Get into your ideal university & course at your first attempt


These days, academic achievements alone is insufficient for entry into many of the courses in local universities, not to mention getting a scholarship. As Singapore moves toward holistic education, how you communicate and sell yourself is absolutely crucial. Yet, none of us were taught all these in formal education system.

How can Digital Senior help?


Interview Coaching

“Interview nerves” is a common phenomenon, especially when your performance in a short few minutes can have such a bearing on your future. We use processes designed to bring out your personal strengths and power.


Presentation coaching

Whether in assessment center or in school, having to speak to a group of people is becoming an increasingly common form of assessment in Singapore universities. Learn to overcome any fears of public speaking and present your ideas confidently and powerfully


Learning more about yourself

Everyone speaks of pursuing your passion these days, but you have no concrete idea of whats yours. You don't want to spend the next 4 years of your life miserable in university because of the wrong course choice. Let us help.

Our process


Safe environment for mistakes and learning


Experiential exercises


Structured process & questionaire to bring out your best self

Our resident coach - Coen Tan

    • trained and coached over 30,000 people including students from HCJC, NTU, NUS, VJC, AJC, ACJC, NJC etc
    • Sat on the interview panel of NTU business school
    • Over 8 years of experience in training and coaching

Degree program spans 4 years and your certificate stays with you for your whole life. Why settle for anything lesser than what you really want ?