7 things that only your University F.R.I.E.N.D.S will do


You’ve got a friend in me.

When you are in your 20s (or going to be in your 20s), life starts to get a little more messy. A little more chaotic. A little more…well… shaky.

You are transitioning into adulthood and there are just so many things that are suddenly all thrown to you.

There’s the responsibilities of an adult – being able to vote, paying for your school fees and having to make a lot more decisions (like way way a lot more).

As such, you often feel very lost and in need of an anchor. Someone to give you comfort, someone to give you the support you need in such a chaotic time of your life.

So, you thought of making friends. Friends that can be your second family. You can spend time together with them and forget your troubles when you’re with them. Be young, be carefree.

You start to make the effort to meet new people.

Some come and go while others stay.

And for those who stay, it gets great in a while. You have the best times of your life together.

  1. They make your time well spent.

You start texting each other a bit more. You start conversing about deeper topics such as marriage and even silly topics like …

Why does Donald Duck wrap a towel around his waist after getting out of the shower if he doesn’t wear pants?

Or even “If one day you have to choose to only have your elbow or knees, which would you choose?

Not only that, you start doing crazy things like “YOLO-ing” before a test is due the next day. At first you agree to chilling and ‘resting’ for ‘just 5 minutes’, but that eventually turns into a few hours…

But you don’t regret anything because time spent with friends is always well spent.


  • They are there for you on the onset of the quarter-life crisis.

But sometimes, well just sometimes, you find yourself inflicted by the quarter life crisis.

“Is this really what I’m going to do with my life?”

You find yourself at a stage whereby the future is ‘more of a question mark’.

So many questions, so many possibilities but no answers and no decisions made…

You start to feel the failures a little more acutely. From not getting the internship you want, to getting awful group mates, or even falling seriously ill from juggling all that work.

But however thank goodness for your friends. Your constants.

They are there to accompany you whenever you need company. They encourage you when you are down and they are your listening ears when you need to complain and let off steam.


  • They are your little cheerleaders.

Sometimes they even do ridiculous stuff to cheer you up like…




You make your very own little family that is always there with you throughout any crisis in your university life and even beyond. They are the ones makes you feel that “hey, even if today it doesn’t work out. Eventually, it’ll all work out.”


  • They are so ‘helpful’.

Although maybe not that diet plan of yours…

Because whenever your friend comes to give you ‘welfare’, it all comes in the form of your favorite snacks.


After which, they often call you fat for the fun of it.



  • They have the best methods to make decisions.

You squabble over the little things possible like whose pizza is bigger, where to eat and who to pay.

So you resort to childish methods to settle the problems like playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Fire, Water Balloon, with the loser paying.


  • They are ‘wisdomous’.

And on occasion they come up with the smartest theories that sound like it make sense…



  • They are your little guides.

You try to guide and help each other whenever possible. (Even if they begin to become a little weird from all that non-stop studying and assignment chionging.)


And through all the time that you spent together, you change and grow together. You share your triumphs and your sadness. You learn to be more patient, to compromise and to commit.

I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too. – F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song

You form a bunch of unlikely lifelong friends just like F.R.I.E.ND.S. No one would have expected you all to be friends but yet here you all are.

Same same but different, and that’s okay. The little moments in life can be great even if you didn’t expect it to be.

This unique and special friendship will be remembered forever. And when the school term ends, you can’t wait for the next to start in order to see them again.


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