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with Digital Senior

Digital Senior is a platform that thrives on contributions by individuals. Each and everyone’s effort plays a big part in making it useful for everyone. We are privileged to have over 100 students from the various institutions who have contributed. As of 2021, Digital Senior has hit 71,000 visits and over 120,000 page views per month on average.

Do you sometimes think that the internet can be a better place with more helpful rather than thrashy content? Do you want to play a small part in "being the change you want to see in the world?"

If you seek to leave a legacy that'll benefit juniors across many batches to come, even after you graduate, don’t hesitate anymore! If you’re currently in the workforce and have something to share about your industry/career, we welcome you, too.

Please proceed if you

Have a passion / interest / obsession in writing

Want to help juniors

Are a frequent social media user

Why should I Write for Digital Senior?

  • You will boost your writing portfolio in the area of online publication
  • After five posts, you will be featured on our writer’s page
  • You will receive feedback and improve your blog writing skills
  • Your writing gets exposed to tens of thousands of undergrads reading our blog monthly
  • In fact, your writing may even get syndicated on 3rd party publications, for eg. NUS’ student magazine with 8000 print copies. See an example here
  • If you sign up as a freelance writer and commit to a writing schedule, you earn part-time income with us
  • You get to make a positive impact on the lives of fellow undergrads and others! Here’s a heartwarming comment we received:

Thanks for getting me back on track, I’m going to have to learn to expect less of myself and stop trying to catch up with everyone else. Can’t express how grateful I am for this article. =’)


What should I write about?

We are looking at any of the following:

  • Tips & Tricks: Do you know of any university/career survival tip?  
  • Your thoughts and opinions about life
  • Experience sharing—Your happy/unhappy experiences with your school/module/exchange program/CCA/workplace
  • Expertise sharing—Are you a pro at squeezing exam tips from profs? Or packing up quickly after class? We need you to teach us! Anything under the sun!
  • Trend analysis (Top 10 Ways to…., 10 Reasons to…)—Research-based or intellectual sharing
  • Artistic Showcase—pictures, memes, videos that you made
  • Anything creative!
what to write

We are looking for both regular writers, as well as ad-hoc contributors.


We believe in the creativity of individuals and value originality. If you feel compelled to share anything from other references, please do quote your sources! We review each submission carefully and will not post anything we deem inappropriate.

You can either choose to remain anonymous or to share your contributor’s profile on the site so that everyone knows the great mind behind the fabulous piece!