15 university hacks to create a better university life

We have always uphold our aim to make University life easier or if not easier, enjoyable and at the same time memorable for all. Why ? Being in university  is the best stage we will ever experience in our lives(at least for most).  It’s the phase where we learn more of ourselves and formulate much of the principles we hold dear to in the later part of our lives.

With that said, we have here our top 15 University hacks that will make your life easier in the University;  in studying, project work or just socializing.

1. Don’t just quietly read your notes when you are studying, Read it aloud.

Because you’ll likely remember 50% of the things you say aloud than read in your mind. Just make sure you don’t do this in the library.

2. Save up GPA in the starting semesters.

The beginning semesters of school are always the easiest part of Uni. Why? Because most of the topics are on the introductory part of the courses. This is the best way to balance out the harder courses that you will be encountering in the junior and senior year. Also, you will learn that having higher GPA at the start will provide you with perks that make it easy for you to retain the GPA.

3. Friend commentator :)

Set up a friend to ask you questions that you already know the answer to in your report/presentation. This is a sure way to give your professor an impression that you know your thing. Just make sure the question is tough enough.

4. Use different colored pens.

Ever wonder why some people take 10 hours to memorize a stack of notes while others take only 1hour? They use hacks ! One of them is using different colored pens. This not only makes your notes very colorful and nice to look at(which improves your mood), but it will fire your visual memory on the points or topics that you need to remember, like the names of the English author, dates and events. It is a proven way to memorize. For more tips, check out here.

5. Increase the speed of your recorded lectures.

You can use Audacity or VLC media to do this. You’ll save half the time. Trust me.

6. Turn your laptop bag into a backpack.

When the project work starts trickling in, you will likely end up bringing your laptop everywhere you go. So to ease the pain that laptop bags are causing, turn it to a backpack.
How? See the photo.

laptop bag

7. When exam time is approaching, block distracting sites.

You can install Cold Turkey for PCs or Self Control for Macs. This will stop you from checking out your status and newsfeed in FB and new videos in youtube. Trust me; this is very useful especially when you’re the all nighter kind of student.

8. Can’t follow the lecture? Why not try using the Cornell Notes method.

Most students favour this type of note taking because it helps them remember more of the lessons. It’s because you are synthesizing the lesson learned.

This is an example of the Cornell Notes.

cornell two-column notes

cornell notes

This is the format.

9. When studying, do the Pomodoro technique

We can only truly focus on studying for about 25 to 30 minutes. After that, our brain gets tired and can’t really remember all the stuff. So the best way is to apply the Pomodoro Technique. Set the timer and do some serious studying for 25 mins. Reward yourself with a five-minute break afterwards. For more productivity tips, check out here.

Pomodoro technique

10. No more borrowed pens

As you might notice by now, some of you classmates like to borrow your pen and not return it. Well, worry no more for we have a hack for that.
– Place your blue or black ink pen in a red empty pen. Let’s face it, nobody likes to borrow a red pen. :)

11. Alarm not audible?

Put your smartphone/alarm in a glass. This will amplify the sound and thus will make your alarm sound louder. Goodbye late mornings!

12. Short Term Reward

This can be helpful especially when you have a lot of chapters to read. You can do this by rewarding yourself with chocolates every time you finished reading a whole chapter of the book. Or you can put gummy bears in every paragraph for motivation. Just make sure you watch your sugar intake at the end of the semester.

13. For group projects: Divide projects evenly

The rule of thumb in doing group projects is to divide things evenly. As early as possible, divide the responsibilities to avoid conflict as you do not want to be hated by everyone because you did nothing. Brainstorm together and communicate as much as possible to get the projects done. For more project tips, check it out here.

14. Use Google Docs to collaborate note taking.

This is the most high tech and efficient way to borrow notes from your classmates.

15. Use Hoodie to store munchies while rushing through those long report papers


There you go.  Our 15 Uni hacks! If you have more hacks in studying and in anything that relates to university, you can share it below by commenting. :)



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