4 Fun and Quirky Things to Do in Singapore

Unsure what to do over the weekends?

Don’t forget that Singapore also has a quirky and adventurous side! Once you’ve checked off the café-hopping and shopping, it’s time to try something different. How about a live-action escape room, an interactive experience, or music by candlelight? If you scratch below the surface, you’ll find quite a few fun surprises!

Here are the ones we recommend:

1) Unique Dining Experiences in Singapore: Eat in the Dark or Behind Bars

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in Singapore, eating in the dark or enjoying an immersive experience should be on your list.

Credit to: Nox – Dine in the Dark

At Nox – Dine in the Dark, you’ll enjoy a multi-course meal in complete darkness. All your senses except sight will be heightened, making every bite a surprise. It’s a one-of-a-kind culinary journey you’ll never forget. Prices begin from SGD88+ per person.

If you have a higher budget to spare, consider going for one of Andsoforth’s productions! The team runs large immersive theatrical dining experiences that take you on grand adventures — sometimes you will crawl through a tunnel to end up in a “forest”, for example. Digital Senior’s editor went for the Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard experience in 2020 and has zero regrets.

Prices for Andsoforth’s dining experiences are SGD100 upwards.

2) Thrilling Escapes and Adventures: Can You Escape in Time?

Looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure? Try an escape room! There are many escape rooms in Singapore, with a variety of difficulty, physicality and fear-inducing levels. Choose what you’re comfortable with and get playing!

Alternatively, go for an adventure at this bizarre Haw Par Villa park, which depicts scenes from Chinese mythology and folklore. Built in 1937, it features over 1,000 statues and 150 giant dioramas depicting scenes from hell. It’s a surreal experience worth checking out.

Other places you can explore include:

The Mint Museum of Toys

This museum houses over 50,000 vintage toys from the mid-19th century to modern day. Everything from Star Wars action figures to antique teddy bears is on display. It’s a nostalgic paradise for kids and kids at heart!

The Changi Prison Chapel and Museum

Once a POW camp during WWII, Changi Prison is now a museum dedicated to its history. The chapel was secretly built by prisoners during their internment and is a sobering but fascinating look into this dark period of Singapore’s history.

The Singapore Musical Box Museum

This hidden gem showcases musical boxes from the 19th and 20th centuries, with many still in working order. Be mesmerized by the tinkling tunes from music boxes of all shapes, sizes and designs. A quirky slice of musical history.

3) Exploring Our Island: Immersive Audio Tour

Credit to: OH! Stories

Have you ever wanted to discover the hidden stories behind Singapore’s famous landmarks and neighbourhoods? There are a few cool self-guided audio tours that let you explore the city at your own pace while learning about its history and culture.

The first one we recommend is OH! Stories: New World’s End. It explores Singapore in the 1960s through the eyes of two fictional star-crossed lovers. You will spend about an hour, an MP3 in hand and earphones plugged in, walking about Jalan Besar. The tour will also include interesting on-site experiences. We won’t spoilt what these are!

The second is the Chinatown Murders Game Tour run for two hours, that has a total of six stations! You go on the tour in groups of two or five, trying to find a “murderer” mystery. You have only ten minutes for each puzzle, so think quick!

4) Music by Candlelight

Credit to: secretsingapore.co

Want a relaxing experience that takes you away from the busy city (for a spell)?

Try a Candlelight concert! For around an hour, you’ll be lulled to places far away as you listen to a pianist play amongst hundreds of softly-glowing candles (that are battery-operated). Candlelight concerts vary widely in themes: you can choose to go for a classical-themed one, anime OST-themed one, musician-themed ones, and more!

The Singapore concerts take place in beautiful locations such as CHIJMES, The Arts House and Victoria Concert Hall. Ticket prices begin from SGD31 (before booking fees), so take a look and see if there’s one for you!

So there you have it, a list of some of the most unique and entertaining things to experience in Singapore! Try them out and let us know what you think!


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