zouk
  • Get 1 for 1 drinks at Wine Bar
  • Best dining deals at your favourite restaurants like Starbucks and Burger King.

And when you apply NOW you get a S$30 Havaianas or Common Thread voucher! So what are you waiting for? Click here and distress and party yourself after the big exam!

That’s the top 5 student credit cards available in the country. Just remember to always keep your credit history healthy and clean. By paying your bills on time and being conscious of the things you spend on, it will hone your much-needed financial management skills. You won’t regret it because the financial decisions you are making now will either backfire or help you in the near future.


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