Why part-time courses should be on your to-do list (with 9 interesting options to get you started)

For many of us, taking up part-time studies has never came into our minds.

Why should it, when there isn’t a need for it? Many people taking up part-time studies have their own reasons for doing so. The reasons can range from upgrading their skills and knowledge to having to earn their keep.

Digital Senior agrees that if you have the time and ability, taking up full-time studies would be optimal so you can keep up focus and momentum – and enjoy the last few years of precious youth before corporate life.

However, in some cases, a part time degree or part time diploma can help you maximise your time!

If you currently are in NS, for example, and have been posted to a 9-5 vocation, you can take up a part-time diploma or degree during the nights. (There have been people who have embarked on this journey!) When the 2 years are done, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

(Not to mention, more and more schools are seeing the benefit of work-study arrangements! We point you towards SIT and SUSS, for example, both of which are involved in the SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree Programme. One model has students alternate between working in a company partner for 3-4 days a week, with the remaining days allocated to their studies.)

If you have been considering working and studying part-time, a gentle reminder: you must have the determination and persistence to see the hectic schedule through. If that’s a challenge you’re willing to undertake: look on for 9 interesting part-time courses (that aren’t business) that might pique your interest!

Part-time Diploma Courses
Chinese Medicine

Singaporeans are known foodies, willing to travel the distance and wait it out for good food. Why not take it one step further, by learning how to cook like a professional – and nourishing food to boot! The Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine has opened its doors since 1953, and has earned recognition as an established TCM education institutions within the region. The Chinese Medicated Food Diploma will not only cover the fundamentals such as Food Hygiene, but also covers subjects such as food styling and Chinese medicine.

Programme Duration: 2 years part-time

Accreditation of School: The Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is EduTrust certified.

Curriculum: The course covers things like prescription studies and Chinese medicine.

Course fees: SGD 8,664.00 (excluding misc. fees)

Prospects: Do note that, to be a practising nutritionist or dietician in Singapore, that you must have a recognised Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at minimum (for further information, see here). This Diploma would be more applicable to those looking to explore Chinese cuisines professionally or for interests’ sake, or as a precursor to a nutritionist degree.

*Do note, however, that the course will be taught entirely in Chinese and that one module will be taught in China (personal expenses and accommodation have to be self-arranged).

Description: Sports has gathered increasing national attention in recent years (Joseph Schooling, anyone?) and Singapore has renewed her F1 contract till 2021. While more people are inspired to become athletes, there must be people to help coordinate these huge events and make sure they run smoothly – could that person be you? If you enjoy interpersonal interactions and are an organised person, the rush and challenging demands of event planning would be satisfying to you! Additionally, you’ll get to take your classes in the heart of the city in PSB’s beautiful, modern city campus.

Programme Duration:24 months part-time

Accreditation of School: PSB Academy is EduTrust Certified and is part of the Singapore Association of Private Education (SAPE).

Curriculum: The course covers topics such as Sports and Leisure Marketing and looks into the Recreation, Event and Tourism businesses.

Course fees: SGD 6,420.00 (excluding misc. fees)

Prospects: You can expect job opportunities for roles such as Events and Marketing Executives, as well as Event Coordinators, whether it be for ad hoc events, locations, or specific companies.

Air Transport Training

Description: The Aerospace industry has always been robust, Singapore being an aviation hub in the Asia Pacific. With the opening of Terminal 4 and the imminent expansion of Terminal 1, the need for good support is only set to increase and be in great demand: according to EDB, Asia Pacific’s fleet of aircrafts is expected to triple in size! Established in 1999, the Air Transport Training College received the Frost & Sullivan’s Asia Pacific Aerospace & Defence 2009 Aerospace Technical Training Institution of the Year Award.

Programme Duration: 1.5 years part-time

Accreditation of School: The Air Transport Training College is registered with CPE and the

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore. They are also CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore) approved.

Curriculum: Other than needing to study physics and math, you will also need to study aviation legislation and basic aerodynamics.

Course fees:SGD2,750 (after SSG funding)

Prospects:Work as aircraft technicians, with the choice to pursue higher education if desired.

Description: Have a passion for photography? Turn it into fuel for your career! M.A.D School’s Diploma in Photography trains you in various aspects of photography ranging from fashion to food, so you’re bound to find the area you’ll shine in. The Diploma will also teach you the basics of Adobe Photography and Lightroom, with everything culminating in a portfolio presentation that can help kick-start your job journey.

Programme Duration: 10 months

Accreditation of School: The school is registered with CPE.

Curriculum: Take modules in portraiture photography, product photography, fashion photography, and lighting techniques.

Course fees: SGD 10,600 (excluding misc. fees)

Prospects: Find work as an assistant/freelance/contract/resident photographer, or branch out as a graphic designer (if you are especially proficient in Photoshop and the relevant industry-used graphic design software)

Part-time Degree Courses

Description: If you’re fluent in Mandarin, consider taking up SUSS’s Bachelor in Translation to take this skill further! Having people well-versed in two languages, especially past verbal fluency, is an asset for organisations, and is a skill transferable across industries. So is the business minor – effectively, every industry has a business element, after all.

Programme Duration: You need a minimum of 130 credit units to graduate.

Curriculum: Learn how to do translation across various genres (legal documents, media documents, etc.) and basic business knowledge such as statistics and organisational behaviour.

Course fees:Charged by credit units, please enquire directly with school

Prospects: Find work as a game translator, for example, or in a variety of other industries due to the interdisciplinary nature of this degree.

Description: Do you like writing, talking to people, and being on top of the news? You might like journalism! Take it one step further in this double major awarded by Murdoch University, which also teaches web communication (data analytics, etc.) so your content can reach more people – because good content is no longer enough in the ever expanding world of the digital age.

Programme Duration: 28 months

Accreditation of School: Kaplan is registered with CPE and is also a member of SAPE.

Curriculum: Take modules teaching media law and ethics, fundamental digital media skills, and video journalism.

Course fees: SGD 26,193.60 (excluding application fees)

Prospects: Start out as news assistants and digital journalists, or go into digital marketing!

digital journalists

Considered a fairly niche industry in Singapore, learning about how to create computer games isn’t as fun as the activity of gaming is. For one thing, you’ll have to learn how to programme (using many kinds of software) and try not to keyboard smash in frustration. Animation also requires you to have a good grasp in graphical software and drawing skills, which will take time and a lot of effort to cultivate. The computing and programming skills you pick up, however, will definitely put you in good stead, and are transferable across industries, so don’t hesitate in finding out if going off the beaten path if something meant for you.

Programme Duration:16 months part-time

Accreditation of School: Informatics Academy is registered with CPE (EduTrust)

Curriculum: Learn the foundations of computation as well as (duh) game development! Also develop an awareness of current research and developments in the socioeconomic and technological arenas by conducting industrial technical analyses.

Course fees:SGD 15,515.00 (excluding misc. fees)

Prospects: Work in game companies as junior online programmers, game masters, game programmers, and so on.

Part-time Masters Courses

Interested in becoming the next J.K Rowling or Neil Gaiman? Sure, it might seem like writing is something instinctive that cannot be taught; famous writers will tell you, however, that writing courses do help immensely with elements such as structure and other technical aspects –as well as time and space to hone your craft amongst like-minded individuals. If this sounds appealing, give this course a whirl.

Programme Duration: 3 years part-time

Accreditation of School: LASALLE is registered with CPE.

Curriculum: Explore dramatic writing (plays, etc.), non-fiction research methodologies, forms and functions of different writing forms, and cap it off with a Creative Writing Final Project.

Course Fees: SGD 30,000 (excluding misc. fees)

Kaplan Higher Education Institute

If you’re in the education industry or the government/corporate sector and are keen on learning, education, and being at the forefront of change in educational organisations, consider this course as a tool to help you get there!

Programme Duration: 24 months part-time

Accreditation of School: Kaplan Higher Education Institute is registered with CPE.

Curriculum: Take modules that primarily serve to cultivate leadership skills (e.g. Leading e organisational decision-making, Inner leadership: Understanding Self and Others).

Course Fees:$23,364.52 per academic year

If you’re keen on pursuing part-time studies but have lingering concerns, such as your ability to juggle work/NS/other commitments, here are some tips from former students that might help allay some fears: Check out this student from SIM UOL and the other from UniSIM. Good time management is a key skill that they highlight as a must-have!

Alternatively do enquire with the school, who will be able to address your needs and concerns better. If you have any other concerns holding you back or know of more interesting courses that we can add onto our list, drop us a comment below!

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