How to recruit more students and fill up classrooms, even if nobody knows you.

Find out how many people are searching for your school and course on Digital Senior as well as on Google. Check out the demand before you embark on your online marketing journey. Find out how to get the best bang for your buck online.

According to Linkedin, 72% of higher education students develop their short list before reaching out to a school representative. That means you have to now get hold of them much earlier in the buying journey- before they even think of enrolling. How do you then catch them at that stage?

MIT professor Sherry Tuckle found that millennials and young adults spend more time interacting with their digital devices than talking to people. Proactive recruitment involves finding students where they are: Online.

You probably have tried advertising on Google and Facebook, but results were just average. It is hard to stand out amongst the competition on those mass market platforms.

What if you work with a solution provider having a firm grasp of both education & digital marketing?

Digital Senior has been around since 2013, spreading positivity via social media and helping students with their challenges on daily basis. We live and breathe education. Digital marketing is our true north. This lethal combination makes us the best partner for your student recruitment efforts.

Boasting consistent traffic of more than 100,000 sessions each month, is the most visited education blog in Singapore. Feedspot ranks us as one of the top 3 education blogs in Singapore after taking into account social media followers. 80% of DigitalSenior audiences are based in Singapore, comprises of 65% young and working adults with a strong interest in higher education/career prospects.

No.1 interest of Digital Senior visitors: Jobs & Education

Digital Senior Students Recruitment System

More than just providing a ready audience, we strive to be a real partner in your recruitment efforts. This goes beyond the traditional banner ads you see on publications for branding purposes. We tap on our expertise in education and digital marketing to devise a campaign that transpires multiple platforms including Google and Facebook. We go all the way in promoting your courses, except the face-to-face consultation bit, all with one objective in mind:

To get more students.

Case study:
Leadership Management Institute is a relatively new player in the higher education sector, offering a unique course for students. We helped them to promote their series of preview workshops using a remarketing strategy comprising articles and landing page.

Results: Fullhouse turn-up for course introductory session, consisting of their target audience.

Case study: Parkway College
Promoted the new Radiography course and its preview seminar through Digital Senior. Course was subsequently oversubscribed with 40 students in that year, a 25% increase from previous year. Article is now found on 1st page of Google for "Radiography Course Singapore"

Case study: 
A mortgage school, Colab seeks to recruit finance professionals into their mortgage courses. Their target audience is niche and specific. Nonetheless, we were still able to harness the right audiences to take action, getting Colab well over 300 leads in a short period of 3 months.

Schools that have engaged us

Our lead generation approach follows AIDA model. Using attention grabbing headline & content that resonates with your audiences, we help you stand out in the attention-scarce social media space. The same audience is being remarketed with a landing page that arouses interest and desire to take action. Finally you receive enquiries from interested students that are ready to enroll.

Who is this for:

Tertiary Education Institutions

You have courses that offer better value-for-money than traditional schools and you need more students to know about it.

Professional courses provider

Continuous education beyond a degree/diploma is big in Singapore, and you have a course that can help in people’s career.

Seminar & workshop trainers

Without the backing of an institution, your costs of marketing may be getting high. Talk to us to see how we can help.


We are the only portal + agency hybrid in Singapore that specializes in marketing for higher education institutions. Besides reaching out to the right audience, we craft the right message that clicks.


Digital Senior has been playing the role of 'senior', providing free useful content for students since 2013. We take pride in helping students find the right course and program to create  better lives for themselves.


Armed with copywriting and campaign optimization know-how, our digital marketing team has years of experience running digital marketing campaigns that delivers high ROI for clients.

Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As education providers, we play an important role in society. If you have a course that really helps people, don’t hesitate to shout it out to the rest of the world. Digital platforms can help you make the best of your outreach efforts.

Find out how many people are searching for your school and course on Digital Senior as well as on Google. Check out the demand before you embark on your online marketing journey. Find out how to get the best bang for your buck online.