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Congratulations to all prospective students of Singapore Management University (SMU). You had just received your acceptance letter from SMU and after much careful deliberation...

Happiness & Growth

Underdog of all the underdogs I remember looking at my report card back then and seeing the string of “D”s, “E”s and “F”s. That includes...


Study abroad Telling from all the experiences I had in university, the best one was my decision to study abroad. Finland was where I started...


Are you craving for new experiences abroad? Would you be thrilled or intimidated to change your life completely, travel and live like a local...

What is Digital Senior?

Going to University is a major event in life and of course, we should make the most out of it….. but how exactly do you do so? As the saying goes, Ask senior lah!

With Digital Senior, you will no longer will be at an unfair disadvantage because you don’t know a senior. Here, you will find everything about Singapore university from choosing one to being happy in one. Yay!

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Singapore University Comparison AY 2014

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